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Is Temu Legit & How Do They Make Money?

Is Temu Legit?

Temu is taking the online shopping world by storm due to its extremely low prices and addictive consumer-based website.

If you’ve been inundated with advertisements from a platform called Temu (pronounced tee-moo) while browsing online, you might be curious about its purpose.  It means Team Up, Price, Down. Temu is a digital marketplace owned by a Chinese company, and it has gained significant popularity on the internet in the last year. Statista reports that Temu experiences more than 30 million new downloads each month, solidifying its position as the top shopping app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Maybe you came across their two ads during the Super Bowl this year where they spent a total of 14 million dollars.  During these ads they said, “Shop like a billionaire!”  Here’s one of the ads.

Get Temu App with $100 Coupon Bundle Opportunity Here

Some of you may have been introduced to Temu when I showcased an Android Box that I purchased from their site.

Back in December, I bought a $28 T95Z Plus Android 12 Box from Temu and provided a setup video for TROYPOINT Patrons and Founding Members.  Although this is a generic streaming device, it works exceptionally well after the modifications that I performed on it.  It comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage!

Importat: some items that we link to on our sites may be sold out and that’s why they don’t appear on the site anymore.  According to Temu, over 60% of sold-out products are re-stocked within 24 hours.

$28 T95Z Plus Android 12 Box First Impressions & Setup Video

This was the first time that I ordered anything from this site and I was shocked to see that I could save 30% on my order if I downloaded the Temu App and purchased through that with a coupon code!  There is no doubt that their main goal is to get their application on as many phones as possible and this is where customers will find the best deals.  That’s right…they provide better pricing on many products if you purchase through their app on your phone or tablet. 

New Temu App Users can get 30% off by using promo code aco183217 at checkout

If you’ve found yourself hesitant to make a purchase on Temu, perhaps due to uncertainties about the authenticity of the items, shipping times, or product quality, then you’re in the right place. This article aims to provide honest answers to all the questions you may have about Temu.

What is Temu?

Temu is as an expansive online shopping destination, offering a vast array of products across numerous categories. Whether you’re in need of car accessories, clothing, kitchen appliances, electronics, outdoor furniture, power tools, baby clothes, or anything else imaginable, Temu has you covered.

Temu made its debut in late 2022 and quickly the leading shopping app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Its rapid rise to prominence was fueled by widespread exposure through advertisements, capturing the attention of consumers who were enticed by the platform’s competitive pricing.

Temu boasts a plethora of products at remarkably low prices. They cover every possible category imaginable from electronics, beauty products, home accessories, and much more.

temu online shop

Is Temu Legit?

Temu offers many off-brand products where some sellers try to play them off as the real deal.  This is where Temu gets its questionable reputation.

When it comes to tech products on Temu, it’s important to note that unless a product listing bears a blue check-mark, indicating it’s a verified name-brand item, the items available are typically not from well-known manufacturers.  Below is an example of a brand-name streaming device ‘Xiaomi’ and you will see the blue check mark associated with it.

Temu Blue Mark TV Stick


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members


While you can purchase items such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, they are often sourced from lesser-known brands.  Don’t let this deter you as many of those off-brand devices are manufactured by the same companies that produce the popular names as well.

discounted notebook pc

The above Auusda Windows 11 Laptop Computer has over 600 positive reviews and comes at a crazy low price.  Good luck finding a comparable laptop on Amazon for a price like this.  You will read below that I will be doing a tutorial on this device soon.

Is Temu a Safe Website to Buy From?

I personally take precautions when ordering anything from the Internet so I would say it is safe if you’re covering your tracks properly.

I never provide my real email address for anything I purchase or sign up for over the Internet.

I create an email alias within StartMail for every organization that I deal with.  This way, if I never want to hear from them again, I can easily delete the burner email address that I setup just for them.  When they sell my email address to a third party, it won’t matter as it’s already been deleted.

Email Alias


Get Free StartMail Private Email Trial

I also ensure that I’m not providing a credit/debit card.  I use a middle man when paying for items over the Internet such as PayPal and thankfully Temu accepts that form of payment.  By using a middleman such as PayPal they will never have direct access to my credit card information.

Yeah, they will have my shipping address but big deal!  They can get that through

How to Place an Order

Buying from Temu is very similar to placing an order on the Amazon website except for one major annoyance.  Whether you’re using the Temu app or website you will be hit with all kinds of popups enticing you to spin a wheel for a discount or take advantage of some sort of sale.

Important: If you are going to purchase from Temu, I suggest ordering through their app for the biggest discounts. 

Before proceeding with your purchase on Temu, it’s important to note one caveat: you must have a minimum of $15 worth of items in your cart before you can proceed to checkout. Temu stipulates that this $15 minimum is necessary to cover shipping fees, particularly for users who opt for free shipping.

Is temu safe?

Late Arrival Credits

In the event that your items are delivered later than expected, Temu provides compensation in the form of credits. For packages purchased with standard shipping, the company offers a $5 credit, while packages purchased with express shipping if that delivery is delayed, Temu will credit you $13.

If upon receiving your items from Temu, you find that they don’t match their online listing, arrive damaged, or fail to arrive altogether, your order qualifies for Temu’s Purchase Protection Program. This program ensures that you are entitled to a full refund if you return your items within 90 days of purchase, guaranteeing the safety of your purchase.

Is Temu a Chinese Business?

Temu is under the umbrella of PDD Holdings, a multinational commerce conglomerate with its headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland. PDD Holdings is the parent company of Temu as well as its sister company, Pinduoduo.

Temu claims to have been founded in Boston in 2022.  It seems that the Boston location is simply their USA headquarters without any type of shipping infrastructure.

About Temu

Political Controversy Surrounding Temu

Temu faced accusations from the US government regarding potential data risks, particularly after its sister site, the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, was suspended by Google due to the presence of malware. However, analysts, as reported by CNBC, suggest that Temu poses a lesser threat in comparison, and the risks associated with Pinduoduo were primarily aimed at Chinese users.

Free StartMail Trial

TROYPOINT has scanned the Temu app with VirusTotal and it is 100% clean of malware or viruses.

The report also alleges that Temu exploits a loophole in US commerce regulations, enabling the company to circumvent tariff payments and evade compliance with US commerce laws and regulations.  If a product costs less than $800 it can be shipped directly to a residence without going through tariffs so maybe this is the real reason why the government is so bent out of shape?

The US House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party also released a report stating that Temu fails to implement the requisite measures to ensure that the products available on the platform adhere to the standards outlined in the Uyghur Forced Labor Act.

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Are Temu Products Manufactured Ethically?

I’ve seen some comments regarding my review of the Temu Android Box where some call me out for supporting unethical labor practices or supporting the Chinese Communist Party.  My reply back to this ridiculous statement is, “Where do you think most tech devices are made?  You’re perfectly fine using those, right?”  Let’s face it, most of what we consume in the United States originates from China.  Feel free to spend more money on the brand names but know this…you are still using a product made in China.

Temu claims that they only work with suppliers who ethically manufacture their products but this is hard to police for any Internet business.  Let’s face it, there are millions of products on Amazon that are manufactured by unethical means but since it’s a US company nobody thinks anything of it.

Why is Temu So Cheap?

This is pretty simple.  No middle man.

In short, Temu is removing the Best Buys, Targets, Walmarts, etc. from the equation.

Get Temu App with $100 Coupon Bundle Opportunity Here

Temu Privacy Policy?

Temu’s privacy policy states that the company doesn’t directly trade user data for monetary profit. Nevertheless, they do share user information with shipping partners, marketing entities, and consumer research firms. While Temu may not directly profit from data sales, these collaborative partnerships and data-sharing arrangements could indirectly contribute to the company’s revenue streams.


Temu Privacy Policy

Temu Shipping?

Most consumers question Temu’s shipping time and accuracy.

Undoubtedly, numerous hurdles can surface throughout the shipping journey when purchasing goods online. Shipments might go astray during transit, fall victim to porch piracy, or sustain damage en route. Moreover, there’s the risk that upon arrival, an item may not align with expectations, diverging from its online portrayal. These potential challenges underscore the significance of selecting trustworthy vendors, favoring secure shipping options, and readiness to handle any discrepancies regarding received items by engaging with customer service channels.

Navigating online shopping can often resemble a risk, particularly when faced with counterfeit reviews on popular platforms such as Amazon and Walmart. The widespread existence of fake reviews has the potential to undermine consumers’ confidence in e-commerce outlets, complicating their ability to make well-informed buying choices. This phenomenon emphasizes the significance of exercising discernment and skepticism when evaluating product feedback and actively seeking out trustworthy sources of information prior to completing a purchase.

TROYPOINT suggests that consumers exercise some skepticism when looking at reviews on Temu or any site for that matter.

Shipping Info

Temu’s standard shipping policy within the US typically offers free shipping, although items may take between 7 to 15 business days to arrive. In the event that your package fails to arrive or is marked as delivered but hasn’t been received, Temu advises customers to contact customer service within 90 days of purchase to address the issue.

TROYPOINT’S Take on Temu

There’s absolutely no doubt that there are some excellent off-brand items that can be purchased from Temu.  And the cool thing is that we can make them better by modifying them a bit.

I will be using this site in the future to bring tutorials and reviews for various tech gadgets that TROYPOINT fans may be interested in.  As always I will provide my honest opinions of each item that I review and provide pros and cons for each.

I’m looking forward to providing tutorials on how to make the products better that I buy from Temu.  A good example of that is the T95Z Android 12 Box that I purchased back in December.  In the Exclusive TROYPOINT Patron Video I showed how to change the ugly launcher and use a better $6 Bluetooth remote that made navigation the same or better than the streaming devices that we find in the ‘big box stores’.

TROYPOINT Temu video on T95Z Plus Max

Here’s the ugly launcher that came with this generic box.

Generic launcher

Below is the finished product after my tutorial.

ATV Launcher

Here’s a new tutorial that I’m working on for the future.

I just ordered the $189 Auusda Windows 11 Notebook Computer that I referenced above.  Below is the order screen where you will see that I’m paying with PayPal to ensure the best possible security.

Temu Order

The biggest concern is that these cheap computers have Chinese malware and tracking built-in.  Not sure if this is true or not but my upcoming tutorial will show how to start from scratch with a clean and fast operating system.

Using Temu is definitely a personal choice and I don’t criticize anyone who doesn’t want to use it due to the various complaints regarding this company that I mention above.  My thought is that these products will still be sold within the United States at a much bigger markup so why not get the best possible discount by purchasing direct.

Get Temu App with $100 Coupon Bundle Opportunity Here


What are your thoughts?  Do you use Temu and what has been your experience?  Please no political statements.  Tell us in the comments below.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. I for one see your Temu review as 100% accurate and I look forward to reviews of their products which as you stated most electronics come from china whether you purchase it from a US based company with their mark up price or save some money buying more direct if you don’t mind waiting maybe an additional week to receive product.
    I have purchased several items from Temu in the past year with both good quality and good price.

  2. Troypoint Temu review is good. I’ve also had great success with the products that I’ve ordered. My Apple watch cracked so I rolled the dice on a $20 smartwatch on their site and I am floored at how well it works. As Troy says in his review there is definitely some cheap crap on there but all of the electronics that I’ve ordered are good. Looking forward to seeing your Temu laptop review/tutorial.

  3. I got T95Z Plus from Temu after Troy did video and I love it. I got the 128GB model and record with TiviMate and it’s flawless. No need for expanding storage with USB which is always hit and miss. Tons of storage and easy nav once launcher is installed per video.

  4. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    not to be a stickler for details or anything…but it’s actually pronounced teh moo at least according to the advertisements.I always thought it was tee moo until I saw those ads.

    My daughter purchases stuff from temu all the time,she was an early adopter I guess you could say.She told me to try it but I was pretty skeptical at the time.If you aren’t in a rush for something and the price is low enough temu seems to be pretty decent.

  5. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    Good to hear you like the new T95Z Plus and it’s still a solid box. I have 2 six year old T95Z Plus boxes still going strong. Never shut them off, never clean them, plenty of storage. They just do the job. Still haven’t found the Malware or the Boogeymen or Chinese Spies that some claim are in these boxes :rofl:

  6. How much are the Chinese Paying you Troy? Will you be reviewing the latest Chinese Balloon crossing the US too?

  7. I have purchased items several times over the past 6 months from Temu. Yes I questioned the whole will I receive it etc. I always have. MANY of the companies start out with GREAT prices and after a year or 2 raise them. So what, It is just like Troy stated, we get most ALL our products from China.Why pay more when you don’t have too, For now this site is GREAT !!! Happy Shopping!!!

  8. Have you tried installing KODI on it and run it?

  9. Avatar for Bonrob Bonrob says:

    I’ve been using Temu for about a year. The majority of their stuff is good and if you are not happy with your order they’ll either take it back or give you credit and/or credit back to your credit card. I have to agree, if you can think of it, they probably have it. I have no real concerns.

  10. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I heard Amazon issued a take down order for that balloon.

  11. I’ve been ordering from Temu since July of last year. I’ve bought everything from cat beds, toys, clothes, shoes, kids clothes, kids toys, kitchen gadgets, two tablets, storage devices, home decor, jewelry, beauty products etc…I decked my house out for Christmas with every decoration inside and out from Temu minus the Christmas tree. It looked like a Christmas winter wonderland in my house, and it was cheap to do so. Everything was good quality as well. Lately my obsession is buying Moissanite jewelry from there. Buying those here in the states can be hundreds of dollars to thousands. Moissanite will test as a real diamond. I was skeptical that a $20 Moissanite ring from Temu would test as a real diamond but they do test real. I’m talking a $20 5 carat ring that would cost in the thousands here testing real. I’ve never had an issue with delivery. In fact, there were many times that my packages were delivered on the day of the window they state is the latest it will be delivered and they still gave me a $5 credit and it’s automatic. I’ve had a lot of hits and very few misses from them. Anytime I did not like an item I bought or it was damaged I got a full refund without even having to send it back. You can get it in seconds as a credit or you can get it refunded to your original form of payment which takes a couple of days. My only issue with them is that their packing for shipping is terrible. They throw everything in a thin shipping bag. It doesn’t matter what it is. They stuff as much as they can in that bag. The items I’ve had damaged because of that has been old vintage tin signs that were bent but I did get a refund. There have been items that came in nicely packaged boxes but for the most part everything is stuffed in those bags. That’s how they can do free shipping.

  12. Help me out please. Heard that Temu is actually run by the Chinese Government and uses all login for spying, etc!

  13. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    WOW! :rofl:

  14. I’ve had no issues with Temu; have purchased mostly grooming items like shavers, faders, wallets as well as the T95Z Plus box, no issues with that. You can go as cheap as you want in there. They are also supper aggressive on their discounts and offers.
    At one time I received a $13 credit for a delivery delay. I have not purchased any electronic items as of yet, will await Troy’s review on that laptop.
    Their products offering is extremely large and can be time consuming as one can get addicted real quick by pushing buttons to see quick views.

  15. Avatar for Kev2 Kev2 says:

    Purchased items from temu got a few bad apples but did get a few good items…however how the heck does temu put its advertising especially items I purchased as ads on card games I play on my IPad…?not to mention the onslaught of ads sent to my email

  16. My first order from them was in January 2023, and I’ve been buying from them since. I’ve bought items that I wouldn’t buy in a store or would have to save up to buy bc of the price being too high. I actually compare prices for the same items on Amazon and temu now. I have contacted customer service and they were helpful. I’ve also returned items. Keep in mind you can return as many items as you want for free as long as you do it in your two free returns. Something I noticed in the TROYPOINT article is that the minimum purchase is $15 now. Regardless it’s still worth it to get thru temu and if the price drops after you’ve purchased an item you can do a price adjustment every time for 30 days and it will be credited to your Temu account.

  17. Avatar for T83 T83 says:

    I’ve been looking and they certainly went up from $28. Can’t find any on temuh, and only 64gb on Amazon.

  18. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    Why do you need so much storage? My 2 old T95z Plus Boxes only have 32 GB which for me is plenty. Unless you need to record a lot of stuff from IPTV with Tivimate. I don’t need to record as I watch all my shows/movies VOD on KODI

  19. Avatar for T83 T83 says:

    I don’t just stating the fact fellas were talking 128 and nobody had those 32 more than enough for me.

  20. Just wanted to give a heads up regarding the Temu app. My credit card was hacked almost immediately. I used the Troypoint link to purchase an Android T95Z plus and used the QR code from my Iphone. The code sent me to Temu and required setting up an account. The link sent me to something called Stellar. Backed out and tried again twice with same result. Proceeded under a bad assuption that this was part of Temu. Wrong. Capital One notified me immediately regarding a $49.99 charge from something called Motoraches. I declined the charge and also a $1.00 test charge. Hope this helps someone down the road. Love Troypoint.

  21. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I believe stellar is a third party payment processing company. They may not be illegit but the people that processing for maybe.

  22. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    There have been numerous warnings on the internet in the last couple of weeks warning ppl not to use QR codes. Scammers have learned how to overlay their Malware ridden QR codes onto legitimate site codes. Instead go directly to the site and refrain from using QR codes. Yours is an example of that. Sorry this happened to you.

  23. Avatar for T83 T83 says:

    You can’t do anything anymore not wondering if it’s a scam. Hey Miki while I got ya, I did add stremio working great. So now ONN or T95z to replace the fire stick. Reviews are sketchy rather ask here. Thanx

  24. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Sorry I’m not an Onn fan at all, in fact I threw the two I had in the garbage. I also have not had the opportunity to test a T95z but troy has a vid out about how to tweak it into a powerhouse device and that’s good enough for me. Cash is tight for now so if they’re still around in another month I think I’ll get one and follow Troy’s mods. Also @MarkxG has had them for quite some time and gives them his blessing, so that’s two ppl I trust and respect, so take the plunge on the T95Z Plus.

  25. You probably didn’t read the entire Temu review as Troy suggests using PayPal so they don’t get your credit card info.

    I also ensure that I’m not providing a credit/debit card. I use a middle man when paying for items over the Internet such as PayPal and thankfully Temu accepts that form of payment. By using a middleman such as PayPal they will never have direct access to my credit card information.

  26. He actually addresses his thoughts on this in his review. You should read it. Take a look around your home, most of it is produced in China.

  27. Thanks for pointing this out. After looking into this, they’ve changed the way it’s pronounced. They used to have this on their About Page but since Super bowl, they are now saying it should be pronounced differently.

    See this.

  28. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I have the Onn as a backup to my Nvidia and have no complaints. Except for the this Kodi 20.4 issue. But this too shall pass. For $20 it does what it needs to do for me. I am basically kodi and some streaming apps. Not sure how well id like it of i used it as my primary every day device.

    T95 looks good too for a few more $.
    I might try one next time I’m in the market.

  29. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    Yup my T95Z Plus boxes have been great for many years and the ONN is my current daily device. I have Full KODI Build and my IPTV Service on the ONN Box. Works perfect for me

  30. Avatar for Tech2 Tech2 says:

    Since you have both the ONN and the T95Z boxes, which one would you say is a better performer overall? If you had to choose. I realize your T95Z boxes are older and that may be a factor in your decision. Just curious how they compare in actual ownership satisfaction.

  31. Avatar for Remy Remy says:

    Notified it is back in stock at 49.95

  32. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    I mean I get the same with both. They both work perfectly. If you want more storage go with the T95 Z Plus over the ONN. That is the only advantage I see. I don’t like messing with external USB Storage. But I don’t really record so don’t need storage for the most part

  33. Thanks to all. I tried ordering from the website online and couldn’t find the T95Z. Pushed me to the phone where I don’t use Paypal. Should have used it (Paypal) and saved the trouble, although had poor experience with Paypal from a scam a few years ago. BTW, my older Firestick is still doing OK and Troy’s tutorial on Stremio was extremely helpful.

  34. So immature, Not cool bro. If you know anything about Troy, he is standup.

  35. its a review not a recomendation dont shoot the messenger thanks troy :+1:

  36. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    I actually think it’s amusing lol.It’s like they moved the HQ to Ireland and decided to change the way they pronounced the name.

  37. The Chinese balloons are Temu’s delivery system :joy:

  38. I ordered from them once, product was defective. I threw it in the garbage and uninstalled the app. The End

  39. Next to tick tock it is rated by the CCP as a top producer of…stuff

  40. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    lol I might actually do some (stuff) today

  41. They are legit, but I find the quality is definitely lacking on a preponderance of goods based on my personal experience. Remember, you can’t get champagne on a beer budget.

  42. I ordered car seats from them once. They were defective . Threw them in the garbage and uninstalled the app

  43. I’ve purchased from Temu directly on Temo website with Paypal about 3 times in the last year. No problems except most items made in China and not worth the cheap price. “You get what you pay for” most of the time. On boxes I had 5 Firesticks and have replaced 2 of them with Onn NEW Google boxes. Love the Onn 4K for $20. Goodbye to Amazon.

  44. You love your oNN. Google TV Box but where do you think those come from? Same manufacturers that make the stuff on Temu. Not arguing that there is cheap crap on Temu but most of what we use in the USA is from China.

    Bottom of oNN Box. MADE IN CHINA

  45. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    And your point is? Who cares if it’s made in China unless of course you are one of those that think the Chinese Gov’t is waiting in your Box to steal your life?

    I have 2 T95Z Plus Cheap China box and an ONN 4K Cheap China Box. They work great. That is what I care about. No Gremlins, Boogeyman, and still haven’t found Xi Jipang hiding in any of the boxes :rofl:

  46. Read my reply again and see who I’m replying to. I’m siding with you! I’m pointing out that his favorite box is actually made in China after he complained about China products.

  47. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    Ahh sorry. LOL that is Funny!

  48. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    you ain’t lived until you have tried canned peaches made in china.sold at many local dept stores these days.

  49. Poor quality material in both male and female clothing and shoes. Jewelry is missing quality. It’s wear once and who cares if it snaps off on the dance floor.

    Customer Service is beyond poor. It’s pathetic. You can call or chat or email…and they will drop your call or chat after you’ve been waiting three hours…email is SLOW and they try to get away without backing up their policy. If you’re going to do business with TEMU, be persistent. Do not use their app — it somehow tracks your data and gives TEMU access to your contacts.

    Pet items are fairly price friendly… It’s just easier to deal with the River (AMZN).

  50. Thank for the feedback@JstWhoIM
    I have only purchased hardware gadgets, auto gadgets etc. I did have a good experience with the items I selected though.
    With your poor review and others that I have read I stand corrected. It would seem that maybe Temu purchases are a bit unpredictable and people should BEWARE!
    I would recommend that any one who makes a purchase should use Pay Pal due to their 180 day purchase dispute policy.
    Yes, I have had Pay Pal correct issues in years past with bad actors out there taking advantage.
    Appreciate your feedback, that is what this great community here is about. Try to help one another and maybe that makes life a little better.

  51. Thank you for your helpful advice too.

  52. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Troy, in his review, did address this very issue. If you want to ensure a quality product then only get the ones with a green checkmark down the bottom as those are certified. GL2U.

  53. Hey Miki that is true and Good Morning friend.
    That is the way I conducted my transactions and used Pay Pal just in case of any type of issue.

  54. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    And good morning to you my friend. Thank you for your contribution. Have a wonderful day.

  55. Avatar for mhoss mhoss says:

    I order on Temu trough app and pay with PayPal. If I can avoid exposing a credit card, I do. I hate the experience you encountered.

  56. Avatar for raddnt raddnt says:

    Troypoint said to use PayPal to be safe.

  57. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Temu is now being accused by government officials that they collect utilizing their app they are collecting personal information from cell phones such as pictures texts what have you. Also they know your location within 15 ft by utilizing your phone. They stated the most dangerous app. If these allegations are true it is not good!

  58. Yes. Had a senior moment. I’ve ordered from Temu before and used a Capital One virtual card with no problem but I never use my phone to order stuff and don’t have those options loaded. Never too old to learn a lesson. Cap One caught this in seconds. Impressive.

  59. I was using temu for almost a year until my credit card was hacked from use on their site be very careful on there

  60. People hear words like “made in China” and have knee-jerk reactions, not realizing EVERYTHING is mostly made in China these days. I’ve seen the exact same items on Amazon for 2x-3x the price. And having ordered from other online chinese sites that take months to recive, Temu is rather quick, ~2+ weeks, and if it arrives later than promised you get a $5 credit. But news about the app hacking your private data is not surprising. . virtually all apps, especially retail do. . why I use it strickly on the website.

  61. Avatar for Remy Remy says: been buying little cheap stuff from them and so far I get what I expect. I bought some electrical stuff for wiring and tried it out and it works great. Not sure if I would buy an expensive item though

  62. So to clarify Miki, the best way to go about using Temu is to get the app for your phone (not laptop), sign up for the website on the app, and don’t use QR code. How do you get the $100 credit advertised in Troy’s writeup which seems too good to be true? Trying to be cautious with this one.

  63. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I chose not to get the app or sign up as I don’t need anything really, at the moment.

  64. Hey Troy. Just read your email and once again I can see the box and tried to follow instructions for new app user to get it in the app but for the life of me…cant find it when I go to the app. It’s 57$ in Canada if I can get it

    That was my final go at it…

  65. Like I said before, it seems too good to be true. And I knew there would be a bunch of hoops to jump through. I guess if prices are that good, I can get by without the coupon. I’ll look into Temu again when I actually need something.

  66. Avatar for rob1 rob1 says:

    Perhaps a review is do on Temu’s BBB file is due… It’s about as bad as it can get.

  67. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I don’t use Temu tbh. Ppl are free to purchase products from wherever they choose.

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