Install SET TV IPTV On Android Box


It appears that SET TV has been shut down.  Popular alternatives include Eternal TV and Area 51.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to install SET TV IPTV on Android Box.

This same process will work on an Android phone or tablet as well.  This tutorial will work on any Android device that is equipped with an Internet browser.

As of this writing, SET TV is the most popular IPTV service due to it reliability and HD quality streams.

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How To Install SET IPTV On Android Box Guide

Step 1 – Register for a SET TV free trial account Here

Step 2 – Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources

Step 3 – Launch Internet Browser on Android Box

Step 4 – Enter the following url & click Go

Step 5 – Launch File Browser, open Download folder & click Set .apk file to install

Below, you will find a video that goes through the important details that aren’t covered in the general steps outlined above.


Click Here For Your Free SET TV Trial Account

TROYPOINT suggests paying on a month-to-month basis when using IPTV services.  If for some reason, the service discontinues or a better alternative comes about, you can easily switch.

SET TV IPTV serves up over 500 HD channels that you would normally find in a cable or satellite subscription.  Sports enthusiasts love SET TV due to NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB seasons passes.  The service also delivers Pay Per View sporting events!

It is simple to install SET TV onto an Android Box by using the instructions above.  If your device is running any version of the Android Operating System, chances are that this method will work great.

SET TV sports a nice looking user interface and it is simple to navigate with an Android Box remote.  An electronic program guide provides users with updated program information at their fingertips.

The service also comes with a separate channel directory that allows channel sorting by category.  As of this article, the following categories are included; All Channels, English, Sports, Spanish, USA, UK, Filipino, and Adult.  The adult channels require a pin code and the default is 1234.  You can change the adult code within your online SET TV account.

One feature that doesn’t get as much attention as the Live TV section is the On Demand offerings.  SET TV provides subscribers with hundreds of the latest movies and tv show episodes.

You may also find my tutorial on how to install SET TV on a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

NOTE: In case you would want to install unverified apps into your Firestick or Fire TV, this will not be allowed by the Amazon App Store. However, you can side-load without using the official app-distribution method by installing a VPN for Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube.

If you require support, you must contact SET TV directly by using contact information on their Website.   You will also see a chat window appear on their site after you have been there for approximately 30 seconds that can also be used for support.

How To Update SET TV On Android Box

To update SET TV on an Android Box, simply go through the exact same process outlined above.  Once the installation file has been downloaded, it will ask, “Do you want to install and update to this existing application?”  Click OK and the update will install.

The url shortcut used above will always be pointing to the most recent SET TV installation file.

Support requests must go directly through SET TV by using directions outlined above.  Support questions posted in the comment section of this post will not be displayed due to the fact that TROYPOINT does not legally represent SET TV.


TROYPOINT does not verify the legality or security of any applications or services covered on this Website.

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