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How to Watch Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super on Any Device

how to watch dragon ball

The following tutorial will show you How to Watch Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super on any device.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime shows ever created.

It still carries a huge following among anime fans and more.

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There are various ways to watch Dragon Ball on any device you prefer including the Amazon Firestick.

The Firestick and Fire TV are the most popular media devices available because of their “jailbreaking” abilities.

Unlock your Firestick

The best way to watch Dragon Ball Z is on Funimation which features all 11 seasons of the show.

However, users can also access episodes on other various Anime Streaming Sites that we list below.

Some of these are free, however, other options require a subscription that users must pay for.

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How to Watch Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super

The following Streaming Apps will allow you to watch Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super on any device.

This includes streaming devices such as the Firestick, Roku, Android TV Box, and more.


how to watch dragon ball funimation

The best way to watch Dragon Ball Z on your preferred device is via Funimation

Funimation is an Anime streaming service with tons of content including Dragon Ball Z and more.

This is a paid service with various purchase options that start at $5.99/month.

However, you can also test the service prior to purchase by signing up for a Free 14-Day Trial.

All episodes of Dragon Ball Z as well as Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT, and more are available for streaming.

Funimation Official Website

Funimation App – Google Play Store


how to watch dragon ball z crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is likely the most well-known Anime platform with an enormous library of Anime content.

All episodes of Dragon Ball Super are available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

This Streaming App is ad-supported, however, all episodes and content are provided absolutely free.

If you want to eliminate ads, you can purchase the premium version of Crunchyroll for $7.99/month.

Users can install the Crunchyroll App on nearly any device including Firestick, Roku, Android Box and more.

Crunchyroll App


how to watch dragon ball hulu

Save on VPN

Hulu also features Dragon Ball Super in its library of VOD content.

However, users must pay to watch the cartoon that is absolutely free via Crunchyroll.

If you prefer you can save some money by purchasing Hulu for $6.99/month as a cheaper alternative to Crunchyroll.

NOTE: Hulo offers two subscription packages. The ad-supported plan is $6.99/month while the ad-free version is $12.99/month.

Hulu also offers live streaming with tons of channels and subscription plans.

Hulu Live TV Review

Netflix (Japan Only)


While Netflix subscribers in the US do not have the option to watch Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super, Japanese customers do.

All episodes are available within the application but only if you reside in Japan.

However, some may be able to access Dragon Ball Z and other content on Netflix with the use of a VPN.

How to Watch Dragon Ball in Order

If you are new to Dragon Ball, you may wonder how to watch the entire series in order.

This is the best way to get the full experience and make sure you never miss a thing!

The best way to Watch Dragon Ball in order is chronologically based on when these titles were released.

  1. Dragon Ball
  2. Dragon Ball Z
  3. Dragon Ball GT
  4. Dragon Ball Z Kai
  5. Dragon Ball Super

For more streaming options including Anime and more, check out our popular resource guides below:

How to Watch Dragon Ball FAQ

How do I start watching Dragon Ball?

The best way to watch Dragon Ball in order is to begin with the original Dragon Ball.

Is Dragon Ball on Netflix?

Dragon Ball is available on Netflix but only in Japan.

How do I watch Dragon Ball Z?

There are various platforms that host Dragon Ball Z and more that we desribe in this article.

Can I stream Dragon Ball on a Firestick?

Yes. This guide will show you how to watch on any device including Firestick, Roku, and more.

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