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Important Note – Players Klub is not currently taking any new Subscribers.

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Players Klub is an IPTV service that costs only $8 per month and serves over 3,000 HD TV Channels.

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You can think of the Players Klub as cable or satellite service on steroids but for only $8 per month!  It includes everything you would normally see in your overpriced cable/satellite package plus much more such as sports season passes, and PPV.

IMPORTANT!!!!  When you register for your account, write down your username and password that you set.  You will need this to log into your online billing/support panel.  Refer to screenshot tutorial below for detailed instructions on registering.

NEW – The Players Klub has recently released their new Web Player, which will allow subscribers to use their service in an Internet Browser!

Players Klub Channel Options

Players Klub comes packed with over 3,000 channels with most of them in HD quality.  Channels are divided into the following categories which makes it easy for the viewer to navigate.


  • All
  • Channels
  • USA TV
  • NFL Games
  • NBA League Pass
  • NHL Center Ice
  • Latino/Spanish TV
  • Local News
  • MLB
  • UK TV Sports & Movies
  • Music HD
  • Local Spanis-Latino Music
  • 24/7 Channels
  • Radio
  • Canadian TV
  • Adult

The service offers excellent customer support through their online ticketing system.  Customers may log into their online account and access a support system on the left side navigation menu.  Once in this area, users may submit a support ticket that will be answered in the same location.

Players Klub Installation

IMPORTANT: TROYPOINT does not operate Players Klub service.  If you need assistance, you must submit a support ticket through your online panel or join their Discord Group and seek help that way.  Support questions will not be answered in the comments section below.  


TROYPOINT does not verify the legality or security of any applications or services covered on this Website.

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Players Klub users can install and access the service on their preferred streaming device. For installation instructions, refer to the welcome email provided by the service.

Services like The Players Klub are continually updating their applications and it’s difficult for us to keep up with everything, as TROYPOINT does not own or operate any IPTV service.

The best way to install The Players Klub is through the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer.  This app allows you to install the best streaming apps and tools in a matter of minutes rather than hours.  Use the link below to access this free application.

TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer
TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer

Players Klub App Not Working

If you receive the following warning, uninstall the application and then reinstall.  You must login again with your service username and password if this happens.

“The app you are using is not original.  Your TV Service Provider has not provided your the original app.  Such kind of apps could send the data to legal authorities.

 IMPORTANT: TROYPOINT does not run this IPTV service so it is impossible for us to provide technical support. 

If you need help with this service, you must reach out to the Players Klub team.

We will not answer any technical support questions about Players Klub or any other IPTV service on this site.

If you cannot log into your online Players Klub account to submit a support ticket, we recommend contacting them via their Facebook Group, Twitter Page, or Discord Group by using the links below.

Players Klub Facebook Group

Players Klub Twitter Page

Players Klub Discord Group

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