Install Google Play On Fire 7 5th Gen TabletThis tutorial will show you how to install Google Play Store on the Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet.  The process will also remove the annoying sponsored lock screens that come built into the budget-friendly $49 7-inch tablet.

The new Amazon Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet has hit the market and is receiving some awesome reviews.  After my initial inspection, there were only two downsides, no Google Play App Store and the sponsored Lock Screens that come with the tablet are ridiculous.  There is no doubt that one of the reasons that Amazon can sell the tablet for such an inexpensive price is because of the sponsored lock screens.  Amazon provides the opportunity to remove the lock screens when you order your Fire 7 tablet through their Web site but it will cost you 15 bucks!  Following my tutorial on this page is FREE and you will also install Google Play Store as well.

Below are the steps on how to install Google Play Store on the Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet and remove the sponsored lock screens

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You may also find a step-by-step video located below that provide more in-depth instructions on how to install Google Play on the Fire 7 and Remove Sponsored Lock Screens.

1.  Turn on your new Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet and go into the “Settings” icon on the screen.  Go into “Device Options” and press the button that reads “Serial Number” multiple times until a new button appears which is titled “Developer Options” right below it.  Now, push the “Developer Options” button.  Turn on the “Enable ADB” option.  When you do this, the on/off icon will turn orange.
2.  Plug your Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet into the USB port on your Windows computer.  If you have already charged your tablet with the adapter that came with it, you will need to unplug the usb cord from the power adapter.
3.  Go to and download the file that reads “Amazon Fire 5th Gen”.  This is a zip file and you can save it anywhere on your computer.  Just remember where you save it to.

Special thanks to Root Junky for his awesome work in putting together this script!!!

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4.  Go into the folder where you saved the “Amazon Fire 5th Gen” zip file and extract it so you can access the files within that download.
5.  You will see a file in there names “Universal AdbDriverSetup.msi”.  Double click this file and install the Android ADB Drivers.
6.  Go to your search box in your Windows OS and search for “Device Manager”.  You can also get to this by going into the “Settings” section of Windows as well.  Launch Device Manager.
7.  When you open Device Manager, more than likely, you will notice an exclamation mark next to your Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet that you have already hooked up to your computer.  If you see an exclamation mark, proceed to step 8.  If you don’t see it, your tablet has probably been properly identified as an Android device and is listed toward the top of the Device Manager screen under the “Android Device” option.  If that is the case,you can proceed to step 13.
8.  Right click the “Fire” option, left click properties, and then left click “Update Driver”.
9.  You will not want to “Browse my computer for driver software” or something similar to that depending on which version of Windows you are on.  See my video below for visual examples.
10.  Now, click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
11.  Choose the option toward the top that reads “Android Composite ADB Interface” and then click “Next”.  A warning may come up but just click “Yes” to verify it is o.k.
12.  A success window will appear that you have successfully installed “Android Composite ADB Interface”.  Click the close button and you will now notice that your device is listed under the “Android Device” heading at the top.
13.  Go back into the folder where you extracted the files in step #4 and double click the file that reads “1-install-Play-Store.bat.  The following screens will come up.  If you see your device listed in the first screen with its serial number, that is a good sign and means that everything is working properly.

First Screen To Pop Up

Fire 7 Tablet Install Google Play

Second Screen To Pop Up

Remove Sponsored Lock Screens

14.  Push “2” on your keyboard and the press “Enter”.  Google Play App Store will be installed onto your new Fire 7 5th Gen Tablet and the Sponsored Lock Screens will be removed as well.

How To Install Google Play App Store On Fire 7 & Remove Sponsored Lock Screens Video Tutorial