Fire TV or Android Box

Fire TV or Android Box?  I have received this question over 200 times within the past month from TROYPOINT subscribers who currently use a Fire TV or Stick but are curious about an Android TV Box.

The Android TV Box industry has blown up and their are hundreds of options when shopping for one of these streaming devices.

Many of these devices are capable of playing 4K video and carry a small price tag of under $50.

This is an affordable entertainment center once Kodi and all of the best addons are installed.  Very easy to cut the cable or dish cord with a setup like this.

When asking yourself whether you want to use a Fire TV or Android Box, you first need to see how each device works.

I am assuming that the majority of people who are reading this article are already using the Fire TV or Stick.

While I was reviewing the new GoStreamer G5+ Box, I thought that I would put together a video that would show exactly how these Android Boxes work and the pluses and minuses that come with them as well.

I am of the belief that if you spend most of your time within Kodi Media Center, the Android Boxes are a great option due to the low price points and powerful systems.

However, due to the cumbersome user interface and poor remotes, if the individual is not using Kodi, I would suggest sticking with the Fire TV or Stick.

Below are the items that I mention within the video where I answer the question of whether you should use a Fire TV or Android Box.

Rii I8 Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

MXQ Pro 4K

GoStreamer G5+

Fore those of you who already own an Android Box, please post in the comment section below what you like most about Android Boxes and what you dislike most about them.  This will help our readers decide on the Fire TV or Android Box.

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