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FileLinked Not Working & Shut Down by ACE – What Happened

filelinked not working

The following guide covers FileLinked Not Working and includes a list of popular FileLinked alternatives.

FileLinked was one of the Best Firestick Apps used by millions of cord-cutters who “jailbreak” their streaming devices.

How to Jailbreak Firestick

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This tool was used for installing various apps not provided in the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store.

FileLinked Not Working – What Happened?

The popular app installer FileLinked is no longer working or available for use.

According to an official press release from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), FileLinked has been seized and shut down by this anti-piracy organization.

The following statement was made from ACE about this once-popular app installer:

“The Filelinked app was used to sideload applications. More specifically, users could install pirate applications on their Android devices via unofficial sources. This service was popular in both the US and in Europe, running operations out of Freising.”

And if you visit the original domain of FileLinked, you will now be prompted with the following screen.

filelinked shut down by ace


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FileLinked App

Inputting any FileLinked code within the app prompts the following message:

“An error has occurred. FileLinked code not found”

This error message is displayed no matter what code is input.

While the app is still available for installation, it is no longer functioning or available for use.

It’s important to mention that the Facebook Support Group is also no longer available.

Be sure to check this post frequently for the latest updates regarding the FileLinked application.

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FileLinked Alternatives

Below we have created a list of the most popular FileLinked alternatives currently available.

We recommend bookmarking this page to keep you up to date, as this page is updated Weekly for your reference.

The following list was last updated on Tue, Oct, 26, 2021

As of the writing of this article, all FileLinked alternatives listed below are currently working and available for use.

filelinked alternatives downloader

1. Downloader App

The Downloader App is a tool used by millions of cord-cutters and techies around the world for Sideloading 3rd party apps on their devices.

With this application installed, your Amazon Firestick or Android device turns into a powerful streaming machine.

If you want to unlock the full capabilities of your Fire TV/Android device, this is a must-have app.


downloader app filelinked alternatives

See our full downloader tutorial below for installing and using this popular tool.

How to Install & Use Downloader App

Note: See our list of Best Downloader Codes for quick installation of apps using Downloader!

filelinked alternatives filesynced

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2. FileSynced

As of this writing, FileSynced is the best FileLinked alternative currently available after testing for several hours.

This new app is receiving praise due to its excellent interface, features, navigation, and much more.


Visit the link below for our full tutorial on FileSynced and how to install the app.

How to Install FileSynced

Note: See our list of Best FileSynced Codes for quickly finding the best codes on this app!

filelinked alternatives applinked

3. AppLinked

AppLinked was the first clone of FileLinked to hit the scene right after the app went offline.

Just like FileLinked, the developers are replicating FileLinked’s strategy by allowing users to create their own “codes” within the application.

AppLinked is also developed and operated by the same devs as Strix, Media Lounge, and the UK Turks App.


See our Applinked guide below for more information and how to install this app.

How to Install AppLinked

Note: See our list of Best AppLinked Codes to help you get started with this app!

unlinked apk

4. Unlinked

Unlinked is another direct clone of FileLinked on this list that is currently working well!

Instead of using “stores,” Unlinked has created libraries filled with popular streaming apps and tools.

unlinked app

See our detailed Unlinked tutorial below for more information on this FileLinked clone.

How to Install Unlinked APK

Note: See our list of Best Unlinked Codes to quickly access the best libraries!

filelinked alternatives aptoide

5. Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV is one of the most popular 3rd party app stores available for those using Fire TV and Android devices.

If you prefer an app store such as FileLinked, the Aptoide application has thousands of apps available for download.

aptoide tv

See our full Aptoide TV guide below for more information on this 3rd party app store.

How to Install Aptoide TV


6. APKTime

APKTime is another well-known 3rd party app store used for sideloading applications outside of Amazon and the Google Play Store.

Some of the popular apps highlighted within APKTime include Cinema HD, Pluto TV, Peacock TV, Stremio, Syncler, and many others.

apktime app store

Visit our APKTime tutorial below for more information on this tool.

How to Install APKTime


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IPVanish Tutorial for Firestick & Android Box

Overall, these are the best Filelinked alternatives currently available for those using Fire TV and Android devices.

We will update this guide when more quality alternatives become available!

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FileLinked History

FileLinked was previously known as DroidAdmin and used to install APKs on streaming devices.

With FileLinked you will could have access to tons of applications not available within the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store.

If you had a Jailbroken Firestick, this was one of the most popular applications to load onto it.

With specific codes for thousands of APKs, installing Streaming Apps and more onto your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV Box was a breeze.

FileLinked – FAQ

What are the best FileLinked alternatives?

The best FileLinked alternatives include Downloader, FileSynced, AppLinked, Unlinked, Aptoide TV, and many others we include in this list.

Are FileLinked alternatives legal?

Yes, FileLinked alternative websites are legal if viewing movies and TV shows within the public domain. TROYPOINT does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works.

Do you need a VPN for FileLinked alternatives?

TROYPOINT recommends using a VPN when downloading and using these FileLinked alternatives. This will hide your streaming activities and protect your data from hackers, website operators, your ISP, and more.

What happened to FileLinked?

FileLinked is no longer functioning or available for use. Their official website is currently offline.

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