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DISH to Lose Over 100 Local Channels – 3 Million Users Impacted

dish to lose over 100 local channels

It was recently announced that DISH Network is likely to lose more than 100 local channels as early as next week.

According to a statement from Sinclair Broadcast Group, DISH is expected to lose 112 Sinclair-owned TV channels after an agreement expires on August 16, 2021.

This would impact over 3.5 million DISH subscribers throughout 38 percent of the United States.

In Sinclair’s official press release, they commented the following on the situation:

“We have tried unsuccessfully to reach fair and customary terms with DISH Network for the renegotiation of our retransmission consent.”

This statement is a direct quote from David Gibber who is a Senior Vice President at Sinclair. He then continued in more detail.

“Given the status of these negotiations, we feel it is important to alert DISH Network subscribers to the real risk that some of their favorite stations will no longer be available through DISH Network including their access to live, local news, popular syndicated programming, sports programming including college and NFL football, and the network programming of our ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW affiliates in those markets.

After reading through the entire report, some of the notable local stations impacted by this news include the following:

  • Austin, TX: KEYE (CBS)
  • Baltimore, MD: WBFF (FOX), WBFF-2 (MyTV)
  • Buffalo, NY: WUTV (FOX), WNYO (MyTV)
  • Charleston, SC: WCIV-2 (ABC), WCIV (MyTV)
  • Chattanooga, TN: WTVC (ABC), WTVC-2 (FOX)
  • Cincinnati, OH: WKRC (CBS)
  • Columbus, OH: WSYX (ABC), WSYX-3 (FOX)
  • Eureka, CA: KAEF (ABC), KECA (CW)
  • Gainesville, FL: WGFL (CBS), WGFL-2 (MyTV)
  • Green Bay-Appleton, WI: WLUK (FOX), WCWF (CW)
  • Las Vegas, NV: KSNV (NBC), KVCW (CW), KVCW-2 (MyTV)
  • Lexington, KY: WDKY (FOX)
  • Madison, WI: WMSN (FOX)
  • Milwaukee, WI: WVTV (CW), WVTV-2 (MyTV)
  • Minneapolis, MN: WUCW (CW)
  • Nashville, TN: WZTV (FOX), WUXP (MyTV)
  • Omaha, NE: KPTM (FOX)
  • Pittsburgh, PA: WPGH (FOX), WPNT (MyTV)
  • Portland, OR: KATU (ABC)
  • Rochester, NY: WUHF (FOX)
  • Salt Lake City, UT: KUTV (CBS), KMYU (MyTV)
  • San Antonio, TX: KABB (FOX), WOAI (NBC
  • Savannah, GA: WTGS (FOX)
  • Seattle-Tacoma, WA: KOMO (ABC)
  • St. Louis, MO: KDNL (ABC)
  • Tallahassee-Thomasville, FL-GA: WTWC (NBC), WTWC-2 (FOX)
  • Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD): WJLA (ABC)

DISH has now responded to Sinclair’s message stating the following:

“Sinclair is demanding DISH pay nearly a billion dollars in fees for their television channels — a massive increase from what we pay for these same channels today despite declining viewership. Sinclair is making these outrageous demands, turning its back on its public interest obligation and putting customers in the middle of its negotiations.”

Overall, it will be interesting to see how this situation plays out and we’ll continue to watch this story as more news releases to the public.

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For more information on this DISH Network story, you can view the official documentation below.

DISH Networking Dropping 112 Channels – Full Report

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What do you think of DISH losing over 100 local channels? Are you impacted by this report?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Notable Replies

  1. I ditched Dish network for IPTV and over the air tv over 7 years ago due to lack of high definition feeds on some channels plus similar contract disputes they were having with both local broadcast and cable networks resulting in outages. In addition, their monthly fees continued to increase. I believe their base package is now almost $70 per month which is insane. I am getting much more channel selection plus movies and tv series for about 1/3rd the cost in addition to great hd quality. Anyone subscribing to cable or satellite tv today is really wasting their money.

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11 thoughts on “DISH to Lose Over 100 Local Channels – 3 Million Users Impacted”

  1. Try T-mobile Home internet. I live in a very rural area and have been forced to endure horrible internet speeds for years (had HughesNet in the past and currently have CenturyLink). I saw that T-mobile was offering 5G home internet and checked the coverage map for my address, which showed excellent 5G coverage and decided to try it. I just received my 5G internet gateway and set it up. I did a speed test, which was 560 Mbps (with 6 devices connected) versus 1.83 Mbps with CenturyLink! Unbelievable, I know! If I could attach a screenshot of the speed tests I would to prove it. So long, CenturyLink, good riddance! I have REAL high speed internet now!!!

  2. Dish is already high I pay over a $100.00 a month just for the basic package and it has so many shopping channel that it is unbelievable. I guess the bill will go up again.

  3. I have Dish for many years and have lost local channels only twice but still was pissed off. I cannot get all of the local channels because my house is in a small valley next to a river surrounded by farms in the country. And when I lost one local channel for a while, I was pissed because it was one of the channels I cannot get OTA. Streaming TV I cannot do because all I have is Hughes Net Satellite Internet is expensive and sucks. There are times I cannot even check my email, just get a times out, try again later. And you have data caps to top that so you cannot steam much and do not use Kodi anymore. There are not enough farmers for cable either. I signed up for StarLink back in March and just waiting for the email. Then I can start streaming and with no data caps! StarLink is shooting for 10GBS downloads and fast upload too, and cheaper than what I pay for Hughes Net. I am one of 500,000 people that signed up for it so far. They have stated that within 12 months, 500,000 will have service around the globe. And I can’t wait to drop Hughes Net and Dish will be going soon if DirecTV can setup a service with all of the trees around here and its my neighbor trees that are taking out my service. Once I get StarLink, then I can stream TV, until then, I can use what I have which is better than nothing.

  4. Still have Dish, however, they dropped the NBC Sports Bat Area channels, so no more local teams. Luckily through Troypoint, was able to revive watching the teams. Always use a VPN too. If it gets worse dropping more local channels, bye bye Dish.

  5. Daniel Fitzgerald

    While I do not believe that Dish is blameless in all of this, Sinclair has proven themselves to be a bastard of a company. They have demanded price increases in amounts of up to 300%. I my local market, the Sinclair owned station has been blacked out since January of last year. I think that it is absolutely disgraceful that companies are allowed to extort the kind of fees that they get simply because a company is acting as an antenna and if a person puts up an antenna instead of using a provider, they get the same broadcast for free. If you want to give away your service to one group, then you shouldn’t be able to charge another group.

  6. Used Dish years ago but dropped them because of rainout. But there were network losses then too. It was never as many as this current Sinclair network loss but it was very annoying even all those years ago. It happens with all the carriers. It happened with Comcast and AT&T Uverse providers we have had over the years. Each provider blames the network. The network blames the provider. Customers are the only ones who lose.

  7. Ordered dish almost a year ago when my house was built out in the sticks. Had bad internet through Hughes so had to go back to a provider after being a cord cutter for several years. Now that Starlink is very stable and accessible I’ve dropped Hughes and dish will soon follow.

  8. This is just standard operation procedures for Dish when a large contract is in negations. They play this game ever time at their customer inconvenience. I am so tired of this game. We still have Dish because we travel in our motor home quiet often and cell data is not always available where we travel to. So dropping Dish is not a real option. But Dish offers a ‘pay as you go’ plan where I can stop and start as needed. When home I could stop Dish. I think these games Dish plays is going to hurt them, forcing customer to start streaming for the to get the content they want. Within the next five years I suspect satellite TV will not be a major player in providing TV to most of us. I also think within 10 years Dish will be gone.

    1. Let’s not let Sinclair off the hook here. They are probably the worst media company in the US. They’re currently screwing over Dish by pulling the regional sports networks they purchased from Fox. I’ve been with Directv since 08 but that time is getting shorter

  9. Dropped dish 2 years ago and after being introduced to your awesome guidance, I’ve never regretted it. Thanks for all your help, Troy

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