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CyberFlix TV 3.3.0 Update

CyberFlix TV has recently been updated to Version 3.3.0.

We’ve received several questions about CyberFlix TV not working over the past few days showing a “no data” error.

It appears the developers have fixed this issue, as the app is now working again!

You will notice on the changelog, the developers state “Complete rework of the app.”

When you install this new release, if you are asked to join their Facebook group to get a password.  You don’t need to do that.  Simply exit the app and relaunch it again and you won’t be asked again.

To install the latest version of CyberFlix TV, refer to our updated tutorial below.

How to Install CyberFlix TV

You can also install now with the TROYPOINT App via our Rapid App Installer.

Previous 3.2.3 Update

  • “No data” error resolved
  • CybersArmy source updates

Previous 3.2.0 Update

  • Added Emojis to special links to help them stand out against the crowd.
  • Added 6 new Resolvers for Non Debrid sources and 4 new resolvers for Debrid sources
  • Fixed Watch32, PLocker9, Sockshare, MovieHubs, ShareFM
  • Added LockerNet, 123MoviesHD, and other Scrape to find.
  • Added more Google Video Sources

Previous 3.1.9 Update

  • Added 28 new Providers
  • Added 22 new Resolvers (too many to list all providers and resolvers so please refer to your results screen to see new entries).
  • Changed color of viewed RD links to show red for easier deletion of links previously viewed.
  • Added Tag to identify 3-D titles if will show in the link result like WEBDL.
  • Added 3D movie category.

Important Note: If you are experiencing issues with CyberFlix, I suggest viewing these alternatives below.

TROYPOINT Subscribers can always install the latest release of CyberFlix TV and other great apps through the Rapid App Installer inside the TROYPOINT Application.

troypoint rapid app installer

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