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College Football Betting Odds for Week 3 (9/18)

college football odds

The following guide provides all of the College Football Betting Odds for Week 3 (September 18).

With sports betting becoming increasingly popular, more sports fans are searching for updated betting odds.

college football odds week 3

This includes point spread, Moneyline, over/under total points, prop bets, team futures, live in-game bets, and more.

For those looking to watch College Football, most cord-cutters use Sports Streaming Sites and IPTV Services to stream any College Football game they want.

We’ve also put together a guide on Watching College Football Online that provides even more live streaming options.

See below for full College Football Betting Odds for Week 3 including point spread and Moneyline.


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College Football Odds – Week 3

Below are the College Football Odds for week 3 along with a link to real-time odds for College Football that are always up-to-date via MyBookie.

The following list was last updated on Sun, Mar, 03, 2024

I recommend bookmarking this page to keep you up to date on the College Football Betting Odds for Week 3. This page is updated daily for your reference.

If you are new to sports betting, we suggest viewing our in-depth Sports Betting Guide.

*These betting lines are subject to change

Ohio vs Ul Lafayette

Team Spread Moneyline
Ohio +20 +750
Ul Lafayette -20 -1250

Central Florida vs Louisville

Team Spread Moneyline
Central Florida -7 -275
Louisville +7 +220

Maryland vs Illinois

Team Spread Moneyline
Maryland -7.5 -305
Illinois +7.5 +240

Michigan State vs Miami

Team Spread Moneyline
Michigan State +6.5 +200
Miami -6.5 -250

Northern Illinois vs Michigan

Team Spread Moneyline
Northern Illinois +27 +1600
Michigan -27 -3800

Connecticut vs Army


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Team Spread Moneyline
Connecticut +33 +1600
Army -33 -3800

Virginia Tech vs West Virginia

Team Spread Moneyline
Virginia Tech +3 +125
West Virginia -3 -145

Coastal Carolina vs Buffalo

Team Spread Moneyline
Coastal Carolina -13.5 -550
Buffalo +13.5 +400

Western Michigan vs Pittsburgh

Team Spread Moneyline
Western Michigan +15 +500
Pittsburgh -15 -720

Nebraska vs Oklahoma

Team Spread Moneyline
Nebraska +22 +900
Oklahoma -22 -1600

Cincinnati vs Indiana

Team Spread Moneyline
Cincinnati -3.5 -170
Indiana +3.5 +150

New Mexico vs Texas A&M

Team Spread Moneyline
New Mexico +28.5 +1600
Texas A&M -28.5 -3800

Minnesota vs Colorado

Team Spread Moneyline
Minnesota +2 +105
Colorado -2 -125

Nevada vs Kansas State

Team Spread Moneyline
Nevada -2 -120
Kansas State +2 +120

Purdue vs Notre Dame

Team Spread Moneyline
Purdue +7 +230
Notre Dame -7 -290

Eastern Michigan vs Massachusetts

Team Spread Moneyline
Eastern Michigan -17 -900
Massachusetts +17 +600

Georgia Tech vs Clemson

Team Spread Moneyline
Georgia Tech +28.5 +1800
Clemson -28.5 -4500

USC vs Washington State

Team Spread Moneyline
USC -8.5 -335
Washington State +8.5 +260

Alabama vs Florida

Team Spread Moneyline
Alabama -15.5 -720
Florida +15.5 +500

Florida State vs Wake Forest

Team Spread Moneyline
Florida State +5.5 +165
Wake Forest -5.5 -195

Kent State vs Iowa

Team Spread Moneyline
Kent State +22.5 +1000
Iowa -22.5 -2000

Tulsa vs Ohio State

Team Spread Moneyline
Tulsa +26.5 +1400
Ohio State -26.5 -3300

Baylor vs Kansas

Team Spread Moneyline
Baylor -17 -900
Kansas +17 +600

Northwestern vs Duke

Team Spread Moneyline
Northwestern -3 -145
Duke +3 +125

Arkansas State vs Washington

Team Spread Moneyline
Arkansas State +17 +575
Washington -17 -850

Florida International vs Texas Tech

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Team Spread Moneyline
Florida International +20.5 +850
Texas Tech -20.5 -1500

Utah vs San Diego State

Team Spread Moneyline
Utah -7 -290
San Diego State +7 +230

South Carolina vs Georgia

Team Spread Moneyline
South Carolina +31 +2200
Georgia -31 -6500

Auburn vs Penn State

Team Spread Moneyline
Auburn +6 +185
Penn State -6 -225

Stanford vs Vanderbilt

Team Spread Moneyline
Stanford -11 -435
Vanderbilt +11 +330

Rice vs Texas

Team Spread Moneyline
Rice +26 +1300
Texas -26 -3000

Oklahoma State vs Boise State

Team Spread Moneyline
Oklahoma State +4 +165
Boise State -4 -195

Arizona State vs BYU

Team Spread Moneyline
Arizona State -3.5 -170
BYU +3.5 +150

Iowa State vs UNLV

Team Spread Moneyline
Iowa State -30 -6500
UNLV +30 +2200

Fresno State vs UCLA

Team Spread Moneyline
Fresno State +11.5 +350
UCLA -11.5 -475

For full College Football betting odds, prop bets and more refer to the MyBookie site.

Official MyBookie Odds – College Football

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