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Cinema HD Update

cinema update

Cinema HD APK 2.4.0 Update

Cinema HD APK has been updated to Version 2.4.0!

This is an important update that solves many issues users have been complaining about since the last update.

Cinema APK is voted the #1 streaming app on the TROYPOINT Most Popular APK’s Poll and for good reason.

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This new update works fabulously, especially on the Amazon Firestick and other popular Streaming Devices.

Cinema HD also works best when paired with external features such as Real-Debrid, Trakt, or MX Player.

Listed below is the complete developer changelog for Cinema HD 2.4.0:

  • Adding more categories including Trakt’s featured lists
  • Fixed many providers

To install the latest version of Cinema HD, refer to our quick video and screenshot tutorials below.

Note: If you are not prompted to update when opening the app, simply go through the typical installation process again and the update will be applied to your current version.

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Install Cinema HD – Video Tutorial

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Cinema HD Screenshot Guide

Previous Cinema HD Updates

Previous Update

  • Fixed many providers
  • Added Season pack support for Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize

Previous Update

  • Load links faster
  • Fix many bugs
  • Remove wrong links

Previous 2.3.5 Update

  • Remove limit request to premium server option
  • Turn off revolve premium links option as default
  • Optimize source code

Previous 2.3.4 Update

  • New: Remake settings screen
  • Resolve premium links to the corrected file name
  • Add option to show default opening screen
  • Make resume popul cancelable
  • Add back the option to sort favorites by last watched
  • Fixed bug: app crashed/force when play movie from the series guide

Previous 2.3.1 Update

  • Remove Novel Ads Banner
  • Add option to turn off auto-generate background-color
  • Remove bad links
  • Fixed bugs: Can’t focus torrent item in Torrent Manager on Firestick

Previous 2.3.0 Update

  • Use Password to restrict categories or deny searching
  • Add option: Show season specials
  • Fixed bug: Favorites can’t be switched from TV-Movies-All using air mouse
  • Fixed bug: RD links not getting picked up on first few searches
  • Add season pack
  • Add torrent manager
  • Fixed bug: cannot focus user torrents on android tv

Previous 2.2.3 Update

  • Fixed subtitle
  • Fixed crash for some android tv boxes
  • Fixed many providers
  • Add filter out CAM option
  • Adding ‘multiple keys option’ in BTC payment
  • Add options: Fetch episodes from TVDB
  • Separate TV Shows/Movies/All Favourite list

Previous 2.2.2 Update

  • Fixed bug: Cached TMDB not working

Previous 2.2.1 Update

  • New! Used cached database if TMDB not working
  • Fixed bug: Wrong link and subtitle for SerialGuide users
  • Fixed providers: SolarMoviez, CMovies, PLockerSK, Pubfilm, SeriesNine, and others
  • Fixed resolvers: Fembed, Upstream, Movcloud, P2pCDN
  • Added premium providers: DailyMotion, Dailyupload, down4files, FileUp, and UploadGig
  • Bypass new Cloudflare

Previous 2.2.0 Update

  • A lot of providers fixed
  • Major bug fixes for links and subtitles
  • ZeroTV updated
  • TMDB API key updated

Previous 2.1.9 Update

  • Bug fixes for Real-Debrid and AllDebrid links
  • Fixed link providers: ClickMovies, HDMovies, P2PCDN, and others
  • Fixed link resolvers: JetLoad, Vidlox, VidTodo, and others

Previous 2.1.8 Update

  • Added new backup/restore feature
  • Updated OpenSubtitle and recaptcha
  • Added resolvers: ABCvideo, Supervideo, Anavids, Eplayvid
  • Fixed resolvers: Vidlox and Fembed
  • Added an option to long-press streaming link to display file name
  • Added & fixed providers

Previous 2.1.7 Update

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  • Added resolver: ClubPlay, MCloud, DDLTO
  • Fixed providers
  • Fixed resolver

Previous 2.1.6 Update

  • Fixed bugs including recaptcha verification
  • Fixed Providers
  • Fixed resolvers
  • Added resolvers

Previous 2.1.2 Update

  • Fixed providers
  • Add webview to resolve recaptcha
  • Fixed battery drain issue

Previous 2.1.0 Update:

  • DVD Release Category loading is now fixed
  • OpenSubtitle is fixed

Previous 2.0.9 Update:

  • Added DVD release category
  • Data is now loaded when TVDB, IMDB, Trakt, and TMDB are down
  • Full season description and layout overview text are now shown
  • The following providers were fixed: GoFilms, PFTV, and ZeroTV
  • The following providers were added: SRLS, CBB, and KRMovies
  • Fixed the RapidVideo Resolver
  • Over 10 Resolvers were added
  • Misc. bug fixes

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Cinema HD Alternatives

If you are experiencing issues with Cinema, I suggest viewing these alternatives below.

Also if you are experiencing Real-Debrid integration issues within Cinema, we suggest viewing our list of the best Real-Debrid options below.

Best Apps and Addons for Real-Debrid Users

Give the latest Cinema update on your preferred streaming device a try today!

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