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Cinema HD APK 2.2.1 Update

Cinema APK has been updated to v2.2.1. The following changes have been made according to the developers:

  • New! Used cached database if TMDB not working
  • Fixed bug: Wrong link and subtitle for SerialGuide users
  • Fixed providers: SolarMoviez, CMovies, PLockerSK, Pubfilm, SeriesNine, and others
  • Fixed resolvers: Fembed, Upstream, Movcloud, P2pCDN
  • Added premium providers: DailyMotion, Dailyupload, down4files, FileUp, and UploadGig
  • Bypass new Cloudflare

You should be prompted to automatically update the next time you open Cinema HD.

To install the latest version of Cinema HD, refer to our updated tutorial.

How to Install Cinema HD APK 

You can also install the latest version of Cinema HD using our Free TROYPOINT App.

Previous Cinema HD Updates

Previous 2.2.0 Update

  • A lot of providers fixed
  • Major bug fixes for links and subtitles
  • ZeroTV updated
  • TMDB API key updated

Previous 2.1.9 Update

  • Bug fixes for Real-Debrid and AllDebrid links
  • Fixed link providers: ClickMovies, HDMovies, P2PCDN, and others
  • Fixed link resolvers: JetLoad, Vidlox, VidTodo, and others

Previous 2.1.8 Update

  • Added new backup/restore feature
  • Updated OpenSubtitle and recaptcha
  • Added resolvers: ABCvideo, Supervideo, Anavids, Eplayvid
  • Fixed resolvers: Vidlox and Fembed
  • Added an option to long-press streaming link to display file name
  • Added & fixed providers

Previous 2.1.7 Update

  • Added resolver: ClubPlay, MCloud, DDLTO
  • Fixed providers
  • Fixed resolver

Previous 2.1.6 Update

  • Fixed bugs including recaptcha verification
  • Fixed Providers
  • Fixed resolvers
  • Added resolvers

Previous 2.1.2 Update

  • Fixed providers
  • Add webview to resolve recaptcha
  • Fixed battery drain issue

Previous 2.1.0 Update:

  • DVD Release Category loading is now fixed
  • OpenSubtitle is fixed

Previous 2.0.9 Update:

  • Added DVD release category
  • Data is now loaded when TVDB, IMDB, Trakt, and TMDB are down
  • Full season description and layout overview text are now shown
  • The following providers were fixed: GoFilms, PFTV, and ZeroTV
  • The following providers were added: SRLS, CBB, and KRMovies
  • Fixed the RapidVideo Resolver
  • Over 10 Resolvers were added
  • Misc. bug fixes

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