TROYPOINT YouTube Channel Suspended

February, 14th, 2020 Dear TROYPOINT Friends, First off, Happy Valentines Day!  I hope you and your family have an awesome day and weekend. I kindly ask that you read this entire post, as I'm asking you for a simple click at the bottom. On Wednesday, February 2nd, we were notified by YouTube that our TROYPOINT [...]

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Vote For Your Favorite TROYPOINT T-Shirt Design

2/8/2019 Update:  This design is now available for purchase through our Spreadshirt Shop via link below. TROYPOINT Spreadshirt Shop Which TROYPOINT T-Shirt design is your favorite? The design with the most votes by poll below will go on sale soon. All proceeds will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Click images below to enlarge [...]

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U.S. Lawmakers Push To Criminalize Streaming

U.S. lawmakers are in the process of examining the current legal loophole that exists for copyrighted works obtained through online streaming. As of now, there is a legal difference between streaming and downloading.  Streaming is currently considered a public performance that is punishable as a misdemeanor whereas downloading is punishable as a felony. It's apparent [...]

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