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AppLinked Security Warning

AppLinked Security Threat

AppLinked is a popular app that allows for the side-loading of free streaming apps and tools onto Firesticks, Fire TVs, Android TV Boxes, phones, and tablets.

AppLinked has gained popularity since the demise of FileLinked earlier this year.

FileLinked provided easy access to thousands of APKs (Android installation files), with many of them offering free access to copyrighted movies, TV shows, live channels, games, and more.

Once FileLinked was taken down by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), three clones popped up rather quickly to take its place.

AppLinked, Unlinked, and FileSynced all sprang into existence vying for the top side-loading app among cord-cutters.

AppLinked Security Warning

Popular Website TorrentFreak is now reporting that there may be some big security threats looming inside the code of the AppLinked application.

It appears that AppLinked was sold to another party on October 21st.  Since then, the new owners have released an update to the application with the size of the app growing by 30MB!


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It’s not strange that the size of code would grow this much but that type of increase usually comes with additional features.  But we don’t see any.

What’s more concerning are the warning signs that we see when scanning AppLinked with VirusTotal.

AppLinked VirusTotal Results

We scanned the current version of AppLinked with VirusTotal and here are the results.

AppLinked VirusTotal Results

Now, it’s not uncommon for VirustTotal to report false positives but 15 out of 63 files is a bit ridiculous.

We scoured the Internet and found an old release of AppLinked which was version 1.0.5.

Version 1.0.5 was 3.43MB in size and reported 0 out of 60 infected files when we ran it through VirusTotal.

AppLinked 1.0.5 VirusTotal Results

Stop Using AppLinked Immediately

Due to the questionable increase in size of the app and malicious threats found through VirusTotal, TROYPOINT recommends not using this application and you should uninstall it immediately.

As of today (11/3/2021) the AppLinked application will be removed from the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer.

We always preach about protecting yourself when using questionable 3rd party applications and this shall serve as another reminder.

A Better Alternative

TROYPOINT recommends using the Unlinked App as a better alternative.

When we say better, that means it’s clean and has more features.

Here is the VirusTotal scan for the Unlinked app.

Unlinked App

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