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What Is Kodi? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Kodi

What is Kodi?  This is a question that I receive on a regular basis from TROYPOINT subscribers since many of my email updates and articles reference this amazing media center software.

Here is a simple definition of what Kodi is in my words.

Kodi is a free media center application, available on many different operating systems, which allows people to consume streaming media.  Now, that one-sentence definition doesn’t do justice for this incredible piece of software and that is the reason for this article that will teach you everything that you need to know about Kodi.

I have been using Kodi (formerly named XBMC) since 2004 when I first used it on my original Xbox.  Back then, it was named XBMC for Xbox Media Center.  Kodi has come a long way since back then due to the thousands of addons, skins, builds, and wizards available for this software.

Kodi is currently available on the following operating systems; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.  What does this mean?  Since most computers come equipped with Windows, Mac, or Linux, it means that we can install Kodi onto our personal computers, or laptops.  Due to Kodi’s support of both Android and iOS, it also means that we can install Kodi onto most mobile devices as well.  Since Kodi supports both Android and iOS, it means that we can easily install Kodi onto our phones and tablets.

Now, there are also many television streaming boxes that use Android as its base operating system.  An example of this is the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.  Both of these devices run a modified version of the Android operating system.  Amazon built the Fire TV operating system off the Android OS which means we can install Kodi onto this device.  You can access my popular tutorials on How to Install Kodi on Fire TV / Stick.  One of the main reasons why the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are so popular is due to the fact that they are powerful and inexpensive devices that can run Kodi Media Center.  Due to the popularity of Roku, I commonly get the question, “How do I install Kodi on Roku?”  Unfortunately, there is no way of installing Kodi onto a Roku device.  Again, your best bet is to use the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  I would suggest the Fire TV due to its better processing power than the stick.

As of this article, there are also hundreds of various Android TV Boxes on the market today and one of their main purposes is to effectively run Kodi Media Center.  As of this article, my favorite Android TV Box is the Nexbox A95X.

One of the coolest features of Kodi is its ability to stream online video from a variety of sources through various addons.

What Is A Kodi Addon?

What Is A Kodi Addon

Kodi Addon

You can think of a Kodi Addon as a small application that extends the functionality of the core software.  There are literally thousands of addons that can be installed within Kodi that will turn this media center software into an online streaming beast.

Kodi provides a list of addons through its official repository but their are thousands more available through different sources on the Internet.

Some of the most popular Kodi addons provide access to free movies, television shows, live tv streams, live sports, and pay per view events.  These addons are designed to search the Internet for free media content and serve the video or audio streams through Kodi.

Kodi addons usually come in a .zip format and can be installed with very little effort by using the addons section under the settings tab within Kodi.

Click HERE for the Best Kodi Addons

What Is A Kodi Repository?

What Is A Kodi Repository

Kodi Repository

An easy way to think of a Kodi repository is a bucket which contains multiple Kodi addons that are split up into separate categories.  Rather than installing Kodi addons individually, you can install a Kodi repository that contains multiple addons that you can install with the click of a button.

When you receive instructions to install a specific Kodi addon, more than likely, those steps will involve installing a specific repository that will include other addons that you can install in addition to the one that you want.

Kodi repositories are also installed like individual addons, through a .zip file within the Kodi settings panel.

What Is A Kodi Skin?


Kodi Skin

One of the coolest features of Kodi is how awesome it looks and this is due to the amazing skins that are available.  Just like Kodi Addons, there are literally thousands of skins available that you can install for free.

Within the Kodi Addon Repository, you can access the category that displays various skins.  One of the most popular Kodi Skins as of this writing is Aeon Nox.

Some of the most popular skins allows the end-user to modify menus, images, shortcuts, and icons in a quick manner.  This allows for a pretty cool looking Kodi setup that you can tailor to your liking.

Very similar to the situation with the Kodi addons, you can find other Skins that are available on the Internet but not included within the official repository.

What Is A Kodi Build?

What Is A Kodi Build

Kodi Build

A Kodi Build is a great way to get up and running quickly within Kodi.  A Kodi build will install everything in one click such as popular addons, skin, settings, electronic program guide, and more.

By using a Kodi build, you aren’t required to spend hours looking for the most popular Kodi addons, skins, etc.  You can simply install the build and be up and running in minutes as opposed to hours.

A good analogy to use when thinking of a Kodi built is to think of your house.  The frame of your house is Kodi and once your house has been build with everything inside of it, that is a build.

Again, most Kodi builds can be installed with a .zip file through Kodi settings tab.

What Is A Kodi Wizard?

What Is A Kodi Wizard

Kodi Wizard

A Kodi Wizard usually includes a list of multiple builds that you can choose to install with a single click.  A wizard may also include some handy tools that can help with buffering, speed test, installing Android applications, etc.

You will see that everything outlined above such as addons, repositories, and builds are usually all combined into a wizard.

A Kodi wizard is a time-saving tool that can handle many functions.  This is the future of Kodi and new users will love this option.

The Kodi Wizards can also be installed as a .zip file within Kodi settings panel.

What Is A Kodi EPG?

What Is A Kodi EPG

Kodi EPG

A Kodi EPG is an electronic program guide which works with your live tv addons that you have installed on your system.  Very similar to the program guide that comes with your cable or dish service, this function allows you to see what is currently playing and start the stream through this user friendly interface.

There are many different Kodi EPG addons available but keep in mind that they are dependent on the live tv addons which are installed within Kodi.

I have a feeling that Kodi electronic program guides will become more popular as live tv addons are improved and streaming becomes more readily available.

Best Kodi VPN

Many people who use Kodi on a regular basis also use a VPN service.  A VPN is a virtual private network which allows a Kodi device to connect to it and in return provides a different IP Address and masks the Internet activity of the user by encryption methods.

Why would you need a Kodi VPN?  Many Internet service providers are starting to block Kodi addons, builds, and wizards.  The reason they are blocking these is due to the fact that many of these companies also provide cable service and these Kodi services will cut into their profits.

A Kodi VPN will mask your activity and provide you with the privacy that you deserve and allow you to connect to all of the best Kodi addons, builds, and wizards.

Below are two articles that will help you install a VPN on your Kodi device.

How To Install VPN On Fire TV or Stick

How To Install VPN On Android TV Box

How To Install VPN On Mi Box

How To Install VPN On Router


Post in the comments section below what you love most about Kodi.  


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  • John Garcia

    Movie night with the FAM! Mine is messed up and can’t figure it out. Messed up after amazon update and can’t update kodi now?

  • Gary Nyffeler

    I think Kodi is the best thing to ever happen to entertainment nowadays. I have cut the ties to cable and just have an antenna for the local stations. With Kodi, I can watch virtually any tv show, sports program or movie I choose and all for free. Also watch the UFC live and not some rerun months down the line. Whoever can up with Kodi had the best idea ever.

  • Ayanna Landers

    What I love most about Kodi, is EVERYTHING!!!! I am currently still getting the hang of it, but I don’t think I could ever go back to cable! Kodi seems to have everything imaginable available for me to stream! The best thing about Kodi in my opinion, are the tutorials via Troypoint! All of the information, and tutorials are very helpful!

  • Vance Sankar

    I love that Kodi, and its many add-ons take most of the work of scouring for reliable streaming sources away. It’s nice to be able to easily find and access content from across the world, and to do it on all my devices, regardless of where I am!

  • jgchess

    Kodi is the best way to cut the cord from the cable companies and watch all the movies that you want for free.

  • Jim

    Kodi is the holy grail that is getting me closer to cutting the cable.

  • Ab

    I love the fact that I can watch anything, anytime I want without paying the high cable fees

  • Robert Middleton

    Kodi is the best way to stream movies, tv, and many other things onto my tv.

  • Andy

    Kodi will get my wife off my back and save us about $125.00 a month that we can heat with this winter. When you get my age money is tight you don’t go far on S.S.I I could used any new equipment I could get your video’s have been a great help

  • Doug Cecere

    My wife and I LOVE watching all our favorite movies and TV shows on-demand and commercial-free! We could never go back to watching traditional TV!

  • Tony

    I love the flexibility that Kodi gives me with all of my media. It seems as though I learn something new every day when playing with Kodi.

  • Darryl Nickles

    I love the fact that I can now watch the games of my fav sport teams- the Baltimore Ravens, and the O’s. And I live in SW FL!

  • Jean Morris

    I love everything about it. I can watch all tv series from the pilot episode. This can’t be done with Cable or Satellite. It’s easy to use and saves me a bundle of money. I recently purchased an indoor antenna so now I can get my local channels. I am one happy streamer.

  • Bruce Symons

    I like KODI so much I have educated myself with the help of Troy made it a little easier to understand.
    I have KODI installed on fire tv sticks and android boxes and they all work well. From what i see KODI will save you money by enabling you to watch movies and tv shows you have missed without a subscription or renting DVD Keep up the graet work Troy and will be waiting for some help on KODI 17

  • Mauricio

    I like it cause i can steal movies and ppv events. Reminds me of those black boxes we used to get all the cable channels including ppv and porn. Also reminds me of those old direct tv boxes with the card we used to program and get all the channels. Its a crime to be paying for boxing and ufc and paying time warner for Dodger games and Lakers too. All that stuff should be free and thanks to kodi it is.

  • Joseph Singleton

    The best thing I love about Kodi is the flexibility it gives me to watch all my media. Also all of the video add ons and program add ons that can be added or deleted for a different viewing experience.

  • William N Elizabeth Lopez

    Love Kodi, I’m a movie junky. And that why I love Kodi ?

  • Terry Mitchell

    I love the fact that Kodi allowed me to cut cable and gave me flexibility with all of my media!

  • Jay Plantamura

    Love kodi and the builds are a quick way to get started. Highly recommend joining or subscribing to Troy. It has taught me so much and he responds quickly to any problem or hiccup you encounter. It is a bit of a learning curve but keep playing around with it and watch Troy’s videos!!

  • Darrell Bruggeman

    What I love most is the fact that we can easily watch every episode of any of the old classics that I remember growing up. Watched the first season of Green Acres the other day, what fun that was. Many thanks for all your help Troy!

  • David Haynes

    I love that it keeps entertainment at my fingertips and don’t have to worry about sports blackout restrictions.

  • Patricia Lockett

    I love Kodi, because I am able to watch old and new movies, as well as television shows. And the most important thing is no more expensive cable bill!

  • Paula Locke

    Kodi is very awesome…I love to be able to watch movies and also old tv shows…and it is all advertisement free. And of course doesn’t cost anything like having to go to the movies or renting from places like HULU and such and then not find the show you are wanting to see. KODI is totally awesome!!

  • Fernando Caravantes

    After becoming an Unleashed member, I installed the NES roms and I love them! I’m finding something new I love everyday!

  • LeeAnn Eicher

    I love having the ability to customize virtually every aspect of Kodi. This is truly the future of home entertainment! I wouldn’t be surprised if the words “tv” and “television” become obsolete. Instead of asking your coworkers, “what did you watch on TV last night?” you might say, “what did you stream last night?” I’m loving being in on the cutting edge of the “cut the cord” movement!

  • Rebelling Angel

    Kodi is wonderful being able to watch full seasons of shows and old and new movies. Would love to have another in the house.

  • Mr. T

    May I say, I enjoy the Lessons and have become quite accomplished at troubleshooting for family and friends…DirecTV got the boot several months ago!

  • George VanWinkle

    I love being able to pull up an old episode of a TV show to prove to my other half that it was what I remembered.

  • Edward anyone

    I guess there are so many comments saying how wonderful Kodi is , is because they want to win something for free. I how found installing Kodi. add ons and everything quite difficult. So much doesnt install or if it installs then the add ons dont work or freeze. The things that do work are usually programs that are available on your TV anyway and others that do work are rubbish and dont have ant interest for me. Its a big let down and I have invested many many hours trying.

  • Karen

    I love Kodi for the movies!

  • Sawyer Bell

    What’s not to love. I think I would have to say I love how much money it can save you. No more cable, no more Netflix, no more Hulu. The tv shows are up to date.

  • Daimon Tamez

    It is very easy to use and customize!

  • Sylvia

    The best things about kodi is that I dont have a cable bill and I don’t have to buy anymore dvds. Working on eliminating the ones I have so I can use my shelves for something else 🙂

  • Sheila Sellers

    I love the availability of my favorite movies, TV, and music. The ease of finding them makes me want to get one for every room of the house <3

  • bob213pierce

    Thanks Troy! You didn’t mention that Kodi runs best on OpenElec or KodiBuntu. Stripped down to basically support just Kodi on a dedicated Kodi computer or box. Thanks for all the great info.

  • bluesman33

    I really enjoy sorting through both current and old tv and movies for things i missed. Especially I like wathing complete tv series. Thanks for all your tutorials. thisd Kodi wiki is reall good for us neophytes.

  • WS

    A handy travel companion and easy to learn with some effort

  • LeeAnn Eicher

    I’m eager to learn all there is about Kodi. The electronic program guides are very helpful, I can’t wait to build my libraries so I can share my media. Thank you Troy, you are a great teacher!

  • Greg Perkins

    Old tv shows,almost any movie I can think of, PPV’S…awesome!!! I have also gotten family and friends turned on to how awesome kodi is.
    Absolutely love it !!!

  • captain morgan

    What is there not to like. Old shows, new movies, live sports and no cable bill.

  • Jim Batty

    What I like the most is that I haven’t missed a Cubs game since I got it. Was only able to watch about 30 games since I’m in a black out area. Fire stick let’s me see every game.

  • Sara Soarsfree

    I happen to see that my sister has one. And I love the fact that she was able to cut the cord. I love all the movies and TV shows. Hoping to one day get one. Saving my pennies. May not cost much but for me it is. things are very tight. Still recovering from hurricane sandy. And now praying Hermaine does not hit us hard.

  • Kel Ertl

    This is AWESOME! No monthly cable bill with all the programming you want… Would love to get away from those thieves… Yay Kodi ?

    • ??

      lol, how ironic you call them thieves, yet you are watching paid for content for free. Some people make me laugh.

      • Kel Ertl

        I was calling the cable companies thieves… Why don’t you laugh at yourself for not being able to understand a comment.

        • ??

          Because you are calling them thieves, yet you are watching something you should pay for, for free. Lol. You understand my comment???

  • Jonathan Lynch

    Best thing since apple pie. Every time I turned around the cable bill was going up. I get programs that I wanted to watch but couldn’t see having cable go up even higher. Now no bill plus those shows.
    Thanks Troy for making things easier.

  • Jeffrey f.

    Thanks troy for the great explanation. I love kodi because of its awesome program


    I simply adore Kodi…! I had used it on Apple TV , and now use it on Firestick tv.

  • Tonyonot

    Thanks for the wonderful explanation! I’ve been wondering for a while, and even installed Kodi on my FireTV, but it never seemed to do me much good not understanding Builds, versus Repositories, versus Addons.

    • You are welcome. Thanks for your post. Lots to learn with the Kodi hobby!

  • Beau Lecuyer

    I love the fact that I can get educational programs and older cartoons on Kodi for my five year old grandson with whom lives with my wife and I.

  • Aneudy Rodriguez

    Kodi is the best programming right you can watch everything

  • Eric Bailey

    I love the freedom of being able to watch what I want, when I want. My wife and I have a lot of favorite shows, and a lot of them on at the same time. I love the fact that I can watch them the following day. I have also foind very old British comedies that I have always wanted to see.


    I’m new to Kodi and just canceled my Directv subscription. I love Kodi because I can watch movies, cartoons and so much more.

  • John Kelly

    I’ve not tried kodi yet but I’m planning on it very soon. From what I have heard and read about it it should be amazing and with all the add ons and things that you recommend it should be able to replace my cable and all the ther streaming services I currently have.

  • Congratulations to Darrell Bruggeman on winning the loaded Fire TV Stick! Darrell, please email me your shipping address to mail@troypoint.com. Thanks to all who commented. Many more contests on the way!

  • Daisy Profits

    I just installed kodi on my firestick. What do I do next? What do I add on?

  • Awesome information of Kodi.

    It’s really helpful for all Kodi lover. Can you please how to see live sports on Kodi?

  • Phil Baker

    New to kodi, my mate brought a loaded box, I followed the tutorial and loaded my Fire Stick. Is there an app with newish films anywhere …?..

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  • Al Hahm

    I like learning new ways to expedite processes and exploring the mixes that might be right for myself and / or friends that I load the devices for. I get as big a kick out of tampering with Kodi as I do watching the actual content contained within the add-ons. I like it much more than hardware; I hate screwdrivers, soldering irons, etc.

  • ??

    Boxes loaded with Kodi are illegal, big clamp downs are incoming. Just a Warning.

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