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reset-kodi-android-tv-webThis tutorial will show you how to quickly reset Kodi on Android TV Box.  This is handy when we are having problems with Kodi on our Android TV Box and we want to start over with a fresh install without uninstalling the application and then reinstalling.  This is a quick process that will only take a minute or two.

Due to the somewhat unstable Kodi addons that we install, it is necessary to reset Kodi on a regular basis, regardless of what streaming device we are using.

If you have a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, I have also put together a write-up and video on How To Reset Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

Please keep in mind that when you do this, you will be erasing everything within Kodi which includes your addons, skins, and settings.

I strongly suggest that you watch the video below the instructions for a more detailed process on how to reset Kodi on Android TV Box.

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How To Reset Kodi On Android TV Box Steps

  1. Exit out of Kodi if you have it opened.
  2. Go into your Android Settings Screen.  To do this, you may need to access a “More Settings” tab, similar to what I did in the video below.
  3. Scroll down and click the Apps button or Applications button.
  4. Click the Kodi option within the list.  When you do this, a new screen will appear with options.
  5. Click the button that reads “Clear Data”.  Let it go through the process of computer space, deleting, etc.  This could take a minute.
  6. After process is finished, you will notice that the data size now shows as zero.
  7. Escape out of this screen and go to your home screen.
  8. Launch Kodi and ensure that everything has been erased and you are working with a fresh installation.

How To Reset Kodi On Android TV Box Video Tutorial


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IMPORTANT!  Many Internet Service Providers are starting to block access to Kodi addons, builds, and wizards.  To avoid receiving threatening letters regarding copyright violations on your part, you must use a VPN service while using Kodi.  A VPN service will encrypt your Internet connection and hide your ip address so your provider doesn’t know what you are streaming or downloading.   

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