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How To Install VPN On Fire TV Or Stick

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This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to install a VPN service on the Fire TV or FireStick.  This tutorial will not work on the 1st Generation Fire TV Stick but will work with all other models (1st Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick).

You will know if you have a 2nd Generation FireStick by looking on the outside of the unit and if the Model Name is LY73PR, it is a 2nd Generation device.

Click here to get a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick

If you notice that when you connect to the VPN service and your IP address or location does not change, more than likely, you are using a first generation Fire TV Stick and this process will not work for you.

Why would you want to setup a VPN on your Fire TV or FireStick?  So that your nosy Internet service provider and others can’t see what you are streaming on your devices.  A VPN service will encrypt your link to the Internet and create an anonymous connection through a private IP address, which will hide your activity.

You may also experience increased streaming speeds because many Internet service providers impose throttling methods for programs such as Kodi and Android apps like Mobdro and UKTVNOW.   A VPN will eliminate ISP throttling and allow you to connect at the full speed that your service should allow.

Another reason to use a VPN on your Fire TV or Stick is to have the option of accessing sites or streams that are only available to people certain geographical regions.  The VPN service referenced below will give you the option of connecting through hundreds of servers that are located in different areas of the world.

Unfortunately, some Internet service providers are cracking down on those who use Kodi Media Center, Modbdro, Showbox, etc, to access video streams that are readily available on the Internet.  The reason why they want to do this is because many of the Internet companies also serve as cable companies as well, which means less money for them.  They may threaten to shut down your Internet connection if they don’t like what you are accessing through your Fire TV, FireStick, or any Internet connected device.

A VPN service will protect you against prying eyes and make your connection to the Internet anonymous.

Ever since I started creating tutorials on the Fire TV/Stick, one of the most popular requests was, “How to install VPN on Fire TV/Stick”.  Unfortunately, prior to one of the latest Fire TV firmware updates, it was not possible to do this unless your device had been rooted.  It is now possible to install the popular IPVanish VPN service on any Fire TV or 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick.

VPN Service Providers

I have used a half dozen VPN services over the past seven years and I finally came across one that works very well with the Fire TV or FireStick.  One of the most important features to look at when comparing VPN services is download speed.  No matter which VPN service that you choose, you will notice a drop in your download speed due to the fact that your traffic is routed through a separate server.   The VPN provider that I recommend below provides the best download speeds when compared to their competitors and they do not keep any traffic logs of what you download or stream.

The VPN service providers that I recommend is IPVanish.  I provide a video tutorial below on how to setup a VPN on the Fire TV or Stick with this service which you will see below.

IPVanish does not keep track of any traffic logs so if they were ever requested to provide your streaming history, it doesn’t exist.

Not only do I use a VPN on my connected devices within my home, I also use it when I am travelling.  You should NEVER connect to a public WIFI hot-spot without protection through a VPN service.

IPVanish will allow you to use their VPN service on five devices at the same time with one account.  This is great for those of us who use a VPN service on our computer, phone, and Fire TV or Stick.

These services also provide applications that can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.  The mobile applications for both Android and iOS are outstanding.  Due to their large ecosystem of supported operating systems, you can use your account on your different devices.

If you ever travel and connect to public wifi hotspots, you should ALWAYS connect to the access point through a VPN service.  You can use your same IPVanish account on your other devices which is a great benefit.

I strongly suggest that you view the video below as it will help you install a great VPN application onto your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

Click Here for IPVanish Web Site

How To Install VPN On Fire TV or FireStick With IPVanish Tutorial

Please watch the video below for step-by-step instructions.  The written instructions below the video are general steps that don’t get into the small details.




Important:  The First Generation FireStick does not work with VPN services but will work with all other models (1st Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick).

How To Install VPN On Fire TV or FireStick Tutorial

  • Register for an account at IPVanish by clicking HERE.  You will be assigned a username and password that you will use in a future step.
  • Go into Fire TV Settings / Device or System / Developer Options / and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging (optional).
  • Install Downloader App through the search bar.
  • Input the following address in the Downloader application and install IPVanish application –
  • Launch IPVanish and modify settings to your liking.
  • Click the “Connect” button to create a VPN connection with your Fire TV or Stick.

The video below will provide a tutorial on how install an update for IPVanish on a Fire TV or FireStick.

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  • Mitch Cohen

    Nice I used PIA for 3 years now and love it. Nice article. Didn’t think about using it for Firestick. But I will now that you shown use how really simple it is to install.

    • Mitch, glad to hear you like Private Internet Access as much as I do. Thanks for posting.

  • Djuna Perine

    What about those of us that user another vpn? I would like to have it on my firestick, however can’t afford to get another one when I already pay for another service, like IPVanish. Thanks though for all you do!

    • Brendon Macaraeg

      You could sideload IPVanish’s Android client (if they have one) as this tutorial does with PIA’s Android apk/client.

      • Djuna Perine

        I have downloaded the apk and will give it a try. Thank you so much for all the great information.

    • Hello Djuna. I agree with Brendon. If they have a VPN Android client, you can sideload that over to your device.

  • Steve Martin

    What happens when you load an addon with kodi-mate.The addon loads just the name of movie and no movie?

  • Jason Jasonson

    I’ve been using PIA for years but I am having a problem with this. I am running the latest software ( I can install the software but when I connect to the vpn it is not changing my IP address (it stays the same). Suggestions…

    • Hi Jason, are you doing this on your Fire TV? As I talk about in the article, PIA is well known for their great customer service. If I were you, I would reach out to them and see if they can help you.

      • Jason Jasonson

        I’m doing this on my fire stick.

    • Shawn Saleem

      Did you get this to work on the newest build of fire TV? I am on the same firmware. I haven’t tried or signed up yet but pia is best to have. I read up on VPN clients.

  • Anthony J. Vasallo

    I also got the same problem on my stick where my IP address doesn’t change after successfully connecting. Anyone have any luck getting past this? I get the same result regardless what region I try.

    • Anthony, it appears that this app does not work properly on the 1st Generation Fire TV Stick but it works on all other models (1st Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick). I have updated the post above to indicate that. Thank you.

  • Schao

    Can I get in trouble by my internet provider if I don’t get this VPN?

    • Some ISPs are cracking down on content streamed online through various Kodi addons. It all depends on your ISP.

  • Richard

    Installed fine. Problem now is Amazon is blocking PIA. Says wrong geo ( I assume that means the pia ip is not in my registered location) Any ideas?

  • Mark Andrew

    Would i get the same result using my full size wireless keyboard and mouse instead of buying Rii i8+ Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard With Mouse?

    • Hi Mark, I would definitely give it a try before buying the keyboard described above. It will probably work.

  • Recruiter Bob

    Great video. How about your internet speed connected and disconnected to the VPN?

    • Hi Bob. I had approximately 30 Mbps with VPN on Fire TV Stick turned off and then approximately 18 when it was turned on. Probably get better speed with Fire TV due to better processing power.

  • Steve Martin

    Why do you push the fire products so much. Do you feel they are better quality than the other boxes?

    • Hi Steve. I think the remote friendly device makes it easier to use than the Android TV Boxes. If a person only uses Kodi, then they can get by with an Android TV Box but if they also like the other apps as well, unfortunately, the Android Boxes don’t provide very good remote experience. Plus, the Fire TV Box performs very well.

      • Steve Martin

        I bought the Beelink GT1.It is very fast.One problem I am having is that kodi mate doesn’t have the better addons. Could you recor

  • Jeffrey Mahar

    Using a 2nd Gen firestick I can log on without issue but when I try to connect with Current region Automatic I get “US florida – authenticating” followed by “US Florida – no process running”. Any ideas?


    • Hi Jeff, what happens when you actually click a specific region? I am wondering if something isn’t working properly with that PIA server.

      • Jeffrey Mahar

        No matter which region or country I choose I get the same error. I added the app with Apps2fire and will try side loading it with ESFILE explorer to see if that makes a difference.

  • Shannon Patterson-Chin

    What can I do to login to PIA if the Rii is not compatible with my television? 🙁

    • Shannon, you need to ensure that you are getting the specific model that I outline above. It must be Bluetooth to use with Fire TV Stick. Rii also sells a model that comes with a usb dongle that is not Bluetooth.

  • Matthew Kiley

    Everything installed fine, or whenever I enable my VPN, I lose video when I back out to the home menu. The only way I can receive video is if I unplug and restart my Fire stick 2

    • Nick Milazzo

      Matthew, I’m having the same problem.

      • Nick Milazzo

        I reset my fire stick to factory settings & reinstalled PIA VPN and everything worked OK.

    • Chad J


    • Carla Lehmann

      I am having the same issue. Any suggestions?

    • RSchererVA

      Me too. Resets resolution to something the TV doesn’t support.

    • Bailor

      I have this problem too! PIA sideloads fine using .apk from their site, but when app is launched it connects, but when backing out the screen goes black. As others have said, looks like it changes the TV’s resolution to something not supported. Has anyone came up with a solution to this other than doing a factory reset of the Stick? I don’t feel like reinstalling everything I’ve put on it on the off chance that this will solve the problem. Thx!

  • eboney fortson

    I downloaded PIA however it would not show in my apps bar on my firestick any suggestions?

    • Hello Eboney, a few things in settings, make sure your system has been updated to most recent firmware. Also, try restarting your device to see if that help.

      • eboney fortson

        My firestick will not update. I am going to get the new version. Also is there a direct link to all your videos? I am a subscriber but cant find the other videos.

  • Corn Holio

    I have side loaded IPVanish APK to my Firestick 2 it has been running for 9 hrs with no problem the app itself is showing a different IP Address than my wireless server so I know it is running however when I look in Firestick settings my IP Address is showing. Please advise

    • Keep in mind that the ip address that you see within your Fire TV Settings is not your external ip address. The one you see within your settings is for your local area network so that isn’t going to change. The one that matters is your external ip address that your Internet Service Provider assigns to you. You are good to go.

  • Roberta Harants

    Hi Troy, just wanted to tell you that I listened and read a lot of peoples stuff on Fire TV and Kodi and yours was the best. It was complete including but not limited to VPN. It all worked like a charm. Working on addons now. I didn’t update to the newest version because I dont like the new look but like I said good job. Not everyone can explain it so completely like you. Bravo!! Thanks Roberta

    • Hey Roberta, thank you for the nice comments! This is a fun hobby that I like to share with people like you. Have fun with your Fire TV or Stick!

  • eboney fortson

    I just received the updated fire however, I still can’t get the pia app to show. I have the latest firmware since its brand new. Not sure why it wont display.

  • Sheila Fox

    I installed ipvanish on my tv fire stick, and selected the country and city but it did not give me a new ip address. I left it running for a while and now it says it has trouble connecting to my network and the tv stick doesn’t work. I contacted ipvanish and they say I need a different router.

    • Hi Sheila, are you sure you are using a new 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick and not a 1st Generation Stick? This does not work on 1st Gen devices.

      • Sheila Fox

        Hi Troy, thanks for your reply, but yes I’m sure it is a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick. Ipvanish works fine on my windows pc, which of course uses the same router. I’m flummoxed! I need to decide quickly what to do as I want my money back from IPvanish and only have another day or two. I may try the other VPN you have recommended, since I now have a functioning remote keyboard thanks to another of your tutorial videos thank you!

        • Liam

          Hi shelia, did you get it working as I also have exactly the same issue? I specifically purchased the 2nd Gen voice control version for this reason and can’t seem to get it working.

          • Liam, many people in UK think they are purchasing 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick but that isn’t the case. This is the 1st Generation model that comes with a different remote. Amazon says the 2nd Generation model will be available soon in UK.

      • Liam

        Hi Troy. I purchased the fire stick with voice control only yesterday specifically to be able to use IPVanish and have exactly the same issue as Shelia. Do you have any advice, will the alternative solution bring better results? Is this due to purchasing in the UK and not the US perhaps? Thanks

        • Sheila Fox

          Hi Liam, no I didn´t get VPN working,so I am cancelling my ipvansih account and will try PIA. I am in Spain, which is probably the most likely reason I am having problems. Good luck

        • Liam, the 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick is not available in UK yet. VPN does not work on 1st Generation Fire TV devices unfortunately.

  • Brent Earley


    After finding your website, I followed the instructions for installing Kodi on the Fire Stick I just purchased in October.

    When I tried to open the zip file for the Add Ons, it failed to open, showing a brief message in the bottom right of the screen that disappeared before it completed, which reads ‘the core version of XBMC 0.1.0 could not…’ then was gone.

    The only difference I noted was the Add On version I tried was 1.2.9, while your video was 1.2.6.

    Any thoughts on what to do?


  • Demetrius Williamson

    Any free VPN services you recommend doing this with?

    • Unfortunately, the free VPN services aren’t any good as their download speeds are bad.

  • ???


  • Rosemary Browne

    Did all this and all my services have stopped on my fire stick. It now won’t connect to my network so I cannot access it. Please advise.

    • Try unplugging your Fire TV Stick, let it sit for a minute and them plug back in.

  • Nancy Berger

    I plan on taking my Fire Stick on an upcoming cruise. We will be using the ship’s WiFi. How will this affect the VPN service? All I’m really looking for is BBC iPlayer. Thanks!

    • Nancy, many times, hotels, cruises, etc. have very slow Internet so I am not sure how well this is going to work anyway.

  • Christopher Banas

    Do you have generic instructions for using other VPN providers? I already had a VPN account and would prefer to use it instead of changing.

    • Hi Christopher, you need to sideload the other vendor’s .apk file. Many of the ones I have tried don’t work. IPVanish is best by far as the speeds are much better and user interface works with Fire TV remote.

  • Chuck

    Troy, ES Explorer says “Webpage not available” for the IPVanish link. It says could not be loaded because: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME. What do I do? Thanks!

  • Justin Brown

    I installed IPVanish and everything is running smoothly except now the FireTV remote on my iPhone won’t connect. Does anyone know how to fix this issue since I find it much easier to search with the keyboard option through the app?

    • Try restarting your device. This shouldn’t have anything to do with IPVanish as you are assigning a new outside IP Address and not an internal one.

    • alan

      Idk if you got it work, but I Just I got mine to work. Sign in on the app and it should work. I was wondering for almost a week why it wasn’t working and for whatever reason I just signed in and that did the trick.

  • David

    I installed ipvanish on my firestick but it won’t let me log on. It keeps telling me wrong username or password.But I can log on to ipvanish on my pc.. Why?

  • Yes, follow first tutorial above. Works great but does not work on 1st Generation Fire TV Stick.

  • Hello Liam. I think I also replied to your email on this as well. Yes, it will work great. IPVanish is a great service.

  • If you can find the .apk then sideload it and try it out.

    • farsighted

      I’ve been using PureVPN for years and don’t want to switch to another VPN. not exactly sure how to set it up though, even though I’ve side loaded Kodi.

  • Ed

    Let me start off by saying “THANK YOU” for your very helpful and informative videos/posts.

    I noticed after installing the PIA app on my 2nd generation firetv that there’s a “Per App” option (in the PIA settings menu) on what uses the vpn and what doesn’t. It appears (if I’m interpreting it correctly), that Kodi is NOT set by default to use the vpn. If this is true, then it’s important that people check for this and set Kodi to use the vpn. If you could please check also at your end I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Jelly

    Damn you are the man, this site is awesome.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jelly!

  • Carla Lehmann

    Hi Troy,

    Thank you so much for all your valuable information! I already have PIA at home and I installed it in my new Fire Stick 2nd generation but when I connect to it the Fire Stick crashes. The screen gets all black and I can’t see anything in the TV. I had to unplug the Fire Stick twice and when it restarts because the PIA is disconnected the Fire Stick works but when I try to connect again the same thing happens. Any idea why?

    • Hi Carla, more than likely you are using a 1st Generation Fire TV Stick and this won’t work with those.

      • Carla Lehmann

        I am in USA and bought the Fire Stick with Alexa this week so it is the second generation. Any idea why it is not working? I saw that others had the same issue.

        • Carla Lehmann

          Do we really need a VPN? I had Kodi for a year now and never had any issues but I was paying for cable too. I just cancelled cable this week.

      • RSchererVA

        No Troy, she is using 2nd Generation as she stated. Same thing has happened to me and it is because the app is forcing some kind of weird resolution on the device. You can reboot, but when it executes PIA and you exit, it goes into never never land. This TV only does 720 so that might be it. Really bad situation. And I pre-paid PIA for a year to get the discount. Also your videos show the old interface…time to update.

        • Unfortunately, nothing I can do regarding their updates. Yes, that is too bad. I will be removing PIA completely from my site after this debacle and only promote IPVanish as their interface is much better and it is a faster service. Thank you.

  • Stephanie Yuhas

    Thanks for all the great info, Troy! I installed IPVanish to my Firetv and it works great, except that if it’s running, we can’t stream Amazon videos because it says we have the wrong Geo location. Is there any work around for this?

    • Hi Stephanie, unfortunately, you just need to turn off vpn when you want to use services like these. They do this so you can’t share your account with other people. They identify you by your ip address.

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  • Anthony Fanelli

    I recently followed your instruction to a T. Everything worked and was running great. Now when I use my firestick and IPV is active I get a screen that says I am not connected to the internet. I have restarted the firestick a couple of times and it always seems to happen again. Finally I disconnected from IPV and the problem seems to go away. Is there any advice you have on this?

    • Stacy Kannenberg

      I am having the same issue.

  • bob

    When is the 2nd gen fire tv stick available in the UK ? Seems like most of the issues here are due to people thinking they’ve bought a new 2nd gen stick in the UK when it hasn’t even arrived yet!!

  • Sherry

    You say you use VPN on your other devices and when you travel. Do you have any info on that? And pretend like you’re talking to an old lady.

  • Matthew

    Having problems installing ipvanish, whether I use downloader or es explorer when I download the apk from your site it says there was a problem parsing the package and doesn’t properly install.

    • Aaron Dixon

      Same here. It’s like it doesn’t recognize that it’s a .apk

  • hudson barnett

    Ive installed ipvanish and took out a subscription. To keep it simple i have setup the server location to the UK but after a few mins i get the message Home is Currently Unavailable. Go to Network Settings.

    Does anyone know how i can fix this?


  • Anthony Fanelli

    I know we are all talking about ipvanish and directly loading it on the firestick. I couldn’t get mine to work like others. So I signed up for expressvpn. I was able to setup my Mac as a virtual router. So when I log into my firestick it use my Mac as a router using my VPN. It works awesome. This might not help people who travel with the stick but since I don’t it’s not a problem. There tutorials on doing this are top notch. Plus I used there online chat and was able to fill in the blanks with there techs. There techs are great and get right back to you. It’s worth a try. My concern about my ISP seeing what I do has been solved so I am happy.

  • s ka

    I received an email from ipvanish this week saying I needed to update, so I followed all the same steps from your video that I followed when I initially installed ipvanish on firestick. I also just changed my password on Ipvanish on my pc. When I go to install ipvanish on firestick, it does not ask for me to reenter my user information and because I cannot reenter my new pw I suspect this is why on the connection page it say “Authentication Failure”. Please advise what is the correct way to do an upgrade for an existing IPVANISH on Firestick? Also how do I get to the page on Firestick to reenter my new password?

  • When i try to download es explorer I get. Purchase Failure. Something about 1 click settings in Amazon.

    • Hi Wayne, even though you are downloading a free program, you still need to have valid credit card on file within your Amazon account.

    • atc

      Go into your amazon acct and go into account settings and fix the 1 click settings

  • jmg999

    Hi Troy,

    Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. I have a second-generation Fire TV Stick, and I’ve loaded PIA on there, however, it doesn’t mask my IP. I’m not certain what the problem is, but I’ve heard that that it doesn’t work for others, either. Yours is the only site, where I’ve seen that the problem might be generational. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks very much! Happy New Year!

    • Hello, are you sure that it is a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick? Most people with problems think that they have a 2nd Generation stick but they don’t. This wasn’t released until November and not available in UK yet.

    • Anthony Fanelli

      Trying using google or a search engine through your firestick to check your ip. I was checking it from the system> about section and mine seemed to be the same. I googled what’s my ip through the firestick and it matched the rest of my ones using the blocker.

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  • Ed

    I posted this 17 days ago with no response, so I’m reposting again:

    Let me start off by saying “THANK YOU” for your very helpful and informative videos/posts.

    I noticed after installing the PIA app on my 2nd generation firetv that there’s a “Per App” option (in the PIA settings menu) on what uses the vpn and what doesn’t. It appears (if I’m interpreting it correctly), that Kodi is NOT set by default to use the vpn. If this is true, then it’s important that people check for this and set Kodi to use the vpn. If you could please check also at your end I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    • Donny Russell

      Hey Ed, I’ve seen that too and yes the wording is confusing. I set all of the sliders to the right and I can almost 100 percent guarantee that it works, I was able to get some streams from the UK by changing PIA to a London server and what was blocked before was now suddenly playing. This can be tested by using the “Sanctuary” Video Add on, then accessing “Freeview” which requires a UK VPN, just set yours to London in PIA and you’ll see the same results. That should confirm that PIA is indeed working with Kodi. And I am in the States, I’m located in NYC.

      • Ed

        Thanks for the information. Yeah, it’s really confusing. I’m looking at the PIA Per App settings screen now. The top switch (which says “Toggle VPN Access For All Apps” is toggled to the right. I would think that means that all the apps would use the VPN. Yet, just below that it says “If an app is disabled in this menu, it will use the VPN. If an app is enabled here, it will bypass the VPN…”. I can’t help but feel they got the wording wrong here. It should say “If an app is disabled in this menu, it WON’T use the VPN”. And it’s the same thing (just the opposite) when you have the top switch toggled to the left. I won’t continue rambling on with basically the same stuff, but I know you get the idea. Again, very confusing. I’ll just have everything toggled to the right and leave it there. I just wanted to be sure that the Kodi app was using the VPN so I was extra concerned about how the settings were actually working. Thanks again…

      • Ed

        Just to add, I emailed PIA’s support asking for clarification with everything. They confirmed what you stated. The wording is probably incorrect, but the basics are simple enough. Sliders to the right (green) and it’s using the VPN. Here’s what PIA emailed me back:

        “By default, ALL apps on your system will use the VPN. The toggle is a convenient way of disabling all of your apps from VPN use at once.
        Essentially, if the switch is on (i.e. green), then the app in question is set to use the VPN while engaged.”

        I was probably complicating things a little, but I’m a stickler for details and the wording just wasn’t matching up. Anyway, green is good!!! Lol.

  • Ed

    Going to try this again. I originally posted this 19 days ago with no response. I posted it again two days ago, but apparently it was removed and I have no idea why. If you’re going to remove my post, if you could please let me know what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate it so I can hopefully get an answer to my post. I’ve never had a post removed in my life. Here is a repeat of my post:

    Let me start off by saying “THANK YOU” for your very helpful and informative videos/posts.

    I noticed after installing the PIA app on my 2nd generation firetv that there’s a “Per App” option (in the PIA settings menu) on what uses the vpn and what doesn’t. It appears (if I’m interpreting it correctly), that Kodi is NOT set by default to use the vpn. If this is true, then it’s important that people check for this and set Kodi to use the vpn. If you could please check also at your end I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    • Ed, thanks for your post. I have been swamped over past week moving Web site to a new server and some thing happened that weren’t intended and your post must have been one of them. Thank you for you info on this. I have removed PIA from my tutorial due to the numerous complaints of this not working properly with Fire TV/Sticks. Lots of lockups, ip addresses not changing and problem with UI not staying on screen.

      • Ed

        Whew!!! Glad to know it wasn’t something I said, lol. When I get the chance, I’m going to take a look at the PIA settings again for what apps use/don’t use the VPN and see if I can figure anything else out. The actual settings section for that is a little confusing the way it reads at the top. Keep up the good work and if I find out anything I’ll let you know…

        • Thanks Ed! Finally getting things put back together on this site and way behind on comments. Thanks for your patience and Happy New Year!

          • Ed

            You’re welcome and Happy New Year to you also. I emailed PIA regarding the settings. I’m guessing the wording was off, but they clarified the basics. Their reply was; “By default, ALL apps on your system will use the VPN. The toggle is a convenient way of disabling all of your apps from VPN use at once.
            Essentially, if the switch is on (i.e. green), then the app in question is set to use the VPN while engaged.”

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  • Donny Russell

    Hi Troy. First thanks so much for your how to guides on loading Kodi to a Fire TV. It was simple and straight forward! Second, would you consider bringing back the PIA instruction or at least the video? I had absolutely no problem getting it to work and have referred friends to that video and the few that used the guide had no problems with the install and functionality as well. I’m not sure what the issues were? It works, I’ve checked the IP’s and they have changed. I was even able to access restricted content from the UK by simply changing PIA to a London server, so that should be proof enough to any doubters that it is ok to use. Perhaps you can bring it back with a disclaimer? I have a few friends asking me where that tutorial went who went out and purchased PIA and are now somewhat stuck looking for the link. Any help or consideration is appreciated. Thanks again!

  • Julia Simmons

    How do I update ipvanish app, they said nwe’d to update or else can’t use..firestick 2nd generation

    • Hi Julia, I will be posting a video tomorrow 1/10/17 on this page, please check back tomorrow evening. Thank you.

  • elizabeth murphy

    I also need to update ipvanish on firetv but can find no way to update. It seems the only option is to uninstall.
    I received an email saying we need to update the app or lose it.

    • I will be putting up a video tomorrow at this time with complete instructions. Hang on til then.

  • For those who are looking to update IPVanish app, I will be posting a video on this page tomorrow 1/10/17.

  • MiggyCabby24

    How can you tell if you have a 1st Gen FireStick?

    • The 2nd Generation Model will show a Model Name: LY73PR on outside of stick. If anything different, it is 1st Gen.

  • Darryl Nickles

    I have a 1st gen Fire Stick. So, what are my options?

    • Hi Darryl, you can install a VPN on your router but that will slow down other connections on your network. If you want to run a VPN on your device, I suggest getting a 2nd Gen device.

  • Jessica H.

    Hi Troy, I recently got a vpn router with my nordvpn account pre-configurated on it. I don’t have to sideload the nordvpn app to connect if I choose the fire stick to connect to my vpn router, correct?

    Thanks! Your tutorials are so easy to follow!

  • Corey

    Hello Troy, is there a video yet on how to update IPVanish?

    • Hi Corey, just put it up there. Click refresh button on your browser. Take care.

  • Lots of questions lately on how to update IPVanish on Fire TV or Stick. I just added a video tutorial at the bottom of the post above.

    • Julia Simmons

      thank you

  • april

    Hi Troy. I keep getting an “unknown error logging in” message. It does it on both of my firesticks and my tablet. My phone works perfect. Please help if I can BC I can’t find anything online. Thank u.

    • Hi April, the only thing that I can suggest is completely uninstalling the app and then try to reinstall. Not sure why this would happen. If that doesn’t do the trick, you should reach out to IPVanish support.

      • april

        Thanks. I tried the reinstalling but got nowhere. I have sent them an email and am currently waiting for a response. If I get it fixed I will report here in case someone else has the same issue. Thank you.

        • april

          I decided to reset my firesticks and start over. It worked. Not sure why it wouldn’t work before but it does now perfectly. Thanks for attempting to help me. I just have no patience and am very determined when it comes to fixing problems lol. Thanks again.

    • Dave L Sibley

      How did you reset your fire stick before re-installing ipvanish i’m getting same error msg
      on this version of ipvanish (716) worked fine until this version installed

      • april

        On the Amazon fire main menu I went to settings. Click on settings then scroll till u find device. Click device then scroll all the way down to reset to factory defaults. Click and go through the prompts. After it’s done rebooting set up but device again and follow Troy’s video on how to download the downloader app and ipvanish video. Then follow Troy’s video on setting up Kodi. Then ur good to go. Good luck. If u have any further questions just ask and I will try to help u.

        • Dave L Sibley

          Thank you for replying I followed your instructions to reset to factory defaults still
          getting same error msg emailed ipvanish waiting on response.

          • april

            Your welcom. Sorry it didnt work for u. On one firestick it worked the first time. My second one I had to do like 3 times if resetting. On the third time i went to bed after resetting and didnt touch it till morning. Then i installed ipvanish and it finally started working. I emailed them 2 days ago and I still havent gotten a response. Good luck to u. Let me know if u get it figured out.

          • Dave L Sibley

            I’m going to try and reset my fire stick again maybe I will get lucky.
            Thanks again, Dave

          • april

            Did it work¿

          • Dave L Sibley

            reset 3 times and no luck

            April how can I come directly to this post site I have been coming here
            from my emails. I have been bending Troy’s ear also with my problem
            maybe you can view those also. I’m beginning to think something to do with my modem/router combo. arris sbg6900-ac

          • april

            Save the page. Thats what i did. I just updated to the 3.0.11 and luckily i didnt have an issue. Do u have the 2nd firestick with alexa?

          • Thanks for your help with everyone here, April!

          • april

            Your welcome.

          • Dave L Sibley

            I booked marked the page now I can come straight here.

            I do have 2nd generation firestick with alexa.

            I have been working on this since 5:30 this morning it is 7:30 p.m. here in

            KY I’ll try to connect at work tomorrow with cell phone since it will not

            connect @ home since I updated it short time ago. I’m still able to connect

            with Windows 10 computer thank the Lord amen. Thanks for all your help April

          • april

            You are very welcomed. Sorry I wasnt more of a help. Happy u fixed it though. Happy viewing.

          • Dave L Sibley

            Guess Friday the 13th turned out to be my lucky day I connected to IPVanish on work Wi-Fi when I get home I’m going to reset my router. Thanks again April you have been very helpful. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Have a wonderful day.?

          • april

            Yay!!!you are very welcomed. Glad I could help. Please, I would live to know if u get it working at home. Good luck. Hope u have a wonderful day also

          • Dave L Sibley

            You bet, I will.

  • Chase

    Thanks Troy, the update video was helpful. Ipvanish works perfect now.. thanks

    • Glad to hear, Chase. Thanks for the comment!

  • Michael K

    Great tutorials. Only question is if there is any issue using the address with troypoint in it to update. That isn’t specific to you Troy?

    • Hi Michael, this is just a shortcut that I have created on my server that points to the ipvanish .apk install file. Easier doing this as opposed to typing a very long string into the Downloader box.

  • MA

    I just uploaded Kodi with fusion last night. I’m about to load a VPN on it this evening, however I want to be sure that the VPN I choose won’t be detected by my ISP; Verizon Fios. Point this noob in the right direction.

    • Hello, the above tutorial will work regardless of what Internet service you are using. Have fun!

  • Brian Ramdhan

    is there any work around for 1st gen userss?

    • Unfortunately, no.

      • Dave L Sibley

        Troy since I updated IPVanish on amazon tv firestick I get an error msg that April mentioned in earlier post. I have removed older version re-installed latest verison from your site and IPVanish site several times and I continue to get same error. I reset fire stick to factory defaults still not helping
        The one thing that I have noticed is when I type what is my IP address
        I get this result for IP address : 2607:fcc8:bf08:4c00:36d2:70ff:fe1f:7146
        windows and cell phone gives correct IP address emailed IPVanish and they gave me instructions to follow but they are the same ones I have be doing all along any suggestions thanks in advance Dave

        • Dave, I suggest that you reach out to IPVanish about this. Everything working fine on my end. I am assuming that you have updated to 3.0.11? This is latest release that was put out late last night.

          • Dave L Sibley

            Troy, yes that is the version I have thanks

            Now cell phone won’t connect just updated it also

            looking more and more like a router issue .

            My windows 10 computer .is the only thing that works now

          • Dave L Sibley

            Thanks for all your help. Wating on help from IPVanish.

          • Umi Yagi

            Please post if you get a resolution. Having the same issue and received one canned reply from support and am now back in the queue.

      • Dave L Sibley

        In my previous post I said Windows and cell phone gave correct IP address I disconnect
        from server on both and I get the strange IP address on both.

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  • Bazini AFC

    Hi, how do I find out what gen my fire stick is ? I think it mayb 1st gen with the new remote but I’m not sure. Any way of checking ? Thanks in advance

    • april

      Go into settings on the main screen. Go to device then click about and u should find your version in there. You can also look for a software update in the same spot.

      • Tim Sherman

        thanks will try see if if works

    • If you have a 2nd Gen device, the model name on the outside will be LY73PR.

      • Bazini AFC

        Cant find any model Number on the box but i tjink its 1st gen because I installed ipvanish on the fire Stick but it would not authfenticate or connect. installed Ipvanish fine, looks good just won’t connect. Same goes for cyberghost VPN installed great but can’t log in details to activate.

        • Tim Sherman


    • Tim Sherman

      you can also go to your setting on the fire stick and see what revision you have its it is 9.2.2 it is a new one and IPvanish will work if its 9.2.1 like mine it won’t work with Ipvanish

  • Dave L Sibley

    Hello Troy and April I just sent this message to IPVanish.

    My Amanon TV Firestick and my Android IPhone will not connect to IPVanish.

    My Internet Service Provider uses IPv6 protocol.instead of IPv4 protocol.

    IPv4 Address looks like this

    IPv6 Address looks like this 1207:ffci:bf08:4c00:36d2:70ff:fe1f:7146

    I can connect to IPv4 Internet service providers.

    I cannot connect to IPv6 providers and this is what I have

    This problem exists on ANDROID devices only.

    • Dave L Sibley

      IPVanish replied disable IPv6

      I’m going to contac support for my router and see if they can help.

      • Umi Yagi

        I tried this fix (disabled IPv6) and reinstalled IPVanish. Still getting the “unknown login error”, also have an open ticket with IPVanish and will post if I get a resolution.

  • Erin

    Hi Troy,
    We are all set up with vp vanish, I saw on the video you went to google chrome to verify the IP address
    1. How do I get google chrome on fire tv?
    2. or how else outside of the app can I verify the IP address is working properly?

  • Ryan

    Hey Troy,

    I’ve installed everything and paid for the VPN account, but the app isn’t connecting to anything when selecting best server. I’ve checked and it’s the fire stick 2 and the most recent version of the app.

    Not really sure what to do.

    Edit: so it connects to a server if I specify one, but the DL rate hovers at 0b

    • Ryan, make sure that you are on the most up to date version of the app. Also, are you 100% sure that this is a 2nd Gen device?

    • SarasotaSara

      Also check your firewall settings. Make sure it’s not blocking IPVanish. Happened to me too. My Little Snitch firewall kept blocking me from connecting.

  • Red

    Hey Troy, I have to ask is there anything like a free vpn? or is that asking to much.

    • There are but the ones that I have ever tried are slow and I don’t think I would trust my data with a free provider like that.

      • Red

        Thanks Troy.

  • atc

    We have latest firmware and latest update of ipvanish but ipvanish will not connect

    • See video at bottom of page above.

  • Dustin Rust

    why on IPVanish does it say this??

    How to Setup Amazon Fire TV to Work With IPVanish

    In order to connect the Amazon Fire TV to our VPN, it must be connected to a device that is capable of sharing its own Internet and is capable of connecting to our VPN. You can piggyback your Amazon Fire TV onto an IPVanish VPN connection using one of the following options:

    Connect your Amazon Fire TV through a DD-WRT or Tomato router. If you are looking for a turn key router that will work with IPVanish right out of the box, have a look at these IPVanish enabled VPN routers from FlashRouters
    Enable Internet connection sharing from another computer connected to IPVanish VPN

    • SarasotaSara

      Tried it. It’s way more trouble than it’s worth. Just download the android app directly to your firestick like he’s instructing you here. It’s way easier to set up that way. Just set it and forget it until you need to bypass geolocation.

    • Dustin, this looks to be old on their site. This new update from Fire TV is very recent which now allows use of VPN. This is how we previously had to connect. Take care.

  • Michael Nicolay

    I really want to load a vpn on my netgear router to do the deed for all devices

    • Hi Michael, that is my next tutorial that I am going to be working on next week.

  • Liam Craib

    Hi Troy, can i install a vpn on the first generation fire stick? And if so which one is better and is itv day to install?

    • Hi Liam, unfortunately, like I mention above, this does not work with 1st Generation Fire TV Stick.

      • Liam Craib

        Thank you for replying. So what can I use to put a vpn onto my fire stick?

        • Sarah Neale

          Have you found a way around this Liam? I’ve searched everywhere for answers to no avail!!

        • Deb Doucette Coscia

          I need to know this too…1st gen firestick

  • Chris M

    If I purchase one month of IPVANISH and like it , can I then switch over to quarterly or yearly ?

    • Yes, under your account settings, you should be able to upgrade to whichever plan you would like. Take care.

  • Stacy Cam

    Hi Troy, I had a problem with ipvanish. It was on their end. They never sent me a code to activate and when they did, it didn’t work, so they just refunded my money and said they couldn’t help me. Is there any way to setup PIA vpn to fire stick?

    • Stacy, I don’t provide PIA anymore due to too many problems with Fire TV devices. I suggest that you give IPVanish another shot. Don’t understand why this wouldn’t work for you. Double check that you are entering correct username and password. Take care.

      • Calista_Balistic
  • Chris

    Another question if I may . If load IPVanish on my FireTv box , Can I control when it is on ? I would not want it on when watching PSVUE

    • HI Chris, Yes, watch video above. All you need to do is disconnect. I use Vue as well and do the same thing. Take care.

  • Khalid Kassim

    Hi Troy,

    I’m connecting my FireStick Ver.2 from overseas and want to remove the geo-blocking error I keep getting every time I want to watch a show. I followed your tutorial and connected through IP Vanish to attempt to resolve the issue I’d been facing. It says my IP location is now in New York but when I go to stream any show they are all Geo-Blocked (even those I’m allowed to watch from abroad). When I disconnect from IP Vanish, I go back to being able to watch “Shows to Watch Abroad” but what I really want is to be able to watch everything without geographical restrictions. Can you help?

    • What streaming service are you using to watch?

      • Khalid Kassim

        Amazon Prime Video

        • Recently they have started banning VPN ip addresses and this applies to all VPN services unfortunately, this also holds true for Netflix unfortunately.

          • Khalid Kassim

            That was a waste of $65 for IP Vanish. What’s the point of adding a VPN to a Fire Stick / TV and this entire tutorial?

          • Many services still work with VPN especially Kodi which in my opinion is number 1 reason to have it. Many people use Kodi as their only streaming device so this is a good solution.

          • Brian Reis

            How was it $65? I see lowest price is $6.49 per month.

  • James Miller

    Hi troy I have a different vpn provider can install that on my fire tv?

  • James Miller

    Btw it’s vpn unlimited by keep solid Inc

  • Ray Rivard

    The system protection program installed on my computer is flashing the following message when I attempt to connect to IPVanish web site

    Webroot has blocked access to the website you tried to open.
    It has been reported to contain suspicious content

    • Many of them do this as security programs don’t like the fact that you are connecting to a different ip address and they think this may be an invasion.

    • If you can allow or approve the connection, I suggest that you do so. There is nothing threatening about IPVanish.

  • James Miller

    Is it possible to use another vpn? How would I install it on my fire tv?

  • Joe Nico

    I have IPVanish, just purchased it yesterday. My ISP is Verizon fios. When I connect my IPVanish VPN it connects but I loose all internet connectivity. Receive some network diagnostic stating a DNS error. Anyone know if IPVanish works with all service providers? Once I disconnect my VPN internet comes back. This is true for my pc and BOTH firestick. Kind of stuck here.

  • PM

    I installed IPVanish on my latest model FireStick and now can’t watch movies it doesn’t allow me to load them. It works but then stops after a bit…. If I don’t connect IP Vanish it works as it always has…

    • Try restarting your device and ensure that you have a 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick. It has model name LY73PR on outside of unit. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and then reinstall program.

      • PM

        Thanks for the reply, I do have the LY73PR device and I will do as you say remove and reinstall IPV. I’ll post the results and I’m looking forward to favorable results.

        • PM

          I did delete IPV from my FS and reloaded IPV and behold!! It worked. Thanks Troy!

  • Vince S

    Hi Troy,
    After having already had issues with IPVANISH even before installing the prgm, the bad series continues…
    So I have installed a few days ago their latest version (817) and tried to connect from Thailand (where I stay at the moment) to 5 different countries in Asia and Europe….but it won’t connect at all….IP won’t change and actualy nothing works.
    I then followed your VDO and reinstalled everything, did all the same like you explained..but no connection again and IP Adresse won’t change cause.

    I have send this issue to IPVanish but as usual it takes ages to answer….
    …Half day later no answer and my 7 day trial is running out.

    Any idea what to do , what could be the issue, what to do before its too late to cancel my 1 year subscription renewable x3 !!!!

    My provider is DTAC and True Vision in Thailand!

    After reading so many people have similar problems I have more and more doubts about the capacities of IPVANISH not only in Thailand but apparently all over the World.

    As I chose that VPN through your advices on your medias, I do allow myself to send you this issue and these questions and hope for a quick solution…
    …either quit IPV. or works.. & nothing in-between!!


  • Vince S

    Ps: Update:
    For Info I do run a Fire TV 2 and have restarted it a few times, aswell uninstalled and reinstalled IPV.
    Also checked to have the latest version of IPV. downloading it from your https with Downloader…aso.
    I don’t get any warnings, my wifi and my kodi runs well also other FireTV apps work…

    It hardly can’t be a provider problem as I run and have tested a series of other VPNs ‘Avast, Opera, PIA and others free ones on FireTV and Smartphone without problems in Thailand with Dtac and True Vision.

    • There is a bug with 3.0.12 where you connect and it doesn’t change the ip but it does change city. Go into settings screen and then back to quick launch and you will see that it has changed. Something wrong with the screen not refreshing.

  • Susan Brock

    Am I understanding correct if I get ip vanish I can’t watch any shows on Amazon or Netflix?

    • Susan, some of the paid services require that you login at the same ip address region where your account is registered. Just disconnect when you want to use those services. You mainly want the VPN for Kodi addons.

  • Kimari Kubota

    I installed ipvanish with no problem on fire stick. I guess I didn’t realize it would disconnect from my wireless connection. Now I can’t disconnect ipvanish. Any suggestions??

    • Hello Kimari, I am not sure that I understand what you are asking. Are you sure that you are using a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick? Keep in mind that this does not work on 1st Gen Stick. 2nd Gen stick has model name on the outside called LY73PR.

  • john darlington

    am glad to share this testimony, after i lost so much money to scammers,i was introduced to this awesome hacker, DAMIONHACK at GMAIL dot COM, he is very good at what he does, he easily hacked email

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  • Jennifer Bickert

    Hello. I paid for ipvanish and installed it fine on my firestick. It says connected and changes the city and ip address. My question is, netflix still works. Isnt it not supposed to? Also in my settings and about network it still shows my regular ip address. So i was wondering if it is working right if netflix still plays?

    • Hi Jennifer. The IP Address that you are seeing in your settings is your internal ip address for the device. This won’t change, the one you need to be concerned about is your IP Address assigned by your Internet provider which is changing as you have stated. Regarding Netflix, it is hit and miss. Great for you that it is working while being connected!

  • Lashia Love Parker

    i installed vpn my fire tv gen2 it works on my kodi but not my netflix why is that

    • Netflix is now blocking IP addresses of all VPN services. Just disconnect when you use Netflix.

  • Dale

    Hello — thanks so much for the info! I have two questions:

    First, I have the latest model of the Fire Stick. Can I use IPVanish without requiring Tomato or DD-WRT firmware on my router? i.e. can I just use my regular router without modification?

    Second, how can I check the IP address being used by the fire stick (to make sure it changes after I connect with VPN)?

    Thank you!

    • Dale

      Actually I figured out the second part (how to check IP address). Just need to know about the first question before I purchase an IPVanish account. Do you know if it only works with certain types of routers, or does the router not matter? Thanks!

      • Hi Dale, router shouldn’t matter at all. Keep in mind that you have 7 days in which you can cancel with IPVanish.

  • J Hill

    Just installed IPVanish to my Fire Stick last night. I have it set to connect to best available but I keep getting connected to servers all on the west coast in CA and AZ when I’m located in NC. When I run the speed test I’m getting less than 10 mbps. When connected with my IP here locally through my ISP I get between 80-90 mbps. Do you know why it would be connecting me to servers so far out? Surely there are better connections closer to my location. Or am I looking at ot totally wrong?

    • Hello, you may want to try to choose some other servers that are close to you to see if that helps. Also, keep in mind that 10 Mbps is still plenty of speed to download quality HD stream. Good luck!

  • Hello Jake, your ip addresses that your router assigns are for your Internal network only. The one you need to worry about is your ip address that your ISP provides to you and that is what your VPN is changing on your FireStick.

  • Beatriz Andrade

    Hi Troy,
    I watch a lot of movies and TV shows. Like alot lol basically all day long on weekend and all evenings on weekdays. Does IPVANISH have a limit of hiw much you can stream per month?

    • Hello Beatriz, no limit.

  • azparis

    Hi Troy! How do you reset your 1st generation if you installed the IP Vanish and now the Amazon Services are disconnected. ?

    • Hello, before resetting your device, try unplugging from power and restart the device. I would also suggest uninstalling IPVanish and then reinstalling if need be. Are you sure that you have a 2nd Gen device?

  • Neil

    Tried installing on my amazon box now I can’t connect to wifi atall. Tried resetting box to factory setttings. Box reset but won’t connect stillwired or wireless

    • It looks like you did this at same time Amazon servers were down which is why this would have happened. IPVanish should be working fine now.

  • Tyrone Benally

    Hey Troy. My 2nd gen firestick powers up and goes automatically to IP Vanish screen. It is frozen and I cant do anything after. I have had IP Vanish for 2 months and never had this frozen screen problem.
    Please help.

    • Tyrone, is there any way at all to get into settings of y our Fire TV so you can uninstall? Right when is starts try holding down the Back button and the Right button on your Fire TV remote for 10 seconds until the reset screen pops up.

      • Tyrone Benally

        I have tried and still goes to IP vanish screen n freezes. When u say Right button u mean the Menu button?

  • Paul Springfield

    When i install a vpn on my firestick any of them they all say at the end that the vpn wants to monitor my traffic should i except it or not as i thought it was all anemones

    • Paul, the VPN service itself is monitoring your network, nobody else. Yes, it is anonymous.

  • Paul Springfield

    What the hell. My spelling is bad i ment anonymous

  • Richard Harvey

    i am new to all this technology, i am an english guy living in france if i buy a firestick and update to this ipvanish does that mean i can actually watch uk tv in france

  • Fernando Herrera

    I tried to install IPVanish on my Netgear EX6200 (AC 1200) Range extender but got nowhere. I just ordered a Netgear R7000 (AC1900). I hope it comes soon since I already subscribed to IPVansh

  • Ronn Brookshire

    I have tried several times to get the bonus videos with no success. They are not in my spam or deleted folders. Any help would be appreciated

  • Alberto Conti

    Can we install ExpressVPN on the fire tv in a similar way used in the video for IPVanish?

    • Hello Alberto, prior to releasing this video, I tested many VPN services and the remote did not work well with most VPN applications on Fire TV. IPVanish was best in regards to download speed and user interface for Fire TV/2nd Generation FireStick.

      • Anthony Fanelli

        I use express vpn on a virtual router . It has worked well for a while. Over the past couple of days while using my firestick connected to the virtual router using the vpn it has disconnected and the stick says not connected to network. Any suggestions?

  • Thomas Hebbron

    Is there a vpn I can download on a 1st gen fire stick?

    • Hello Thomas, please see second paragraph in article above.

  • Jeff Vos

    Troy, have you experienced any issues with ipvanish and Vader Streams? When I am connected I cannot get any Live Streams to work, but when I disconnect it works just fine.

    • Hi Jeff, I have never used Vader Streams.

  • Matt

    I have the MLB app and I want to get the service because they blackout my games because I am too close to the ballpark. Will this help to where I can watch??

    • Hello Matt, yes, this should work great for that. There are some services that are blocking VPN services by ip address such as Netflix and Amazon Prime but I believe you can still use VPN with MLB app just fine. Have fun!

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  • Joe F

    Hello Troy,

    I already have an VPN service, VPN Unlimited.

    Will this process work with any VPN service or only with IPVanish?

    Thanks for all your great work!

    • Hi Joe, you would need to sideload that specific application and hope that the user interface will work properly with Fire TV remote. IPVanish is one of the only VPNs that works well with Fire TV remote. Take care.

    • Jim Blansett

      VPN Unlimited will work. It will work with the Amazon remote, but works better with a Rii mini i8+ keyboard/mouse.

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  • Thomas Hebbron

    Hi Troy, is there a way of installing IPVanishVPN on a first gen fire stick?

  • Hello, as stated in article above, you will know if you have a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick by looking at model name on outside of the device. The Model Name is LY73PR, if it is a 2nd Generation device.

  • Greg Tobias

    Will the download speed be noticeablely slower with the VPN service installed? Also, has anyone had success with installing the VPN on any airport extremes?

    • Hello Greg, yes with all VPN services you will see a decrease in speed but still plenty of speed to stream quality hd content. Keep in mind that many of the Kodi streams aren’t capable of delivering at your maximum download speeds anyway.

  • Peter Berggren

    Can you help install ExpressVPN on my 2nd generation Fire Tv?

  • J Tufaro

    I just read that if i install the vpn it will block my Netflix is that true Thanks

  • J Tufaro

    i just read the answer down below thanks

  • Steph Anderson

    Hi, after signing up for ipvanish, I followed your instructions on fire tv (thanks) and connect to ipvanish but then my connection is lost. Connection Status of Ethernet: Connected to Ethernet / Not connected to the Internet – I am utterly lost now, do you have any idea what I can/must do to get this to work?

    • Hello Steph, try restarting your Fire TV and then see if the VPN will work properly. Also, assuming you are using a Fire TV and not a FireStick? If stick, keep in mind that you can only use the 2nd Generation device with VPN, it won’t work with 1st Gen stick. See second paragraph above.

      • Steph Anderson

        yes, using Fire TV – I restarted and then noticed that VPN it had connected to a German server, changed the country to US and it is working. I have American Amazon prime account but when attempting to watch Amazon prime content I get error code 5505, even for Amazon prime abroad.

  • Reuben Incisive Adamah

    I installed ipvanish on my amazon box but the (very useful) ios fire tv remote app stops working. It wont stay connected. I think it connects through the internet in some strange way as well as local wifi. Anyone else had this issue or found a solution?

  • Dan Bayliss

    Hi Troy, according to the IPV website it says you need a flashed router to install IPV on a fire TV but your guide indicates that you don’t. Can you clarify? I appreciate your time in answering my question and everyone else’s.

  • mike bell

    hi troy someone has the phone hooked up to my fire stick as a remote and they keep messing with me and changing channels and turn it off and on is there a way to block them from using there phone as a remote for my fire stick

    • Mike, this has to be someone who is on your wifi network as well. If it isn’t a family member playing a joke on you, I would suggest changing your wifi password so they can’t connect.

  • Anthony Fanelli

    I use express vpn on a virtual router . It has worked well for a while. Over the past couple of days while using my firestick connected to the virtual router using the vpn it has disconnected and the stick says not connected to network. I have checked the virtual router and it is still connected to the vpn. So that end is not disconnecting. Any suggestions?

  • Could my IPVanish >VPN< be blocking "pairing" to TV providers……..I have to disable my VPN on my laptop to get access to certain accounts, and when I attempt to pair, though Its showing I have been paired from the website and to which IP address, its not pairing with my unitdevice?
    Is their any settings to prevent this besides disabling IPVanish, which would defeat the purpose of my installing it…
    Are researching this, but could use someone who has already experienced this or has first hand knowledge…
    Thanks for any assistance.

  • Any Solutions…..
    I have IPVanish for a VPN provider that I just recently installed on my Fire TV device, but it seems to be affecting my ability to pair with certain servers requesting I pair with them, #Openload being one of them…

    I’m pairing up via my computers regular IP Address, not the selected IP address via my VPN on my Fire Tv device, which causes my device not to pair up with openload. Is there any settings around this?
    In other words, I am pairing up the IP Address through my computer device, not my Fire Tv, which is running the VPN changing my IP Address…

    I have a different VPN provider on my computer, but was forced to disable it when pairing with my fire tv device, prior to getting IPVanish for my fire tv, as well as disabling my VPN to get access to my financial institutes on my computer…

    I’m assuming. I’ll have to disable my IPVanish on my fire tv as well in order to pair up with the website from my computer, which to me, seems to defeat the purpose of having the VPN?

    • Resolved…..Was forced to REMOVE OPENLOAD & THEVIDEO STREAM AUTHORIZATION by disabling the “Hosters with Capchas”…

      These are great providers, but cannot disable my VPN just to stream these to host…?
      Can’t find any other way to resolving this?

      • Hey Jeffrey, one thing that I do is use Real-Debrid downloader service. When you use this service, it doesn’t require that you input the annoying captcha. Yes, it costs approximately $4 per month but well worth it in my opinion as it helps with buffering as well. This will allow you to use VPN.

        Get a Real Debrid Premium Account – . Before you can purchase an account, you must first signup for a free account and you can do that by using the Sign Up button on top right of page.
        1. Open Exodus within Kodi
        2. Select Tools
        3. Select SETTINGS: Accounts
        4. Scroll down to RealDebrid & select Authorization
        5. Follow the on screen prompt and go to and enter the PIN (letters and digits) as prompted
        6. Select Allow if you are asked if you would like to authorize the Lambda add-on
        7. Once you have completed the above steps, you can now go back into Exodus and Real Debrid links appear in the source listings for any stream that you choose to view.

        • Francie Keithcarter Simpson

          Hi Troy, I was just wondering if you have a video tutorial on the real debrid install?

          • Hello Francie, I don’t but if you follow the instructions above, it is pretty easy to do. I will add this to my list to get done within the next week.

          • Francie Keithcarter Simpson

            Awesome, thanks Troy. Thanks for all of your tutorials!

        • I’ve given it a go and man was I blown back by this service thus far…My tv screen is virtually reaching out to me it is that much clearer…
          I purchased the 180 days and will be installing this on my other devices as well..
          Not a bad price for the service………
          Again Troy.Thank you.

  • Agisi Makrodimitris

    I am unable to download IPVANISH to my Amazon Fire TV 4K. I am getting a “error: No connection” message in Downloader. I followed all steps in your guide and wifi is connected and working. Am I missing something?

    • This has something to do with your network. I just tried and everything is working as it should.


    Are you saying that a 1st generation stick can not be protected?

    • That is correct, Tyrone. Unless you setup a vpn on your router and all traffic routed through that would be protected. Installing VPN on Fire TV is easier than setting up on router and less expensive.

  • JET300

    Having this error every time I activate or connect the IPVanish. Could this be because I have the 1st gen Fire TV Stick? All I know is the numbers on the outside big or small are not LY73PR. The app appears to work and connect to other ip addresses however once I leave the app to the home screen I get what appears in the photo. Fire stick returns to normal after a reboot but once I reactivate the app and connect to another location this error reappears. Thanks for any input

    • JET300

      So nobody has anything to say?

      • Hello, I go through this in the first and second paragraphs above. No, you cannot setup a VPN on 1st Generation FireStick.

        • JET300

          Ok I got that part. I just wasn’t clear what version of fire stick I have. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to even install it on a 1st generation if that is what I have.

  • Jim Melson

    I have 2 fire TV’s and 2 Fire Sticks. Will one IPVanish account work for all of these devices for the one yearly price? In other words will one account cover all four devices.

    • Aaron Bizzell

      The article states up to 5 devices so unless my math is wrong, yes.

  • Gidget

    Do people typically wait very long for their account confirmation from IPVanish after their credit card payment is accepted? I’m not able complete installation until my account with them is fully set up. PS – Your tutorials are awesome.

    • Thanks for your kind note. No, you should receive it very quickly. Be sure to check your spam folder.

  • Kerry

    I use two different ISPs — one for home and one for our cottage 200 miles away. Will a VPN set up on one firestick work on both ISPs?

    • Yes, you can use the service on up to 5 connected devices.

  • Mori Moore

    I have downloaded and updated to brand new fire tv. But it not doing anything. I can see where in the ivp app it has a different address , but just the ivp apps has the change.
    Kodi has the same address wether I have ivp on or off.
    Netflix works so I know ivp isn’t.
    I would assume kodi would have the same opinion address as ivp and my Netflix on the firebox wouldn’t work if I disconnected ivp.
    Feel like I wasted my money

    • Mori, your network router assigns local ip addresses to your various devices and those are referred to as internal ip addresses and those won’t change as they are only for your internal network. A VPN will change your external ip address which is the ip address that your Internet service provider assigns to your connection.

      • Mori Moore

        So how do I check it ? I have the newest fire tv


    Hey troy I went through all the steps with the ipvanish , but when I got to the step where its suppose to connect and pull up a connection stat us of connected, it still stayed disconnected. Any idea what could be wrong.

    • Christine Rupert

      I’m having the same issue.

    • First things first where most people are making a mistake. A VPN will not work on 1st Generation Fire TV Stick.

  • Hello Alan, read second paragraph above.

  • Hi Mark, I used PIA for a long time but IPVanish is faster and user interface is better in my opinion.

  • Hey Mark, I like Real-Debrid and definitely think it helps.

  • Martim

    Hi Troy, is IP Vanish the only VPN that you can install on the FireStick without doing a bunch of other installations / modifications? Do programs like PureVPN and NordVPN work on the FireStick?

    • Robert Workmon

      I have installed PureVPN on the second gen fire stick. Seems to work pretty well

      • Martim

        Have you used any other VPN’s? Either on FireStick or with your wireless connection? Any advice? One you favor over the other? It seems that there are a bunch and some are better suited for streaming, others for more privacy, etc. Thanks for your help.

        • Robert Workmon

          I’ve only used PureVPN. I use it on my Chromebook for surfing and transactions, and my FireStick for streaming. Both work well after setup. I tried to find decent free versions, but had zero success or reliability.

          • Martim

            And you have had no issue streaming sports, TV shows, movies or anything of the like on your FireStick when you have this VPN on and running? Do you know where I could find a tutorial on how to install PureVPN? PureVPN was one of the ones most recommended, so I am leaning towards using it for FireStick. Do you know if I can use PureVPN for my computers at home and the FireStick at the same time? I appreciate you showing me the ropes!

          • Robert Workmon

            I had replied with some instructions, but I guess they didn’t post. Most likely because he is trying to sell IPVanish, not PureVPN. I’m replying here on the Disqus site to see if it will post.

            I use PureVPN on multiple devices at the same time without any issue. You can watch videos on Youtube about sideloading APKs to the firestick. You will need ES File Explorer, Mouse Toggle, and the PureVPN APK. That last part can be found by doing a Google search for the following: Google play store is blocked in my region purevpn

          • Martim

            You’re the man. I appreciate the help. Those first two, I am assuming, I can download on the FireStick itself? Same with the 3rd?

          • Robert Workmon

            Watch Youtube for adding ES File Explorer, very easy! You will add mouse toggle by using ES File Explorer. You will also add the PureVPN APK using ES File Explorer, but there are NO videos on Youtube for that. It will be the exact same process as adding Mouse Toggle, but you will use the path (web address) that will come up when you Google the blocked region search.

          • Martim

            I have ES File Explorer installed. I will go ahead and add Mouse Toggle today when I get home from work. Will run with your comments regarding PureVPN. You recommend getting the two year deal for PVPN?

          • Robert Workmon

            I don’t remember if I did one year or two honestly, but if they give you a good deal why not?

          • Robert Workmon

            You might consider adding Droid Buddy to your firestick too. There are a lot of apps that are easily added using DB, including Mouse Toggle and Kodi 17.1 Krypton. Unfortunately it doesn’t have PureVPN, so you will still have to learn to use ES File Explorer for that APK

    • Hello Martim, you can install others but many of them don’t play nice with Fire TV/Stick remote. As Robert mentions below, you can use mouse toggle. Also, in my testing IPVanish is fastest out of bunch as they use their own backbone and don’t rent servers from 3rd parties.

  • Matthew Farraday

    When I type in the browser link I get the browser page and not an app to install?

  • JJ

    Troy, can I get to google play using amazon stick? Than ks

  • TJ Ward

    I have successfully installed ipvanish on 1st gen fire box. My question is do I also have to also connect it inside kodi?

    • Hello TJ, no, once VPN is connected on device itself, the entire device is protected.

    • TJ Ward

      Thanks buddy ur the best!

  • Steve H

    Question… I have installed the VPN but once I have it up and running it blocks my fire stick form connecting to my router. I lose all connections. Once I turn it off they come back. Any ideas on resolving this?

    • Simon Gatenby

      i have the same isse any ideas?

    • jj degroat

      I have this as well

    • Are you sure that you are using a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick with the VPN? 1st Generation devices don’t work with VPN.

      • George Gulden

        Same issue. Slows my speed from 60 Mbps to 4 Mbps. This is not an issue on my iPad and my iPhone. Only on my gen 2 Firestick.

      • Steve H

        How do I check what generation? Maybe Ill just buy an new one. Thanks!

  • tracy jackson

    installed ipvanish can i place it in external storage of fire tv

    • Tracy, that should be fine. If you have any problems, you will want to simply move it back.

  • Gemma

    How can I get a vpn on a first generation fire stick? Thanks

    • Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time.

  • dab

    I have a second generation firestick and a firetvbox. I’ve loaded the IPVanish app and it appears to be working. However, I am curious why, on the IPVanish website under the firestick and Firetv instructions they write when asked if IPVanish will work with the firestick or firetv…”The short answer is yes, but additional hardware is required as the Amazon Fire TV is not capable of connecting to our VPN by itself.” and they then refer to a WWRT or Tomato Router. Is this old information, perhaps

    • They haven’t updated their information since the latest firmware was released for Fire TV and FireStick which allowed for installation of VPN.

  • Andrea Elsezy

    i can sign into ipvanish from my pc, but when i try to sign in on the firebox it says my credentials are incorrect

    • Andrea, double check that you are inputting the proper VPN username and password into your Fire TV. Sometimes a capital letter or symbol may be the culprit. If working on your Windows computer, should work fine on Fire TV.

  • Melvyn Thurlby

    Can you install IPVanish on your computer then apply it to firesticks in two different televisions?

  • John Foss

    will ipvanish help with web request failed and no stream available

    • John, it might. I had this problem when Mediacom blocked a specific Wizard that I normally used. Once VPN was turned on, it worked.

  • Melvyn Thurlby

    Troy, is there some reason you didn’t answer my question before that of John Foss? Did I do something wrong?

    • Hello Melvyn, I use a different application to go through the messages posted on my site and I apologize for not seeing yours. I am not sure what you are asking here. You can use your IPVanish VPN account on up to five devices at the same time. If you are asking how to connect your Fire TV Sticks to the Internet connection to your computer, yes you can do that. You will need to share the Internet connection within your computer with the other devices. I have tried this in the past and I didn’t like the outcome as the download speed was terrible.

      • Melvyn Thurlby

        So would it be better to install IPVanish on both firesticks, and if so, would it mean I have to pay twice for IPVanish?

        • That is what I do. You can use one account on up to five devices at the same time.

          • Melvyn Thurlby

            Ahh thanks Troy, I wasn’t sure on that point.

          • You are welcome, Melvyn. Thanks for visiting my site.

  • R in london

    When I put in your url in downloader it can’t connect?

  • Hank Harrison

    my username is my e-mail address and Amazon will not open it in their browser

  • R in london

    My internet provider is blocking urls with ipvanish in the address. Is there any way round this?

    • Simone March

      Who do you use and what did you learn? I may have the same issue.

  • Mike

    I have vpn Unlimited on my devices. How do I put it on fire tv?

    • You would need to find the .apk file for that service and sideload it. Unfortunately, many vpn services don’t work well with Fire TV/Stick and that is reason I went with IPVanish.

  • Julie Cole

    Can I install IPVanish on my Firestick with voice remote? I don’t think it’s a gen 2 but not sure!

    • Must be a 2nd Gen device, see second paragraph in above article of VPN Fire TV Setup.

  • Leigh Booker

    I have the paid for Private Internet Access on my PC. I don’t really want to pay for another service. How can I load it on my fire stick?

    • Hello Leigh, I don’t have a tutorial on this but you would need to find the PIA .apk file and sideload it.

  • gdavison

    Hi,the link to ipvanish seems to be being blocked do you have another link?

  • Simone March

    Help! My IPVanish starts to connect, goes from Connecting to Authenticating and then as soon as it hits Getting Client Configuyiom it drops. I’ve restarted and even reset factory settings in Fire Tv. Have 2nd G and most up to date software. Internet works fine and up until recently Ip vanish was too.

    • Simone, are you 100% sure that you have a 2nd Gen Stick? This sounds like that problem.

      • Simone March

        Yes. As an update the issue is now fixed!! IPVanish did a hard set of my password and everything worked after that. Support at IPVanish was AWESOME. I love your site, Troy.

        • Awesome. Glad to hear that this worked. Thanks for sharing the solution, Simone!!

        • Carlos Diaz

          Hi, I’m having a similar issue. What’s a hard set on the password?

  • Simone March

    Which service providers are currently blocking IP Vanish?

    • Amazon Prime and Netflix. Just disconnect VPN prior to using these.

  • As pointed out above, VPN does not work on 1st Generation Fire TV Sticks.

  • Bev

    I’m just getting my 2nd Gen set up & using your tutorial for Kodi. Will it be any problem if I instal IPVanish AFTER Kodi. We want to make sure we are happy with all the viewing we can get before dropping cable.

    • Hi Bev, yes you can install VPN after Kodi.

      • Bev

        Great! Thanks!!!

  • Leigh Booker

    Hi. Sorry to ask, but you seem to have answered most of the questions except a few all around the same time, including mine, five or six days ago.

  • Roy Moore

    Ok, I have the IPVanish app running on my Amazon Firestick… but that is 1 app. How do I know it’s blocking outsiders from seeing every app on the stick, especially Kodi? I see that it’s working proprly according to your video. Does that mean it’s got the entire Firestick covered? I don’t understand how that works.

    • Yes, it covers your entire device. All apps are protected running on the device by the VPN.

  • Schao

    Troy I’m gonna get he second gen fire tv stick and also the fire tv as well so I can use VPN. Will the fire tv have the model number LY3PR? I have a Belkin dual band router and I watch your how to install VPN and you have two router will I need another router to run VPN and is it hard to install VPN since I can’t use your tutorial because I have a different router.

    • Hello, first of all, VPN will work on any Fire TV box so you will be fine there. The 1st Gen Fire TV Stick won’t work. If you are going to put a VPN on your router, all devices connecting to the router will be protected and you don’t need to install any VPN software on the devices themselves (Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks). Have fun!

      • Schao

        So with my dual band router I can set one to run things normal with my IP and the other channel to run just the fire tv or fire tv stick?

        • That is the way that I do it. I have VPN running on one router and the other is open so I can take advantage of full download speeds on the open one.

  • Count

    Troy, First great video and tutorial. Although, I believe I followed everything by the book. I am still getting an errors on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. I have connected to four different location in the US, but it still results in the same GEO issue on prime or poxy issue on Hulu and Netflix. Any advise for me?

    • Sheila Boss Gunter

      Hulu. Won’t work with the vpn installed. I have to disconnect vpn if I want to watch something on Hulu

      • Thanks for chiming in Sheila. Yes, these paid services are now blocking all VPNs and you must disconnect prior to using them.