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How To Install VPN On Kodi

Install VPN On KodiThis post will point you in the proper direction if you want to install VPN on Kodi.  Most Internet service providers are starting to block access to many Kodi addons, builds, and wizards.  By installing a VPN on your Kodi box, you will enjoy unlimited access to these blocked Kodi resources.

Internet providers are also starting to throttle download speeds for various Kodi addons and running a VPN service will usually help with buffering as well.

Last and certainly not least, many government agencies are starting to reprimand those who are using various Kodi addons, that provide free movies, tv shows, live feeds, etc.  If you are one of those people, you should protect yourself with a VPN on your Kodi box. 

A VPN or virtual private network will encrypt your traffic and provide you with a new IP address, which will hide your streaming activity from your Internet Service provider.  Your connection to the Internet will become anonymous, which will provide you with the privacy that you deserve.

Some of you may have received threatening letters from your Internet service provider, claiming that you have downloaded or streamed media that has a copyright.  They may even tell you that you may be contacted by the authorities for copyright infringement.  By installing a VPN on Kodi, you will not need to worry about receiving these letters anymore from your ISP.

Unfortunately, there is no good Kodi addon that allows you to setup a VPN unless you are running LibreELEC or OpenELEC which is a fork of the popular media application.  Both of these forks have a Kodi addon that allows you to setup a VPN service directly within Kodi.  Most people want to run the main Kodi branch on an Android based operating system and also use a VPN to protect themselves so these two alternatives are usually not an attractive option and that is the reason for this guide.

The easiest way to hide your IP address when using Kodi is by simply installing a VPN service onto the streaming device that you are currently using.

I have created numerous tutorials that will walk you through the step-by-step details on how to install a VPN on the following Kodi boxes.

Also, don’t forget to use your VPN account on the other devices that you use to connect to the Internet with.


How Do I Install VPN On Kodi?

1  Register for IPVanish Account by Clicking HERE.  Important – use today’s coupon code SAVE20NOW at checkout to receive 20% off any plan.

2  Write down your IPVanish username and password after you register for your account.

3  Determine which Kodi device(s) you want to install VPN on and proceed to respective tutorial below.

Prior to creating tutorials for IPVanish, I thoroughly tested the top VPN providers.

Fire TV or Stick VPN Tutorial

Android TV Box VPN Tutorial

Windows Tutorial

Mi Box VPN Tutorial

Raspberry Pi 3 LibreELEC Tutorial

Router VPN Tutorial (when you do this, all devices connected to your router will be protected)

If you are running Kodi on your computer such as Windows, Mac, or Linux, most VPN services provide an application that you can download and install onto your system.  After you install the application, you simply input your VPN username and password into the login area.

Keep in mind that you can also use your VPN service on your other Internet connected devices that you frequently use.  Do you travel?  If yes, you should NEVER connect to a public wifi hotspot unless you are running a VPN service.

My VPN service of choice is IPVanish as they provide the fastest download speeds among the various VPN providers that I have reviewed.  The service works very well on all Kodi boxes, which isn’t the case for most VPN providers.  You also have the option to use the same account on up to five devices at the same time.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free VPN service for Kodi?

There are free services but keep in mind that they are making money in one way or another.  More than likely, they are either selling your data to a 3rd party or malware is being installed on your device when you install their application without you knowing it.

Also, free services usually result in very slow download speeds which would not be ideal for Kodi boxes.

You get what you pay for in this market and I strongly suggest not using free services as they can’t be trusted.

Why isn’t my ip address changing within Kodi?

When dealing with network-connected devices, you have an external ip address and an internal ip address.  The VPN software will change your external ip address which is the address that your Internet Service Provider assigns to your connection.

An internal ip address is the address that your router assigns to all devices within your network.

You only need to be concerned about your external ip address when using Kodi and this is what the VPN should be masking.

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  • Alan Walker

    recently bought purevpn for my Kodi I found it very reliable. Bought it from USAVPN and got special discount.

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  • Dominic Lewis

    Hey Troy, nice post.

    Wanted to ask, can I replicate the same process on other VPNs? apart from IPVanish, I also have Ivacy VPN that I use with my Kodi box. Not really familiar with how to configure Kodiboxes. thanks

    • If you can find an .apk file and it works with your device. Many VPNs that I tested with Kodi didn’t work well, especially the user interface.

  • You are looking at your internal ip address assigned by your router. That one doesn’t matter. The one that is changed is the ip address that your Internet Service Provider assigns to you.

  • Kylie Lopez

    Thanks for sharing. I am using PureVPN its working good so far with fast speed. YOu can recommend it here.

  • Andrew Spreckley

    I have installed ipvanish on my firestick but now my internet connection keeps dropping out so I cannot connect to my Amazon firestick. Any suggestions. Thanks

    • Make sure that you are using 2nd Generation model. Keep in mind that this does not work on 1st Gen sticks. If still having problem, try uninstalling and then reinstalling.

      • MiggyCabby24

        That sucks. So you have to upgrade to the new stick to be able to use Vanish ? Well, my stick is working fine, no need to upgrade at the moment.

  • K Stewart

    I’ve noticed when I watch a In Theater movie on Exodus it is in 480 and almost unwatchable. Is that the norm or is their something I need to do different? I try all the choices and it seems they are all the same. My firestick is new and I’m loving it other than this….Thx

    • Many of these movies in theaters in Kodi are called cams and someone is recording them with their phone. This has nothing to do with VPN and Kodi…this has to do with the person who uploaded the file.

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  • Matt K

    I installed IP Vanish on my second generation Fire TV box and when I connect my speed drop from 75 MBs to about 8mbs when I’m using IP Vanish. I’ve tried connecting to different servers and they are all so much slower. Any suggestions?

    • Matt, I usually get 10 on my device which is plenty for HD streams. The thing that most people don’t understand is that these servers that we are streaming from within Kodi are usually so busy that you aren’t downloading much faster than that anyway.

      • Matt K

        Ok thanks. I noticed that I had ran into a few buffering issues, but that could’ve been from something else. Thank you for your quick reply and everything that you do. Your videos and how to instructions are so easy to follow and very helpful. Thank you.

  • Schao

    I want to get VPN and my question is how many device can I use at the same time? I have my TV, Computers and smartphones and I have family members that comes over to my house and they’ll be using my wifi for their phone and sometimes it’s like 10 devices at the same time.

    • With IPVanish, you can use up to five connections at the same time. I suggest setting up a dual router configuration like I go through here if you need more than five. That way all devices connecting to the Internet through your router are protected –

      • Schao

        I just found out that 1st generation fire tv stick don’t work with vpn.

  • Morgan Franklin

    Hi there I was wondering is there anyway to put a vpn on a 1st gen fire stick

    • Hello Morgan, unfortunately there isn’t.

  • Shellie .

    I’m pretty sure my Firestick is a 1st generation, and I understand no VPN on that stick. My question is, if you have a Smart TV, can a VPN be added to that? Thanks!

  • Randy

    Hi, I have a 1st gen Fire Stick and a combo modem/router, neither of which will accept a vpn to my understanding. If this is true, do I have any option to protect my anonymity? Thanks

    • Randy, unfortunately, that is true. VPN can’t be used on 1st Gen devices and you need a specific router so you can load modified firmware that will run the VPN.

  • Allan Pierce

    How many devices can I install ipvanish on for one subscription?

    • Jim Beam

      …..their website says 5 ?

      • That is correct, you can use up to 5 devices at same time with VPN from IPVanish. Perfect if you are using multiple Kodi boxes.

  • Shane Freeland

    As for Playstation Vue, while running a VPN it does, in fact, popup a notification that “Playstation Vue has detected a change in your geo location…(blah blah) … be advised you can only stream from outside of your home area when using the Playstation Vue mobile app…” But then, clicking beyond that notice, it goes to the normal screen and begins streaming, just as it would without the VPN. Can anyone else verify or duplicate this behavior?

    • Hi Shane, I get the same result as well. However, sometimes I don’t get any notice at all and it works the way it normally does. Many times, I will only use VPN with Kodi and disconnect when using other services.

  • Frank Bega

    I’m new to kodi and want to know how they know you are using this?

    • Hi Frank, your Internet Service Provider can see everything that you download and access on the Internet. The VPN creates an encryption and blocks them from seeing your activity while using Kodi.

  • Carlos Diaz

    Need some help. I successfully installed IP Vanish on my Fire Stick yesterday and it was working fine. Today it will not connect at all. It stops trying during authentication. I have the app on my iPhone and I’m having no issues at all.

    • Carlos, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the VPN application and then reinstall. This has happened to me before as well and after reinstalling, it fixed the problem.

  • Hi Teresa, yes it would protect all devices connected to router. See my link above for how to install VPN with that scenario.

  • Mike When I first installed ipvanish a few weeks ago on my Fire TV, it worked great.
    The following week Amazon Prime Video and Hulu would not work with the VPN.
    I worked with ipvanish to resolve but they were unable to resolve the issue and suggested I disconnect from the vpn to use Amazon and Hulu.
    I got the same results using the same two applications on iPhone with ipvanish and VPN Unlimited on wifi and cellular data.

    I’m wondering if anyone else is having the same issue as I have ordered a flash router to run everything in the house thu and don’t want to have to switch to vpn on wifi and vpn off wifi unless it’s the only way.

    Any thoughts on the recent legislation passed allowing ISP’s to collect and sale consumers data?

    Error photos attached.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Mike, unfortunately, many of these paid services are starting to block all VPN services by their ip addresses. I have the same problem. Sometimes it works when connected to VPN and sometimes it doesn’t. I disconnect like IPVanish told you to do when this happens. Take care.

  • Angharad Simmonds

    Hi, I have a 2nd generation fire stick, have loaded everything as per the video instructions. When I Connect the IP address changes from my real IP for a few seconds, then goes back to my real IP straight away, even though it still says connected and the Location is somewhere completely different to where I live. I check my IP online and it shows exactly where I am, my location isn’t hidden at all. Please help me I paid for PIA but that did the same, then IPVanish, they both work on my Android mobile phone but not on my 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick….

    • First make sure that you are definitely using a 2nd Gen device. Also, try restarting your device. Lastly, if none of that works, uninstall the VPN app and then reinstall.

  • Jennifer Petrotta

    Hi, I installed ipvanish and it changed my IP address but not my location. What should I do?

    • Jennifer, go into the settings tab and then back out to Quick Launch and it will change. This is a bug with the VPN software.

      • Jennifer Petrotta

        I tried that but it didn’t change. Anything else I can try?

        • Are you 100% sure that you are using a 2nd Generation Stick? You should be able to find a model number on the outside of it if it is a 2nd Gen device.

          • Jennifer Petrotta

            Yes I checked that before I even download the app

          • This should work. Try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the VPN software and then reinstall.

          • Jennifer Petrotta

            Ok I will give that a try. I set it to automatically connect, but should I have it set to change IP address?

  • Anthony Perrone

    Hello, I installed IPVanish and when I connect my location changes yet my IP address stays the same.

    • Anthony Perrone

      I also uninstalled the ipvanish app and reinstalled it to no avail. I have a second generation fire tv stick.

      • Hello Anthony, as I show in the video, go into your settings panel after you connect and then go back to the quick launch start screen and it should have changed. There is a bug with the screen refresh after it connects. I suggest using the browser feature in Downloader like I do to see if you are truly connected.

      • Rob Watkins

        I’m having the same issue on my firestick. IPV on iPhone and iPad works fine.

  • Rob Watkins

    Troy, after uninstalling and reinstalling IPVanish on my firestick (2nd gen) I now have version This version has totally changed the home screen of IPV. There is no more Quick Connect and it keeps me at the same location and IP address…no matter which location I connect to. It’s been working great since I dl’d it over a month ago but something happened today that screwed up everything. In this current state I can’t even activate api.streamin or openload. Do I need to contact IPV?

    • Hi Rob, I just noticed this as well after replying to Anthony’s last thread. I am getting the same as it looks like they have updated everything. But, mine is connecting, but just showing a different location and ip that it is actually connecting to. If you check your ip address in the browser within Downloader app, you will probably notice that it is connected but just reporting incorrect locations and ip within app. Openload also working fine when playing for me. I have sent their developer an email and will report back once I hear back from him. They are usually very fast at fixing problems like these. Thanks Rob.

      • Rob Watkins

        Thanx Troy for the quick reply…you’re awesome!! Not trying to get you caught up in a long thread but if you can tell me how to dl a browser on my firestick that would help a lot. Right now I’m having to activate Openload thru Chrome on my iPad and since I’m still running the old version of IPV on it I can’t get the two to sync (iPad and firestick).

        • Rob, try using the browser that is built into the Downloader app. It works REALLY good. Also, many times when Openload asks to pair, I just click cancel, wait for a little while and then it will start playing. Give that a shot as well.

          • Rob Watkins

            Will do…appreciate it!!

  • Stephen Moore

    Installed ipvanish on my firestick (w/Alexa) and I can’t get past the connection part. It connects for a second then disconnects. Tried restarting. Just bought it (the firestick) a couple months ago so it’s 2nd gen I’m assuming. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Stephen, you should be able to see if this is a 2nd Gen by looking at model on outside of device. if the Model Name is LY73PR, it is a 2nd Generation device.

      • Stephen Moore

        Yep ly73pr. What shall I do now? Thanks in advance.

        • Stephen, try completely uninstalling the app and then reinstall. Since you have 2nd Gen model, this should work fine.

  • Mackenzie knight

    I installed Ipvanish on my alexa fire tv stick , I paid for my first month of VPN , But i think i messed up because when i was trying to get it sat up it somehow set up through ios i guess bc i have an iphone , But i want to do Android on the fire tv stick , But i don’t know what to do from here . Please help ! If i uninstall IPvanish will i have to pay again ?

    • No, you can uninstall IPVanish and reinstall. You can use same account on up to five devices at the same time.

  • David Carson

    Does IP Vanish not work on First Generation Fire TV models? I have model W87CUN. I installed it but it doesn’t seem to be hiding my IP address.

  • Jessica Banks

    I followed all the directions using my new 2nd generation firestick. My ip address changes on ipvanish but not on kodi.

    • Hi Jessica, you are probably looking at your internal ip address that your router assigns to devices on your network. The outside IP address is what you need to be concerned about which will change.

  • Kim Petrisha

    Hi Troy! Thanks again for all you do!
    So I ordered a 2nd Gen firebox, but ordered the gaming edition so I didnt get a remote only a game controller. Of course my 1st gen fire stick remote won’t work on it! Anyway I just broke down and ordered a refurbished 2nd gen fire stick. Live the new browser in download er. Ok so I install Kodi. Next I install my IPVanish that I’ve had for awhile. (you make things so easy for this old lady!) I go to the main menu on the stick so I can watch a series I’m watching on Amazon Prime. Anything I try to watch on prime, I get an error message that says they can’t get a fix on my location so I can’t watch it! Is there anything I can do about that? Is this something new? Thanks!

    • Hi Kim, thanks for the comment. Some services such as Prime and Netflix are blocking VPN services. Just disconnect VPN prior to using them and you will be good to go.

      • Snooopy

        Can someone tell me what the latest version of Ipvanish there is now? Thanks

  • thewebgirl

    Hi Troy! I did get the IPVanish 2 days ago and everything is working fine, except when I want to watch a movie and request to pair, unfortunately they ask to have the same IP address and when I go on my computer to get authorization the IP address is not the same. Is that any way that the IP address can be verify from the kodi clicking directly on the link? How do I pair from the TV and not from my computer? Any other ideas? Thanks Troy.

  • Bella Suchafukkinlady Hicks

    How do I install live tv

  • Casey McAndrew

    Hi Troy, I purchased IP vanished which troy points helped me to install but netflix and amazon prime will not work with ip vanish. Any advice?

    • Casey McAndrew

      I just read the comment under me. Sorry about the unnecessary comment and thank you for helping me install ip vanish!

      • No problem, Casey. Have fun!

  • Snooopy

    Troy I’m having so much trouble with IPvanish because it keeps loosing connection and don’t know what else to do for my fire TV box. It’s done got me so aggravated I seriously want to call it quits with all of it. Can you give me any suggestions because I’ve tried everything in the book. Thanks for any advice. Also I’ve got 3 more fire sticks to go in the house. ty, Teresa

    • Try uninstalling and then reinstalling. Everything fine on my end so I know the app is still working great. Go into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / IPVanish and then click uninstall. Then use guide above to reinstall.

  • Chris

    I recently installed IPvanish( on my 2nd fire tv( and I am now getting a “home is currently unavailable”. I followed the tutorial from Troypoint and everything worked good yesterday. What changed? Anyone else having this issue?

    • Hi Chris, try restarting your device. Also, unplug your router for a minute and then plug back in. See if that fixes the problem.

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  • Dominique Hill

    Troy I installed Spinztv and HATE it!!!! How do I go back to the original build?

    Thanks… Dominique

  • Steve Martin

    Troy, Can you point me in a direction to find someone honest that will up up-date my GT1 and MXQ 4k to the new kodi. A android box without kodi is like being in a gun fight with no bullets. I am sure there are others here that would pay a fair price for the same service. Throw us a life line so we don’t drown.–Regards Steve Martin

    • Steve, you should be able to go into Google Play Store on your boxes and update from there.

      • Steve Martin

        I am afraid of making a mistake.What is the best kodi to up date to.Should I have my GT1 up dated to android 7.1 . All I do is stream movies.–Regards Steve

  • Kristen Brooke Bean

    If IP vanish is active on my firestick. Does that cover Kodi too?

    • Hello Kristen, yes, that is great thing about running a VPN on the device itself is that it will cover Kodi and any other apps that you use.

      • Kristen Brooke Bean

        Thank you!!

  • wokkawokka

    Hide my ass is a much better stable VPN

  • Pat

    Troy, I installed IPVANISH VPN on both my taste with new generation firesticks following your wonderful video….both worked just fine, until yesterday when I followed your great video to install Terrarium on both firestick, now the LR VPN will no longer connect…but BR connects just fine. Both installed same way. Can you please help me? Thank you

    • Thanks for update, Pat. Glad you got it working with the VPN!

  • Pat

    On both TV’sets sorry

  • David Cosford

    When you click a link that comes up as unavailable, and since it could be a geo location issue which from what I understand a VPN allows you to change to a location that would allow the stream to work. The examples I’ve seen simply say something like if it’s a link from Denmark, then change to a Denmark server. How do you know where the link is coming from so you can change to the appropriate server? Thanks.

    • Hi David, I am sorry but I don’t understand your question. You can choose the server that you connect to within IPVanish quick launch screen.

      • David Cosford

        Hi Troy,
        Trying to figure a better way to word my question.
        I read that one of the benefits of a VPN is to access content that may be unavailable not because the link is bad, but because it may be blocked because of my location. With the VPN I can change to a different location. What I want to know is what server do I change it to? I know how to change servers, but is there something in the logs or somewhere that tells me what location I need to access the content? Thanks.

  • Paul

    Hi Troy, really
    sorry to trouble you. I’ve followed instructions carefully to get freeview on my fire tv stick (kodi) but when I click on ‘fusion’ to unzip the file I get zilch. Any ideas please? I’m a bit green at all this, sorry

  • Pat

    I really need your help…I installed Terrarium tv with mx player codec…the volume is so low, I see a place to use a 200% boost, I have checked the box…but nothing happens. Will you please help me??
    I love your instructional videos, they have been so helpfulong to me. I am a 72 year young woman loving kodi but love the gravity of Terrarium tv so much better…a little less user friendly but still prefer it to Exodus.
    Thank you,

  • Pat

    Troy, I really need your help please see what I wrote 2 days ago. I have tried uninstall aptoide, terrarium aND mx player & reinstalled all several times. But still no sound on anything but the adds. The other TV iteaium still working, I even went so far as to check all settings on both TV sets to make sure exactaly the sAmerican settings. I want to watch Terrarium……..PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    • Pat, when you say it works on other TV, do you mean you have another device connected to that TV and it is working fine there? Or, are you using the same device on both tvs but it only works on one of them? If you are using the same device, there could be a problem with the HDMI port on the tv that isn’t working. If you are using different devices, on the one that isn’t working, try using a different HDMI cable.

      • Pat

        No I have a TV in BR with a separate Firestick. But this problem is corrected, I am not completely sure but I did an update on the MX player that Aptoide tv said to do, then reinstalled terrarium and now the sound works…why this only happened on the LR tv is beyond me.
        But now I have a more serious issue…I got your news newsletter about the new build to install. So followed it but I could not use browser on new Downloader, my kodi page looked nothing like yours, so back up and installed through your server shortcut, but on your video you installed 17.0 krypton…but mine through your server installed 17.3 which is what i have been using from a previous video of yours. So 17.3 no longer the stable version to use???? Well I do not have EXODUS and cannot install it. CAN YOU HELP.!?? I ALSO FOLLOWED the video on deleting ipvanish and reinstalling new version on both Firesticks…so von now working again, thanks for this video.
        Thanks for your help your, great newsletters on Super charging firestick look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope.

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  • Trond Iversen

    Ipvanish doesn’t respond on connect button on my fire tv. Any ideas why? I have the latest version form your site.

  • Rob

    Hi TRoy. I noticed when I use ipvanish I only get 1mb a sec download even though I’m hard wired and get near 12mb a sec without ip vanish. I have it set to best server. How can I fix this so my speed is fast with ipvanish. Thank you!

    • Rob, double check that you have the 2nd Generation Fire Stick as 1st Gen doesn’t work with VPN. If you see model number as LY73PR on outside of unit, it is a 2nd Generation device. You will always see a slight speed decrease when using IPVanish and with you only getting 12 max without, you may want to increase your Internet speed if you can, that could be another problem.

      • Rob

        Hi thanks it’s a new fire tv. Not a stick. Download wifi is 100mb but ip vanish still makes it crawl? My internet speed is 1000mb. Fios quantum. So that’s not the issue it’s something in ip vanish. Significantly slows down speed to the point streaming is not good. Can you recommend how to fix this. Thanks

        • Rob, have you tried restarting your router? With my box, I am averaging 80 Mbps download and my max speed is 150 so the box is working great with VPN. If that doesn’t work, reach out to IPV support at and put TROYPOINT in subject line for quicker service.

  • Al Hahm

    I’m having a problem with getting ipVanish to “take” on my MacPro 2010 laptop non-retina. I get error messages when I try to launch to the Web. I have read that this might be a DNS problem, but I’d like to be sure and where to look to get settings I need.

    • Hello Al, good to hear from you. Have you tried restarting your router? Also, reach out to IPV support at with TROYPOINT in subject line for quicker response if that doesn’t help. Sorry, I am not a Mac guy so I can’t help much with this one. Take care.

  • Steve Heller

    i’m running kodi on my acer chromebook, under the android side. so, its just as though i was running it on an android phone. does this pose the same risk when i’m on my home network?

    • Hi Steve, regardless of the device you are using to run Kodi, I still suggest using a VPN. I will be doing a tutorial on how to setup VPN on Chromebooks soon.

  • SK

    Hi Troy. When using kodi on a firestick, is there anyway to amend the settings of kodi or ipVanish that means the vpn is connected whenever kodi is in use? Or do you have to click on the ipvanish app each time in advance to make sure that it is connected? (forgive me if this is a dumb question, this is all new to me!)

    • Hello SK, it is a great question actually and I have tried all kinds of things to do this such as using Tasker which is an Android app but can’t do it. You must click the connect button manually when you want to connect. Take care.

      • SK

        Thanks Troy!

  • oldfilmguy

    Hi Troy – I did install IPvanish and it works well on email and kodi. As this is on a FireTv unit I also have other programs, Amazon prime and Hulu being two. These do not work with IPVanish, so I have to disconnect it.. Is this common using IPvanish to have some restricted apps restricted when they cant ID your location? THX

    • Unfortunately, these services are now blocking VPNs. Yes, you must disconnect prior to using them. Take care.

  • Lisette

    Hi Troy, great tutorials. I just need to confirm that what I did with the install of ipvanish is correct and doing its job. So, when I will stream a movie lets say I connect it and I can connect to anywhere? Also in the settings should I have the IP address clicked on yes to change every 45 minutes. I was not sure about this because you talk about the option but you didn’t click on it you left it as never. Other than that the ipvanish when connected will do its job to hide my address? Thank you Lisette

    • Hello Lisette, yes, as long as it is connected on your device, it is doing its job protecting all applications on that Kodi box. The VPN application will run in the background while you are using Kodi or any other app. I don’t change my ip address, I don’t see any need to do that.

  • Tea Oh

    Hey, Troy! Wondering if you could create a tutorial to install Ultrasurf or another free vpn other than IPV? Im on a budget and that doesn’t really include paying $75 every year for a vpn. Please help!

    • Hello Tea Oh, unfortunately, there are hundreds of providers out there and I can’t create tutorial for every one of them. Also, I don’t suggest using free services as they are making their money from either selling your data or by installing malware onto your device.


    Hi Troy! To install a vpn on Kodi, do I need to install LibreELEC first? Or this is something that’s already installed in Kodi? Thank you for tutorial!!!

    • Hi Edwin, it depends on what device you are using. If using a Raspberry Pi, yes, you want to install VPN in LibreELEC. Click the appropriate link above for your specific device and then you will see the appropriate tutorial.

  • Dave Incardona

    when installing a vpn on the firestick, are there any steps that must be taken within my cable modem and/or router (opening any ports, etc)? Do I even need a router that is vpn capable? I’ve always thought of a vpn as a secure tunnel if you will. One end of the tunnel would be the firestick, but I’m confused on where the other ‘end of the tunnel’ is? Or do you just put the vpn app on the firsestick and you are good to go with hiding the ip address? Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Dave, all you need to do is put the VPN on the device that you want to protect and then click connect button within the VPN app. You can certainly setup a VPN on your router to protect all devices connecting to that but your Internet speed will slow down. You will see a link for a tutorial for that above as well in the article. Keep in mind that you can use one account on up to 5 different devices at same time.

      • Dave Incardona

        thank you so much for the info. is this the case with any vpn, or just ip vanish and the way that particular vpn works? If I can save myself from having to buy a new router, that would obviously be helpful.

        • This is case for all VPNs but IPVanish is much easier to use on Kodi boxes due to its nice remote control user interface.

  • Ginger Chandler

    Does VPN work the same way if I connect from my android box directly to my router, or are there additional steps I need to take. Wifi was so slow, but direct connection seems much better. Thanks!

    • Ginger, as long as you install the VPN on the device, then that device will be protected once you push the connect button in the app.

      • Ginger Chandler

        Thanks! I thought so from some of the other threads, but wanted to be sure I wasn’t mistaken.. appreciate all the helpful info!

  • Okinawa911

    Hi Troy ~

    Thank you for all the great tutorials, it is certainly appropriated here for sure.

    When downloading IPV, does it matter if you do so directly on your device e.g., cell phone, TV, laptop, desktop or are you supposed to download IPV directely on Kodi? Or doesn’t it matter at all?

    Does it matter at all that you would use the ISP’s modem or router or should we purchase one ourselves? What do you think about purchasing a DVR?

    Thanks again Troy!

    • I suggest installing on device itself and not on router. If you follow my VPN router tutorial above, you will notice that it will slow your Internet speed down. When installing on device itself, you don’t need to do anything to your router.

  • limited edition

    OK settle this for me if your in your home can you switch on ipv vanish on your phone and it will cover kodi streaming of the same ip?

    • If you turn on VPN on your phone or any device, it will protect only that device. If you install on router, it will protect any device connecting to the Internet through that router. IPVanish provides up to 5 connections at same time on different devices for one account so not usually necessary to install on router.

  • Debbie

    Thanks for your tutorials. They are so easy to use to get the job done.
    I have a quick question. I installed Ipvanish and terrarium on my Firestick. Ipvanish gives an ip address that I assume it is using but when i go on Terrarium to watch something it gives my ip address. Is this the way it should be?
    I want to be sure its working the way it should.

    • Hi Debbie, the IP Address that you are seeing in Terrarium is probably your local ip address for that device. Keep in mind that you are dealing with 2 different sets of IP addresses. Each device within your home network is assigned a local IP address by your router. Then, the Internet Service Provider assigns your Internet account an IP Address and this is the one that a VPN will change.

  • shagz7

    Thanks for the, always good, tutorials Troy. I made sure to click through your referral link to the IPVanish site to sign up. Now to check out your E-course section… Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for comment! Have fun with your Kodi box.

  • Pete Bradbury

    I’m using IPvanish on a MXQ pro kodi box. My local nas video store is inaccessible when using ipvanish, hence I cant play any of my video files. Is there a solution apart from going out of kodi, switching off ipvanish and going back into kodi?

    • Hi Pete, I will look into this and do a video if I can find a solution.

      • oranaadnaro

        Thanks Troy. I appreciate any help you can provide on getting back my local network with Ipvanish. I’m at the point of doing a factory reset, and a reinstall of Kodi to see if that would clear the error. If I do this, should I do a clean start whenever I add a new build or can I install more than one build at the same time?

        • You can add multiple builds if you install a Kodi fork which is a separate Kodi installation. Yes, whenever I install a build, I reset Kodi to factory default settings.

  • Brook Rieman

    Hi Troy thanks for the great tutorial! This might be a stupid question, but after I’ve done all this, how can I verify it worked if the IP address doesn’t change in the network area anyway? Is there a way to see what the external IP being used is? Also, there is a huge list of servers to choose from, how do I know which one to choose? Does it matter?

    • Hello Brook, you can install a browser on your Kodi device and go to after connecting to VPN. This will show you that your IP address has changed.

  • David Cosford

    Come on Troy. I asked a simple question about using a VPN and first you didn’t understand the question and then you never replied to my more drawn out response. If you are the expert you claim, then this should be easy. I’ll try again:
    Kodi tutorials always say that if you’re getting errors like Stream not available, or web request not found, etc., you may be blocked geographically and should try changing the server you’re connected to a different one, maybe in another country. Is there something in the logs or other hints that can guide a user to a friendly server or are you supposed to go through each of the thousands of servers one by one until you either get lucky or determine the errors are due to something other than your server connection?

    • First of all, I never claimed I was an expert. This is a hobby of mine that I like to share. Unfortunately, I can’t get to every single comment on the 100 articles I have on my site. I would try changing the server a few times and if that doesn’t work, more than likely it has nothing to do with geo restriction and something is just wrong with the source.

  • Lindsay Wilson

    Hi troy I have downloaded kodi on my firestick and then downloaded Ares wizard following your tutorials 🙂 everything had worked apart from when I click Open in ares wizard it won’t open? Just get an error not sure what to do. Really appreciate any help you can give thanks Lindsay

  • elizabeth murphy

    I have been using IPVanish and when I try to watch amazon prime or hulu it says Geo locked. I have to stop vanish to watch anything on these. Why?

    • VPN services are now blocked from paid services such as Hulu and Prime. Just disconnect when watching these. Main reason you want a VPN is for Kodi protection.

  • Lionel J Gautreaux

    Troy, could you please put a login button on your homepage so we can do so easier. The only way I know to do this is by coming to a comment board like this and logging in here. Am I lost? Please rectify me if so.

    BTW, I have friends telling me about Vader IPTV. It’s $120+ a year. Do you think this is better than the Players Klub in your newest video? It doesn’t seem possible that they could be equals with a $60+ difference in annual commitment.

    BTW #2, I love my VPN you’ve recommended. Use it on all my equipment.

    • Thanks Lionel, I will be adding a forum within my Fire Unleashed membership site within the next week for those who want to use that. I used Vader a long time ago and wasn’t impressed. Please let me know when you see this so I can remove this comment from this post. Thank you.

      • Lionel J Gautreaux

        Got it!! Thanks.

  • Sourdough

    My setup is 2nd Gen Amazon Fire TV, Kodi 17, Home network running Windows 10, Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN installed on my PC AND Fire TV. My mp4 movies reside on my pc hard drive. I access these movies with Kodi without the Firetv VPN activated. However when I activate my PIA VPN on the Fire TV, Kodi can no longer find my PC hard drive on my home network. I deactivate the VPN on Fire TV and Kodi can then find my hard drive movies. Is it that the VPN IP address is not recognized by Kodi? Or is it that Kodi only looks for home network ip address that look like “192.168.1.**”?

    • a vpn can put you in america to say as a location so it woudnt find your local network as your ip has changed but you can still find it if you insert your ip adress on the sources page on kodi

      • Sourdough

        Thanx Matt. I’ll do it.
        ps…Ain’t techmology wunnerful!!

  • John Ed Ogles

    HI Troy. Long story short I was in the market for a streaming TV box and found your blog and your reviews, and I purchased an EZ Stream Ti8. I have had it for a few weeks and having trouble installing IPVanish. The main problem I have is that Google Play on the box says the IPV app is incompatible with my box. Have you seen this problem before and do you have any alternative install ideas/? Thanks!

    • John, I don’t know why this would happen. Are you also getting the same message for other apps that you want to install through Google Play? You can always side-load with my tutorial here, even though this is a Mi Box, you can follow the same idea. You will need to install ES Explorer through Google Play –

      • John Ed Ogles

        Troy. You are the man. I’ve been going back and forth with EZstream and IPVanish online support for about two weeks and you fixed my problem in about 10 minutes. Thank you!!

  • Mike Godshall

    Hi Troy I’ve been searching for this for the last couple days whenever I use terrarium on my firestick to watch most movies I keep getting a recaptcha error I can’t find anything anywhere telling me how to resolve it there’s a thread here that pops up in searches but the question was never answered.

  • Bobby Cooke

    Hi my fire tv internet connection does fine until I turn on my Ipvanish and then it will kick me offline and wont let me connect..Ive unplugged box and router few times and wont do anything until I disconnect the IPV..Do I have some kind of setting on or What? Thanks for all u do and love the Perfect Player 🙂

    • Bobby, this is very strange. First things first, I would suggest that you uninstall IPVanish VPN by going into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / IPVanish and then click uninstall. Then, reinstall per the guide which I link to above. Make sue you are now downloading it from the Amazon App store and not sideloading it. Maybe you have an old version of the app installed?