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How To Install Mobdro On Fire TV Or Stick

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Install Mobdro On Fire TV StickThis tutorial will show you how to install Mobdro on Fire TV or Stick quickly and without a computer.

Mobdro is  one of the best Android streaming applications that does a great job steaming live video.  Mobdro’s Web site defines the application as a tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your mobile device.

The great thing about the Fire TV and Stick is that it is based off the Android operating system which means that we can sideload Mobdro onto these devices.  Unfortunately, this is not an application that is available within the Amazon Fire TV app store but the tutorial below will show you how to quickly install this application on to your Fire TV or Stick.

Most of us use Kodi with the Fire TV/Stick on a regular basis for movies and tv shows but live streams always seam to be a problem.  Mobdro fills this void and allows us to install the application alongside Kodi which turns the Fire TV or Stick into a streaming powerhouse.

How To Install Mobdro On Fire TV or Stick Tutorial

Please view the video below as it will go through all necessary details to install Mobdro onto your Fire TV or Stick.  The instructions below the video are simply general instructions without details.



Step 1 Go into Fire TV Settings / Device or System / Developer Options / turn on Apps from Unknown sources by hovering over the option and clicking the select button on your remote.

Step 2 Go to search button and download and install the free application called Downloader.

Step 3 Open Downloader and type the following Mobdro shortcut into the box –

Step 4 After the application has installed, launch Mobdro.

Important:  Many Internet Service Providers are now blocking access or throttling download speeds for applications like Mobdro.  I use a VPN on my Fire TV and Sticks which allows me to access all application and Kodi addons that my ISP tries to block.  Use the link below to install a VPN onto your Fire TV.

Install VPN on Fire TV or Stick

2017-02-16T19:28:11+00:00 By |Fire TV|25 Comments
  • Mike S Ed

    I downloaded Mobdro as you outlined in the video. It works great. However, when I exit out of it and click on Kodi, I cannot find Mobdro. When I go back into download, I have to do the whole thing over again to get back to Mobdro. Where is Mobdro app located after you download it? Is it located in Kodi if so where?

    • Hi Mike, I will post the same answer here that I replied to within your email as well. You can launch any Android app through Kodi by going into Programs / Android Apps and you will see your Android apps there. Regarding your apps not showing under applications on your Fire TV, this could be for a couple of reasons. Some have tried deregistering their device and then register again through settings / Account. Also, make sure your firmware is up to date. Fire TV Settings / System or Device / About / Check for Updates.

      • Patricia Lockett

        I was trying to follow these instructions but I can not finde the program tab in Kodi. Please help!

        • Kevin Herrick

          Hey Patricia, go into settings, then it is under the appearance section at some point. There will be an option to show the Programs group, just click on that then it should be available from the kodi home screen. All the best.

  • Goody gumdropz

    Download Cetus play from the play store and side load numerous apps to the firestick or fire TV with the click of a button.

  • Bloblo Escobar

    Is it normal for this download to take a very long time? Idk why it’s taking me like 20 minutes to download this when I can stream movies and TV shows with no problem at all

    • I just tested download and it is working fine. Not sure why it is taking so long.

  • Les Pickersgill

    I downloaded Modbro but when I come to choose a category everyone of them says “no results found”. What’s up????

  • Harry Ruiz

    Quick way to download Mobdro on firestick .download firedl in search. Then in the apps search bar put this code. 00553 for showbox 00552

  • DC of Illinois

    Just curious why ipvanish is your vpn service of choice. Late 2016 you were advertising PIA. I’m sure you get advertising $$ from these vendors for pushing their particular brand. Is either of those two a better choice than the other. I ask because I went with your recommendation of PIA a few months back and now you only mention ipvanish.

    • Keep using PIA if it is working for you. I switched due to the fact that IPVanish user interface works better and was dealing with too many emails with people having problems with PIA user interface that didn’t work well with Fire TV remote.

  • Michael

    Just want to say thanks to Troy for all these amazing videos and help he provides..

    • You are welcome, Michael! Many more on the way.

      • Linda

        My mobdro did not show up after the installation I saw it but when I exit out it disappeared.

  • Juan Figueroa

    My Mobdro does not have menu withing the video to change subtitles or watch info, is that normal?

  • Aidensdaddy

    when do u plan on updating the troypoint/kodi stable to krypton

    • Travis Nash

      It is updated to a stable Krypton

  • Jim W

    When I search for ‘Downloader’ th results I get are various ‘YouTube’ selections…?

  • Amber Wilson-Rolak

    Worked perfect for me thank you.

  • Linda Kane McMillan

    Mobdro worked fine for a while now all sky channels pop up with “Oops live stream is offline” this is even with a vpn installed HELP!! Hubby is going mad at missing the golf!!

  • DClem

    How do I get Mobdro to appear on my home screen and not have to install every time?

    • Linda

      I am having the same problem did you resolve my Mobdro has hidden

    • Linda

      I did find it under applications

    • Hold down on home button, click Apps, find icon in list, highlight it, click options button, and then move it to where you want it.