How To Use Usenet – The Quick Way

//How To Use Usenet – The Quick Way

How To Use Usenet – The Quick Way

How To Use UsenetIn this article, I will show you how to use Usenet to start building your very own media library. I have been using Usenet for the past fifteen years and can honestly say that it is the best way to download media due to its high download speeds and user security.

I have partnered with Newshosting to bring you a free Usenet trial account that includes 750 GB of free downloads!  Click the link below to get registered so you can follow along with my tutorial on this page.

Click HERE to get 750 GB of downloads free + lifetime discount for TROYPOINT visitors

Today, many people use various Kodi addons and Android-based applications to stream their media. After time, some Kodi users get tired of the effort it takes to maintain their systems and the Usenet solution breaks them free of that ongoing upkeep. If you’re partial to the Kodi interface, however, Kodi can still be used as your media player once the files are downloaded from Usenet.

Before I go any further, many may ask ‘what about Torrent sites?’ Unfortunately, torrent sites have come under intense scrutiny in recent years and is not a recommended way to securely source media anymore. Also, using torrent technology relies on other people to seed the file which often means very slow and restricted download speeds. Usenet, however, provides uncapped download speeds and lets you download directly from high-power servers that are plugged into a private, encrypted and extremely fast network.

This Kodi and torrent alternative provides a practical way for people to quickly download files directly to their computers. Many Usenet users also own a Home Media Server that stores all of those files and allows them to stream them to any connected device on their home network. You can even use services like Plex to sync your local content library to a cloud server, allowing you to stream your media from any device while you’re on the go.

What is Usenet and Why Have I Never Heard of it Before?

Usenet, which comes from the phrase “users network,” is a tried and true technology that has withstood the test of time. In fact, it has been in existence since 1980 and actually predates the world wide web.

In the beginning, Usenet was solely used as a “digital” bulletin-board where people around the world would share text files and messages on thousands of different points of common interest—sports, travel, cooking recipes, politics, comic books…you name it. As time went on, binary files made their way into newsgroups and quickly became a popular place to share all sorts of digital files including audio, video, image and software files using the extremely fast, efficient and secure Usenet network.

Usenet has evolved over the years and now includes over 95 billion text and binary files and users are adding approximately 2 billion articles per month! This media platform now includes millions of active users from nearly every country around the world joined together on the private Usenet network!

One note that I’d like to make about Usenet is that it used to require a few manual steps which could be a bit technical, but with the introduction of modern applications such as CouchPotato, SABNZB and Sonarr, you’re able to fully automate the process and turn Usenet into an absolute powerhouse when it comes to downloading files. I will get into more detail on this in a follow-up advanced guide on Usenet. In the meantime, just follow the steps outlined below to get up and running with searching and downloading from Usenet.

Important Usenet Terms To Know

The terms outlined here may help you understand the tutorial that is provided below on how to use Usenet.

Usenet – A global network used for connecting people around the world to discuss various topics and share files privately and securely.

Newsgroups – The files that people post to Usenet are placed in topic-specific categories that are referred to as Newsgroups.

Newsreaders – The software/user interface used to access Usenet content. Newsreaders allow you to find and download files from Usenet.

How Does Usenet Work?  A Quick Summary

Those who download with Usenet must first register for an account with a Usenet access provider. Most of these services carry a monthly or annual subscription fee due to the costs associated with administering the servers. Keep in mind that over 27 terabytes are accessed on a daily basis and it would be impossible to provide this as a free service, especially at the very fast download speeds and encryption provided.

If you search the Internet for Usenet providers, you will notice the “Free” word thrown around a lot. Keep in mind that this means they provide a free trial of about 10 GB and most of the time, this isn’t a free full-blown service. If you do find a free service, more than likely the connection will not be secure and/or the download speeds will be horrible. The adage “you always get what you pay for” applies here, too.

Usenet Server Farm

Usenet Server Farm

Usenet Services

As stated earlier, you must register with a Usenet service if you want the ability to download and upload files. In my opinion, the most important aspects when picking a provider is whether or not they offer an unlimited plan and SSL-encryption.

You will notice that many providers do not have unlimited plans which means that you can only download a set amount of data each month. Believe me, once you start using Usenet, you will not want to be restricted to a data cap each month!

I have been using Usenet for the past fifteen years and my service provider of choice is Newshosting for a few reasons. This is one of the best deals that you will find on the Internet when comparing their download speeds, user security and pricing.

Reasons why I like Newshosting

  1. Newshosting provides an unlimited plan for only $12.95 per month if pre-paid for one year.  NOTE: TROYPOINT visitors get a special free trial with 750 GB of downloads PLUS a special discounted price of $8.33/mo (this is 58% off for life) with an annual account, or only $9.99 if you prefer a monthly access plan. This special free trial gives you 75X more gigs than the 10 GB free trials typically available with Usenet service providers. On top of that, TROYPOINT subscribers automatically get a 58% discount for life if you decide to subscribe to the service.
  2. Free Usenet software is included, which makes finding and downloading Usenet files a breeze – see tutorial below.
  3. Unlimited speed with 30 simultaneous connections—plenty for you to utilize your full ISP bandwidth speeds.
  4. 256-Bit Encryption, which means your downloads are secured so your Internet provider or any third parties can’t see what you’re downloading.

How To Use Usenet Guide


Click HERE to get 750 GB of downloads free + lifetime discount for TROYPOINT visitors

See my tutorial on how to add Usenet media files to Kodi


The steps below are general guidelines and it is suggested that you watch the video tutorial above for detailed steps.

Step 1 – Click HERE to sign up for 750 GB of free downloads with Newshosting.

Step 2 – Log into your Newshosting account by clicking the Login button on the menu HERE.

Step 3 – Go into the settings of your account and click the download button for the free Newsgroup Reader.

Download Newsgroup Reader

Step 4 – Choose your operating system and install.

Choose Your Operating System

Step 5 – Go into the settings of the Newsgroup Reader and adjust your connections to 30.  Also, check the box “Prefer SSL connections if available” and choose port 443.  This will ensure a secure connection.

Step 6 – Set the download location where you would like to save your Usenet files.

Step 7 – Perform a search for the item (any item) that you want to download. Once the results are populated, double click the file to begin download. Note: you can filter your search results to just video, audio, software, etc. This is a very cool feature that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Once you download the file, it will copy that file to your specified downloads folder from Step 6. From there, simply execute the file and it will play through your preferred media player.

And that’s it! It’s really as simple as that. If you have any questions regarding Usenet and/or Newshosting, please use the comments section below. I will also develop an FAQ area on this page that addresses the most commonly asked questions.

And, of course, be sure to signup here to get 750 GB of downloads free + a special lifetime discount for TROYPOINT visitors.

Happy downloading!

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  • Orly Rod

    I was wondering if I subscribe I’ll be able tu use the VPN if I’m not downloading anything
    just browsing the internet

    • Yes, the VPN they provide will work on a computer.

      • Orly Rod

        thank you TROY

  • Victor

    I’m using a computer as my server with windows 10. I assume that in order to access your files from your server with another device (android phone; kindle fire; etc.), the server/computer needs to be on and not in sleep mode. Is this correct?

    • Victor, that is correct.

  • Bob

    Do not understand the search, tried some tests; “left behind audiobook”, “le mans movie”.
    came back with tons of random stuff
    what does it search on? I guess not the title

    • Try using the filters within the search area.

  • John Knight

    while downloading, I am continuously disconnected from IPVanish….Thoughts?

    • John, I would suggest trying to restart both your computer and router.

      • John Knight

        Different computers. IPVanish stays stable except when using Newshosting

        • John, I am guessing that this problem is due to SSL encryption while using Usenet as it is already encrypted.

          • John Knight

            That makes sense…….21 years in IT, I should have thought of that!

  • peterwhiteland

    Hi Troy

    Unfortunately I can’t say that my recent experience with Newshosting was great. I signed up for the programme as you suggested. After a whole day I still hadn’t received my login details. I then started to chase support and was finally given a password. Managed to login and download the browser, tried to login to that but it wasn’t having any of it.

    Back to support and they said they would look into it. After a further 2 days of chasing support with several emails with no reply I gave up and cancelled my account. After emailing support, again to inform them of this I thought that I would give them one last try and asked that they wipe all of my details and start again. I receive an email back saying that they can offer me their $9.99 unlimited promo without a free trial, unbelievable!

    So, I would have loved to give Usenet a go with your recommendation, but because of their poor service, I’m afraid you won’t be getting any payback from my membership.

    • Hello Peter, I am sorry to hear about your problems. Fortunately, I haven’t heard of others having same troubles. Can you please email me at with your contact info? I will have someone reach out to you that will be more help that what you received if you are willing. Have a nice weekend.

  • Victor

    I’ve subscribed for the $99 deal (your 7 day free trial offer) where we can get up to 750 GB or 7 days, whichever comes first. Either I missed it or it didn’t say but what is the GB downloads after the 7 days?

    • Hi Victor, after the 7 days you are considered a paying customer and then it is UNLIMITED. Have fun!

  • Rich Stevens

    Wow! After signing up and setting up the software for newshosting I thought I heard that 300 baud modem sound connecting ?! I was a huge usenet guy in early days and it was amazing. For better or worse, nothing has changed. Tons of files, yup! Organized, nope? Random groups that come and go, yup. Requires an IT geek to administor. At least the searching for missing rar files seems to be far better so you don’t waste time grabbing 11 out of 12 parts, never seeing that final piece.

    The site is great, and sw is very quick. The real key here is that you must know what you want, browsing is impossible. So if you looked at most of the video groups, so many entries in non-English language and no way to filter that out ( never understood why). The real value of torrent sites, especially KAT is the organization and index. Many times I stumble across a film I had heard of but never really tried to locate. But there it is on KAT! That simply cannot happen on usenet. It can happen on Kodi which is still why it’s so popular. But honestly Kodi has been awful lately. Repos come and go, the good builds can’t keep updated so you end up trying to watch videos that aren’t available. Even with a real debrid account, the films aren’t there anymore.

    So yes, I will keep the newshosting account since the annual price is a steal compared to Giganews. And it’s nice to grab something that for you know it’s name. But for me the torrent sites are back as a primary source unless Kodi returns to its former glory.

    Plex at least make the playback so easy!

    Just my $.02

    Great job Troy.

    • Thanks for comment on how to use Usenet, Rich. I will be doing another tutorial on the advanced search features so it is easier for people to filter results. Yes, you are right, the price is unbeatable. Have fun.

  • Clive Affron

    Troy can you help me. Newshosting is in the U.S. And I live in England will I be able to join? Also do you know what the cost would be in U.K. Pounds.
    Also thank you for all the information and emails you send me, they are fantastic.
    Regards. Clive.

    • Hi Clive, yes it will work great regardless of where you live. You can find a currency converter by searching Google. Have fun.

      • Clive Affron

        Thanks Troy for the info.

  • Victor

    If I decide Newshosting is not for me, can I cancel before the end of the 7 days without a charge? If so, how?

    • Yes, within your account portal you will be able to cancel. This is a free 7-day trail so you can cancel at any time prior to that.

  • warskull

    With the annual subscription on their site it states VPN included, will it be include?

    • This is a bare bones VPN and only available on Windows and Mac. So, if you want to run it on Android device such as Android Box or Fire TV, it wouldn’t work.

  • Chris Bednarz

    Do all the video files contain closed captions like the example in your tutorial?

    • No, that is a very old tv show.

  • Nestor pe benito

    I already have the IPvanish. I believe i made a one year subscription. Is the VPN in newshosting included in the $99 subscrition. if it is i might cancel the IPvanish and use the VPN here

    • Hello Nestor, I suggest connecting to the computer that you have downloaded the files onto via Kodi. See my tutorial here for that –

    • Nestor, keep in mind that the VPN they provide will not work with Fire TV or Android Box. It is a bare-bones VPN that only works on Windows and Mac.

  • Nestor pe benito

    Just joined and made the annual subscription. Ok after say i download an episode of the walking dead, how can I play if in my fire tv stick.

  • John Fernau

    Should this be run behind a VPN, or is it safe to use an open network?

    • I always suggest doing things like this with a VPN regardless but yes, it is o.k. to do on open network as the download is encrypted.

  • The Merlo

    Thanks Troy! Keep up the useful guides. I just bought a Surface after years of working with Mac’s and feared downloading for those “other” sites with the garbage that comes with them. Not any more.

    • Thanks Merlo. Have fun with Usenet!

  • Leo Anderson

    Troy: Your downlaod example was not a good one, moe important is what other media is available, such as new movies, new TV shows, like what we have access to with Kodi and others… thanks…

    • Leo, due to copyright restrictions, Public Domain examples are the only ones that I will provide examples for.

  • darwinte

    I really appreciate your info on this. I signed up and am downloading TV shows left and right!!

    • Glad you like Usenet, darwinte! Have fun.

  • Lawrence Richmond

    Is Usenet compatiable with my Xiaomi Mi Box?

    • You must use Usenet on a computer or a device that allows you to install a newsreader like my video shows. You can then take the files and play them on any media device.

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