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How To Protect Your Online Privacy


Shepard Smith of Fox News talks about the online privacy law that is being repealed and how we can protect ourselves.

Update – President Trump did sign this resolution into law, which will now allow Internet Service Providers to share your data with the outside world.  

It is now more important than ever to protect your online privacy due to a vote cast by congress this past Tuesday which repeals rules that didn’t allow Internet service providers to use customer data.

On Tuesday, March 28th, the House voted to approve a measure which has already been passed by the Senate which will repeal rules on how Internet service providers can use customer data.  The Republican-led House voted 215 to 205 to repeal the regulations put into effect last year that requires Internet providers to obtain customer consent before using their Internet activity for advertising or marketing.

This has outraged many people due to the fact that we pay for a service and with that payment most of us expect that our online privacy will remain intact.

The White House has indicated that President Trump is supporting this repeal measure, which means that the new law will ultimately be approved.

If you think about it, we use the Internet for everything.  From surfing the web, telephone, email, television, gaming, online chat, our Internet service provider has a ton of data on us.  These Internet service providers are now able to eliminate our privacy and do whatever they would like with that data, such as sell it to third party.

The reason that this law has been repealed is due to an uproar from the Internet service providers where they claim it isn’t fair that they can’t use this data like certain online properties do.  They claim that it is an unfair advantage and they should have the ability to sell or use their customer’s Internet activity logs however they would like.

Here are my arguments on that.

If a certain web property that I visit is selling my browsing activity to a third party, that doesn’t bother me too much due to the fact that I’m not paying anything to access their site.  Also, these web properties don’t have my personal data that my Internet service provider has such as social security number, address, telephone number, email address, etc.

Also, most of us don’t have a large choice of services when it comes to broadband Internet.  The lawmakers will tell us to find a company that promises to keep our Internet privacy secure but the problem with that is that many of us only have one or two services to choose from.

If you want to protect your online privacy, the answer is a VPN service just like Shepard Smith suggests in the video above, which stands for Virtual Private Network.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN will provide you with an encrypted connection to the Internet which will make it impossible for your Internet service provider to collect data on your online activity.  You can think of a VPN as a middle-man between you and your Internet service provider.  When you are connected to a VPN, your traffic is encrypted before it reaches the Internet which makes it no possible for your ISP to monitor your activity.

See the diagram below which illustrates how a VPN works.

Protect Your Online Privacy

How To Protect Your Online Privacy

The VPN service that I recommend is called IPVanish and they do not store any logs of their customers so you can rest assured that your online privacy will be protected.

Below you will find numerous tutorials that I have created on how to install a VPN.

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  • Mike

    do firesticks already have a VPN installed in them?

    • They do not, you can follow my link above to do that yourself. Very easy process. Take care.

      • Mike

        I already have one, I signed up a couple months ago for one. I had a “tech” guy tell me I did not need one because they already had one built in. This is why kodi is able to run without being taken down. I was wanted to prove him wrong

  • James Orr

    Troy l downloaded a vpn thru the apps on my firestick and have it turned on all the time. And l being protected as well for the one l down loaded for free compared to others that cost?
    Thanks, James

  • Rick Hathaway

    HI Troy,
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and I have three quick questions.
    1. Does application of IPVanish at the router level cover all activities through that router?
    2. Does application of IPVanish slow upload and/or download speeds normally available through ISP?
    3. What does IPVanish cost?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Rick, 1. yes, all devices connected to the router will be protected. 2. Yes, this is one of the reasons why I use a dual router configuration in my tutorial that I link to above. 3. Approximately 50 to 60 per year.

      • Rick Hathaway

        Thank you.

  • Agent99

    I had been following this latest grab at our data, Troy. Frosted, I am. Luckily I installed a VPN when I started with my Fire Box per your suggestion. Big thumbs up and “thank you” for that ! 🙂

    • You are welcome, Agent99! Glad you are protected and surfing/downloading anonymously with your VPN service.

  • Joe Barrett

    Troy, I have been using my Kodi app on a Fire TV and Fire TV Stick for just about a year now without a VPN with no issues. However, this latest move by congress has prompted me to us the VPN service you recommend as I also am angry that my browsing activity is now a free-for-all. Anyway I just had one question: I often have to pair my IP address to watch content on Kodi, examples of the streams would be Openload, thevideo and a few others. I have found that many times these streams work well with no buffering and sometimes are the only choice available for HD video. Will the VPN render using these streams impossible since you have to pair your IP address in order to use them?? Thanks for all you do Troy, your tutorials have been very helpful to this very non-tech savy guy to get and keep his Kodi working! 🙂

    • Hi Joe, great question. I use Real-Debrid to deal with this. Real-Debrid is a premium downloader that will show up in your source list when you go to stream something. It takes care of the pairings on their end. At least whenever using their service, I have never been prompted to pair. Here are instructions for Real-Debrid –

      Purchase a Real Debrid Premium does cost approximately $4 per month – Before you can purchase an account, you must first signup for a free account and you can do that by using the Sign Up button on top right of page.
      1. Open Exodus within Kodi
      2. Select Tools
      3. Select SETTINGS: Accounts
      4. Scroll down to RealDebrid & select Authorization
      5. Follow the on screen prompt and go to and enter the PIN (letters and digits) as prompted
      6. Select Allow if you are asked if you would like to authorize the Lambda add-on
      7. Once you have completed the above steps, you can now go back into Exodus and Real Debrid links appear in the source listings for any stream that you choose to view.

      • Joe Barrett

        Excellent! Thank you Troy 🙂

  • Bryan

    I have been using your recommended vpn service for awhile now with no problems . I did email my state house representative and my opposition to SJ resolution 34. all i received was a standard reply. Stinking bureaucrats. Thank you Troy for all your help.

    • Bryan, thanks for comment and glad that you reached out to your house representative regarding the privacy laws. Unreal! Glad your VPN is working well for you.

  • harry

    Hi Tory – First Great Site and instruction for Kodi. I really love it and man u wouldn’t believe, i visit your site at least once a day to check for any new articles.

    I have a question on VPN – I check on IPVanish and they are a US based company. Doesn’t that mean, If they are shown a court order they will monitor our activity??

  • catherineforrights

    Troy, first all doesn’t it make sense to buy a Router that has the IVPVanish already installed as our devices are routed through it? Just one person may use 5 devices easily.. Do you need a modem? How much is it and does it replace protection on your devices from malware etc? Also I have seen of the new Fire Stick installed with Kodi 17.1 JAILBROKEN, seller claiming you can get everything for free. And if it is not possible to buy a Router with IVPVanish which I would think would encrypt all internet traffic? Please get back to me ASAP thanks and which is better the stick or box; I have a Sharp Roku Smart TV. thanks Catherine