This is a two-part tutorial that will show you how to fix Fire TV Stick so it works like new again.  Due to the small storage space on these devices, they fill up rather quickly, especially for those of us who have installed Kodi.

Some of the problems that Fire TV users may experience over time is increased buffering, system lockups, or power failure.  I like to compare the Fire TV Stick to my windows computer in that I need to perform a factory reset on it every now and then.  Before we do that, let’s first see if we can fix our Fire TV Stick with a less time-consuming method.

For those of you who are using Kodi Media Center on your  Fire TV Sticks, this is a good place to start since Kodi is a resource hog and this could be the main culprit of our problems.

Due to the numerous addons that we add to Kodi, these slow the system down and can cause major problems.

Below, you will find a video tutorial that will walk you through the process of resetting Kodi to default settings without uninstalling the actual application.  When you do this, you will lose all addons and settings that you have input into Kodi so please make note of that.  If you get my free Supercharge Fire TV Guide, you will receive bonus videos that will show you how to quickly install the very best addons.

How To Fix Fire TV Stick By Resetting Kodi To Default Settings

Step 1 Go into Fire TV Settings / Applications/ Manage Installed Applications / Click Kodi

Step 2 Click Clear data

Step 3 Launch Kodi to ensure application has been reset to factory defaults

If you notice that this procedure has fixed your Fire TV Stick, you do not need to reset your Fire TV Stick to factory settings.  You are done.

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How To Fix Fire TV Stick By Performing A Factory Reset

The first thing that you can check is how much storage is remaining on your Fire TV Stick.  You can get to this by going into Fire TV Settings / About / Storage.  You will see in the image below that my device is pretty full and has less than 1 GB of space available.  If your Fire TV Stick is low on storage, more than likely this is where your problems are coming from.  The good news is that this is very easy to fix.

How To Fix Fire TV Stick

Here is a video that will show you how to fix Fire TV Stick by performing a factory reset on the device itself.  When you do this, you will lose all settings and apps that you have installed onto your device.

Step 1 Go into Fire TV Settings / System /

Step 2 Click “Reset to Factory Defaults” button

Step 3 A warning will appear, click the “Reset” button

Your Fire TV will reset and reboot at which time you can input your Amazon login credentials and go through the setup process.