How To Make A Thumbnail For A Youtube Video

This tutorial is going to walk you through how to make a thumbnail for a YouTube video with free software.  There are two main free photo editors that I use on a regular basis that work really well and are 100% free.  With Adobe Photoshop costing approximately $700, it doesn't make sense for most people [...]

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Blog Software That Rules Them All

One of the first tasks that a new blogger must decide on, is what blog software he or she is going to use.  This is  one of the easiest tasks in the pursuit to start blogging because in my mind, there is only one blog software package that sticks out head and shoulders above all [...]

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How To Start Blogging

You have come to the right place if you are interested in how to start blogging.  This is the second part of a 4-part series on how to start blogging and in this segment we will determine a topic for your blog.  This part of the series, specifically deals with planning what your blog topic [...]

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What is Blogging

What is blogging, you may ask?  Over the years, I have heard this question come up a lot, especially from my friends who aren't as technology minded as me. I have decided to put together a free four-part series that will answer the question, "What is blogging".   This series will also take you through [...]

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WordPress Table Plugin

A WordPress table plugin is a necessity for anyone who is serious about publishing on the Internet.  By default, WordPress does not come with a WordPress Table button. I can remember back in the days that I used Dreamweaver and how easy it was working with tables.  When I made the switch to WordPress in [...]

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Chromecast to Multiple Devices With One Computer

The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player can serve as an awesome entertainment tool but more importantly to me, a great business tool where I can Chromecast to multiple devices.  One of my duties as Executive Director of the Iowa PGA is to conduct approximately thirty professional golf tournaments per year. We have implemented electronic [...]

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WPtouch and W3 Total Cache – How To Fix

Update 9/11/2015 This post is still getting a little traffic which means people are still using this plugin.  I strongly suggest getting away from using a mobile responsive plugin like WPtouch and start using a 100% mobile responsive theme.  I have been using the Avada Theme for the past two years on all of my [...]

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