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Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi AddonsThis post is meant to provide an up-to-date list of the best Kodi addons within different categories.  It is difficult to know which Kodi addons to use due to the ever-changing technology within this hobby.  This will be updated on a regular basis so you know which addons work well for your specific needs.  Be sure to bookmark this post and check back on a regular basis for new submissions provided by users in the comment section below.

This post will be updated on a regular basis by using the viewer comments posted below this post.  Please note that TROYPOINT does not tolerate any rude or disrespectful posts and those individuals who choose to go this route will be banned.

Please use the comments section below to provide your opinion on the various addons and TROYPOINT will take those into consideration when adjusting the results.  The purpose of this post is to allow the TROYPOINT visitors and email subscribers with the opportunity to keep this post up-to-date with the best functioning Kodi addons.

Thank you for your help in maintaining an accurate list of the best Kodi addons that are currently available!


List Last Updated on August 20th, 2017 – The list below reflects the best Kodi Addons after some have been deactivated permanently following rumor of lawsuit against popular distributor and developer.  

Best Kodi Addons for TV Shows & Movies

Best Kodi Addons for Live Streaming

Unfortunately, using live Kodi streams has never been very reliable.  Most of the addons you find below will always be hit and miss.  TROYPOINT suggests using a IPTV service such as The Players Klub for reliable live TV.

Best Kodi Addons for Sports

  • DC Sports – How To Install DC Sports Kodi
  • Pro Sport
  • Project D
  • Find My Game
  • Football Replays
  • Planet MMA
  • SportsDevil
  • SportsMania
  • Wrestling On Demand
  • Motor Replays
  • Live Premiership

Best Kodi Addons for Kids

  • Cartoons8
  • Binky TV
  • Bobbys Cartoons
  • Kidz
  • Super-Cartoons
  • Ares Kids Tube

Best Kodi Addons for Fitness

  • Ares Fitness
  • Pulse Workout
  • Gym World
  • YogaGlo

Best Kodi Addons for Music

  • MP3 Streams
  • Jukebox Hero
  • StudioBeats
  • YouMusic
  • Now Music
  • Pulse Jukebox
  • Alive.HD

Best Kodi Addons for Anime

  • Kissanime
  • Cypher 9Anime

Best Miscellaneous Kodi Addons

  • Subtitles –
  • Fusion Maintenance Tools


Please use the comments section below to tell us if we are missing something that should be a part of the list above.  We will continually be updating this list with new Kodi addon entries and possibly new categories so when you find something new, please come here and  post in the comment section.

CAUTION!  Internet Service Providers are cracking down on those who are using Kodi to receive free streams of movies, tv shows, etc.  Be sure to setup a VPN (virtual private network) on your streaming devices.  This will allow you to stream and download anonymously without your ISP or government monitoring.  Use the link below to learn how to setup a VPN on your Kodi box.

How To Install VPN On Kodi


2017-08-20T19:19:08-05:00 By |Kodi|757 Comments
  • Sandy

    So far, My favorite add on is Exodus, it is great for movies and tv shows. I use it more than any other. I’m excited to learn of others and their functions though.

  • Nathan Lott

    I like the Phoenix add on. It has the material that I look at most frequently and is pretty stable. Rarely do I get problems with streams not loading. Recently, I’ve had some lower quality feeds but the majority of the content is very crisp.

  • Mike Flannelly

    I really use the lazy tv add on. It is the best way to watch TV series. It automatically loads the most recent unwatched episode

  • Anissa KT Fyer

    My favorite is Exodus as well. I usually find all my shows with no streaming problems.

  • James Miller

    My favorite add on is exodus..just so many movies to choose from rather they be new in the theater or something I haven’t watched in years it’s there

  • John McCleave

    EXODUS is my go to for movies
    ..Doesn’t require pairing as often

  • Ed Ramirez

    My favorite is Exodus. It always works for me and I never have trouble finding anything I’m looking for. Its very dependable and never lets me down 🙂

    Second favorite is Ccloud… a lot of live streaming channels that I enjoy. Not always the top when it comes to stability or dependability but still the best for this type of content.

    Anything after second just really isn’t worth mentioning in my opinion.

  • Shannon Gawell

    I really like the Phoenix addon. They have TV episodes of series not on TV and I can now stream my Two and a Half Men!!!

  • James Kincaid

    So far i’m an Exodus user 95% of the time for TV shows and movies. It’s reliable and easy to navigate through.

  • Mike McGuire

    My Favorite is Exodus. It seems to be the best even after TVaddons took it over. and while not a addon per se… ipVanish is a great service I learned about on this site!

  • Zack Whitman

    Exodus is by far my favorite/the best at this time. Things always change with Add-ons but you can’t beat the quality and speed that exodus provides!

  • Geoff Miles

    My favourites in the UK are Adrian Sports, SALTS, Phoenix and Exodus. Would the second generation Fire Stick work in the UK?

  • Tim Boening

    Exodus is by far the best overall add on. It has everything our family needs.

  • Henry Boonstra

    Exodus is by far the most reliable of the Add ons that I’ve used so far. I only wish it would auto-load the next episode when watching a series.

  • Carolyn Lewis

    My favorite is exodus and the maintaince tool. I love being able to watch any and every movie or tv show that’s out there. The maintenance tool for clearing out that pesky cache

    Oh hubby loves the adult section lol

  • Mike W

    For NBA and NHL – ProSport. Movies and TV shows – hands down it’s Exodus. I love Phoenix too especially their live feed streams of The Hunt Channel and The Pursuit Channel. I agree..Phoenix is very stable.

  • Kelly Enright

    Exodus is my go to app for Kodi.

  • Nicole Gose

    Exodus phoenix are my favorite!! I love all the tv shows and movies!! I wish I could find more add-ons for kids 🙂

  • Combat Marine

    All of the addons are excellent. However I use Phoenix, Exodus, and Sports Devil more than anything. These three have everything that I watch on a daily basis.

    Keep up the great wirk!!!!

  • Mike

    BOB unlimited has been the best so far for me. If your looking for crappy CAM links this add-on isn’t for you. It only uploads DVD quality and better videos. The live streaming is pretty good also. BOB is basically a better phoenix. The ease of use is why I like it so much

  • Wes

    Exodus and Sports devil are my go to add-ons.

  • Bernadette Lake

    My favorite add on is Specto it is an amazing add on for Movie and TV Shows.

  • Jody Smith

    I like Exodus so far the best! It has everything we need! Great Job guys!

  • Graeme Mather

    Specto for the win! I love the selection they have and the streams always seem to work the best

  • speakycl

    Exodus Is one of my favs. For me it always works and pretty much always streams what I’m after.

  • Luis Gray

    Exodus is by far the best for me however if I can’t find TV series or film specto will almost definetly have it

  • Connie Hall-Roy

    I love Exodus the most. It’s very well organized and I can count on it to work and find everything I need as far as movies and TV shows.

  • Angela Hatcher

    We use exodus and 1 channel and they meet or needs. But I love this list. Going to try one of the live streaming.

  • Keith Corso

    Ditto Exodus, but I’ve found that I often get a better choice of older television shows on 1Channel. My go to is Exodus but I’ve found some good older television shows and even some older movies on 1Channel. A nice alternative source.

  • Carrie Doucette

    My favorite would have to be exodus because of ts reliability. 🙂

  • John Stephenson

    Exodus the best. Phoenix second best.

  • Tommy L Wise

    My favorite add on is exodus because you can watch about any movies or tv show that you want for free

  • Tyler Dennis Schaefer

    I would go with exodus. It’s all I mainly use because of all the kid shows that are easy to find

  • Mike Briggs

    I love Exodus. Watching new movies without leaving the house is so much better than spending $50 for a movie and popcorn. Only way it would be better is if they put cam copies in a separate section so I could avoid them completely.

  • Marie

    My favorite KODI add-on is Exodus. I have always found whatever I wanted to watch on it. I like the way they have it organized as well. I also really love Specto, but use it more for TV programs that I like to watch. I’ve been using KODI since September and I am still amazing at how great it is… I had the Fire Stick for months prior and I am kicking myself that I didn’t install everything much sooner. So glad I took the plunge!

  • Rob Lovell

    SportAccess is by far the greatest addon of all time. Yes it is a paid addon, I pay $38 for 3 months for HD sports as well as Fox News, NFL Network, and the movie channels. I have cut the cord and stream everything. Love KODI!!!!!!!! And thank you Troy for all your hard work helping us 🙂

    • Rob Lovell

      Exodus, Specto-Fork, SportsAccess are the only 3 addons that I load on my boxes. Its all I need!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Aaron Ols

      Is Sports Access an iptv addon, or what are you using in addition to that for the movie channels?

  • Toninator

    Phoenix – most stable addon out there

  • Carl Ferritto

    Exodus is the best, works well and has the most.

  • Cajunbelle70663

    Exodus is our fave. However, another to add to your list is Fox Sports Go App. It carried the Super Bowl and Westminster Dog Show. No special subscription or site specific login required.

  • Victor Dimargio

    Exodus is still the best ,nothing better yet, butttttt Bob,Imperial Streams,Movie vault are all great ones too !!!

  • Erik Benson

    Sounds repetitive, but have to go with Exodus as you can find everything you want.

  • Robert Pignato

    I would agree with most, that Exodus is my favorite add on. Its like a one-stop shop. Movies and tv and reliable.

  • Ted Pullen

    As so many have said, my go to is also Exodus. We enjoy the movies and the ease of finding many series that we like to watch. I do need to connect to IPvanish as being in Canada, I cannot get access to all that I would like.

  • Pierce Zanders

    My favorite add-ons are Exodus and Sports Devil. I enjoy the large movie database on Exodus and I’m a sports junky so Sports Devil fills my needs.

  • farsighted

    Specto. I find that it’s a bit better than Exodus, though Exodus is my second favorite. Pretty much only use those two these days.

    • djeddieo

      Spent for movies AND TV shows?

    • Mike Guffey

      I agree, I had had the best luck with tv and movies with Specto

  • April Southard Coe

    My favorite would have to be Exodus, my hubby loves Kissanime, I love movies and he is a big anime fan

  • Gilorma Long

    I agree with Exodus I find more up to date movies and shows on this one than I have on others. and it provides links for both 720P and 1080P versions.

  • Marciolourenco57

    I love Phoenix for my kids as they have the Disney collections all in one place and Exodus for tv shows and movies. I have been using Modbro and UKTVNOW for all UFC events and even though it still freezes and I have to back out and go back in, it’s far less than when I used Sportsdevil.

    • djeddieo

      Do you find that USTVNow is out of sync, audio/video, or is that just me?

  • Al Lovett

    SALTS is my favorite it scraps from all over the internet and gives you a wide source of movies and tv shows. The developer for Exodus so its stability is suspect, time will tell if it survives.

  • Ken

    Exodus because it works very well.

  • Wesley Hughes

    You can’t go wrong with Exodus. It’s the easiest add-on to use for TV and movies. My wife and I just love Kodi and can’t believe how easy it is to use! We heard about Kodi from my brother, but we were skeptical about the ability of Kodi. Once I found out that Kodi could be installed on our Amazon Fire Stick, it was a simple Google search to learn how to do it. Troypoint had the easiest installation guide and we couldn’t be more satisfied! Thanks Troypoint!

  • Capt. KangaJew

    Exodus because of its ease of use and Phoenix because of the layout they use to watch streaming TV

  • Michelle

    Michelle B.

    Sports Devil! I am a huge Red Sox fan and I don’t live in the area but with Sports Devil I can all of the games.

  • Mark Choate

    Exodus is great for all your TV shows highly recommend it

  • Nick

    Being fairly new to the whole Kodi scene, I haven’t ventured beyond Exodus (although that might change now with great suggestions here). I appreciate what you are doing here Troy. As someone new to all of this there is just too much available to do trial and error tests and getting input from the community helps everyone.

  • Pamela Dawson Black

    I hear There is another addon that compares to Exodus (rumor: Exodus is being disabled). The new addon is called Zen. Have you heard anything about this?

    • Rob Lovell

      Check Specto-Fork

  • Kristen A. Lane

    I am new to this FireTV Stick family and am loving it so far. I really like Exodus so far but am excited to learn more and more. Thank you Troy for posting the videos on how to install Kodi, etc! Have a great day all!

  • Joseph Edward

    Exodus, hands down.

  • Lorna Kinard

    Although I haven’t tried anything other than Exodus, I CAN say that I love it! I find everything I want!

  • Janene Velez

    I love Exodus. I didn’t know about some of other ones, but now that I do I will be trying them too

  • Aaron Ols

    My go-to add ons are like many have said, Exodus, but combined with Real-Debrid. Though there is a charge for using real-debrid, I have found that you are able to get more sources, and much less buffering in playback. Until recently, I didn’t have the time to really get the hang of SALTS, but it is growing on me. I wish that they would integrate real-debrid as well. I do enjoy the fact that it will go into automatic playback if there are available sources though. I used to use Sports Devil a lot more for sports, but I recently got a subscription to Vader Streams. I think it was a good investment, as I can get HBO, Starz, and Cinemax. It’s also the best paid add on for PPV UFC, WWE, and boxing. Their video on demand is awesome too, and their library seems to be growing all the time. Their video on demand, at least for me, is immediate playback, and seems that the worst has been 720p, at least anything that I have tried. I need to decide on either a large portable hard drive, or NAS, so I can actually record shows once I figure out how to DVR things. I may be able to finally completely cut the cord if that is the case. The tutorials from TroyPoint are always helpful to me, and even though it is primarily focused on FireTV, I’d like to see more content geared towards Android TV boxes. Thanks for always being in the know.

  • Dylan Williams

    Would have to say Exodus would be my go to. Still looking for good Live TV Stream. Any suggestions?

    • Jake Mc

      He has some listed above

  • Kris

    Exodus and Uk Turks is the best for picture quality and updates

  • mat turner

    Exodus is the best, works well and has the most. Never let’s me down

  • Jake Mc

    Exodus is my favorite due to the fact I can watch anything I want and it’s all for free hah..

    I also wanted to thank you very much for all the guides you posted.. saved me a lot of time. You take your time with guides and thoroughly explain. So thank you.

  • djeddieo

    well, like most commenters I generally stick with Exodus for movies and TV shows. I also like USTVNow for live network TV, especially when my rooftop HDTV antenna starts having signal strength issues. USTVNow does seem to have audio/video sync issues though….

  • Brian Beard

    Like most others, for me, Exodus is the reason to have Kodi. And not entirely for the obvious reasons why something like Exodus is awesome. I’ve also found that Comcast won’t let me log into certain apps (comedy central, AMC, etc) on the firestick, even though they’re part of my package. Exodus lets me get around that. Syncing it with Trakt is also a necessary, in my mind.

  • Jim Zapp

    Exodus is (in my opinion) the best add-on I have experience with as the content is is easy to find and works well for the most part. Phoenix would be my second choice. I seem to get a lot of errors with SALTS, especially right after an update.

  • Mike

    Spector for the search capabilities.
    I do like Bob unrestricted for sports

  • Goodsilver

    Exodus is my go to add-on. It is reliable and its really groovy.

  • Dan Yates

    Alluc if I know what movie I want to watch (minimal menus suggesting a particular movie so I type the movie I am interested in) and often get better stream selections as compared to exodus

  • Shakisha Davis

    I’m loving Exodus for my most recent new TV episodes. I love Genesis bc I can save my favorite shows in My Genesis. Phoenix is great for new movie releases and Salts bc it just has everything. I wish someone could help with an audio book add on that really works and has recent adult titles not just old children books. Btw, love your website and great tutorials.

  • Willie Weatherly

    I bounce between exodus and spectro sometimes spectro has new movies before exodus but they are all great because it’s made for us broke folk that can’t swing a 200. Cable bill every month and thank you Troy for taking your time and effort to help us all

  • Paúl Cortínas Guzmán

    My favorites are Exodus, ProSports and SportsDevil! You just can’t beat the selection of movies ? available on Exodus because of its vast access to different feeds for many, many movies that you can actual watch and access very easily. Well the sports add-one of ProSports and SpirtsDevil pretty much speak for themselves. Access to just about any of my favorite US sports, that is reliable and easy to use is why. These alone keep me and/or my family members busy on our FireTV and three FireTV Sticks.

  • Dylan Williams

    Looking for a free reliable PPV/UFC stream addon?? Lets hear them. Ready set go!!

    • Mark Strozewski

      I have had great luck with Mobdro. Click to sports then to BT2…Great pic, used it three times in a row with excellent results. Mobdro is not in Kodi, but rather it downloads onto the Amazon side, so it will show in “your apps” after downloading, then in “recent” after you use it. One note, every time I put it on a stick, the first download shows and error of some sort..that’s okay, unplug the stick, wait, then replug it and it seems to download an update that you simply install and you’re good to go. Good luck

      • Dylan Williams

        Thanks for the info. Will look into this. Does it show the upcoming fights or does it only display the fight right before it starts? like on other addons where you have to enter in a URL before the fight starts?

  • Dan Yates

    Still looking for a reliable addon to watch live NFL games. Tried sportsdevil and castaway and others but servers get overloaded and rarely can I find a stream that is high quality and reliable to work for more than a few minutes. It’s the only thing I am missing since cutting cable. Any suggestions?

  • Chris Tennant Sr.

    Exodus is by far the best addon out there! Plenty of movies and TV show to watch!

  • Kevin Wilson

    Having only been a Kodi fan for about a year I find that Exodus is the best for us. That doesn’t mean the best for everyone. Really depends on what content one is looking for. Just glad I joined the Kodi family.

  • Herman

    I love Phoenix for all the content that can be seen.

  • Robert Grocoff

    My favorite add-on is definitely Exodus! It’s always stable and never fails to deliver quality movies or tv shows! Thanks Troy for your continued support!

  • Les

    Exodus. Has everything I need.

  • Stephanie Yuhas

    I’m a huge Exodus fan! I like the entire set up, from the two sections for TV and movies, large icons with movie art, and the autosearch for the first working link. It’s the most user friendly, in my opinion.

  • april

    I have found that I like exodus especially after I just learned how to set up my widget to always have the next available episode on my home screen. My other favorite is Zen.

    • Mike Davis

      Now that’s pretty cool idea with the next available episode waiting

      • april

        On YouTube search for all things tech and he has a video called this will revolutionize your Kodi setup. He will teach u how to do it.

  • H Benavente

    I don’t really have an opinion as I’m pretty new to all of this Kodi stuff lol. But I do have exodus and I really enjoy having it. When I can’t find anything on Netflix, I go to exodus.
    Thank you for the list of suggestions. I’m eager to add them to my fire stick.

  • Larry Sayles

    My favorite go to is Phoenix and then Exodus With Phoenix you get movie trailers and some times a second or third try on a movie will result in a better stream. Also the add on – movie database is a good choice. It gives you a bio and has many plug ins to scrape from. The recent developments and layouts of many add on,s make our Kodi experience much more dependable than in the past. A huge thanks to all the developers and 3rd party loyalist bring us up to the day info now.

  • William Woldhuis

    Any feedback on the Alluc add-on? I’m not sure I like having to register.

  • Tito

    Exodus – easy to use, the best search feature and it seems to have the largest databases of movies.

  • Brass70065

    Exodus and Alluc seem to work best for me. Also if you can find a nice build that has some good add ons installed and nice menus that will make it very easy to use. I use the Lentech TV builds.

  • Jorge Martinez Jr.

    Exodus has almost everything and it works great with real debrid, on live streaming i like ExabyteTV their links are always up and if some goes down they are quickly restored and its free.

  • Gary Nyffeler

    I like Exodus for movies and Sports Devil for sports.

  • eandgolf

    I use exodus for movies and Phoenix for golf coverage. Pro sports gives us some NFL games but feeds are only fair on bad sometimes.

  • Kirk Bennett

    I love Phoenix.. there is a program within it that you can watch ANYTHING and it is all in categories like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, sports movies, action, thrillers and so on. Everything I want to watch in one place.

  • John Jackson

    I love Exodus. They have everything and all the movies are clear.

  • Stuart

    Silent hunter is good for all the latest movies in good quality

  • Alan Mainer

    I agree somewhat with Exodus being good, but my favorite add-on is Goodfellas 2.0 .. Deep into the add-on you have a choice of World or US Channels, then there is the choice of what they call the “Sweet List” Here there are over 50 choices of networks, HBO, Cinemax, Stars, Movie Channel and much much more to chose from. I also want to thank you, Troy for making your videos easy to follow and explained in a way that takes time to actually let us see and understand what you are doing. Some of the youtube videos attempt to make you believe they are so great, they can type so fast, and they know exactly what to chose on the screen, you actually have to replay it several times to see what they are actually doing. Your videos are expertly made and easy to follow with out getting lost or frustrated while viewing them.

  • Lindsay Bosel

    We use Specto Fork for streaming. It is a reliable add on for movies and television.

  • Kathleen A Dombrowski

    Exodus is my one stop shop for most viewing. Phoenix is my go to for live sports.

  • newToCoding

    Exodus has an easy to use interface, with great categories/filters to choose from. Thank you for your recommendations for the sports apps! Need to definitely try them out, but to answer your question – Exodus is my only go-to app as of right now!

  • Lenzino Croes

    Lenzino my favorite add ons for kodi is zen which i find much more better and gives fastervstreaming than exodus and the wwe on demand app is awesome for your wwe ppv

  • Mike Davis

    I have to start by saying I don’t use builds, just add ons. I use Exodus for my movie & tv show needs. Super easy menu and adding tv shows to your favorites makes it hassle free. For sports I use Sports Devil or Pro Sports.
    Live tv is a pain in the a** but between an antenna & Suicide tv I’m making it work

  • Nikki

    Exodus, is my go to for movies and tv shows. It’s easy to use and quick, only complaint is sometimes the episodes for certain TV shows aren’t in order. So if anyone knows of an add on that doesn’t have that issue let me know

  • Known DonDada

    I luv them all..I just wanna say thank u to all the wizards out there making it happen…???

  • Michael Gibson

    I’m with Dan below….still looking for that perfect NFL stream (well, for next year anyhow). Exodus is obviously the fav for all round use. Looking for the ideal EuroSport links as well….needing me some Euro Biathlon, Tour de France and some F1!!!!! Thanks for all your tutorials, you rock!!

  • bradman721

    Exodus is da bomb and sports devil is my go to for sports.

  • Timothy Groleau

    Exodus is great! awesome for finding the movies I own but don’t feel like loading the dvd up for. Great app

  • Lee Ferdinando

    I love maverick exodus and salts for all films and tv shows and all work kodi 17

  • Stano Domma

    Exodus for the HD quality movies and SportsDevil for the live sports

  • Bob Cook

    I use Specto for TV series as they have a favorite folder so you can setup all your favorite shows in one place without having to search for them over and over again. I also like Exodus for movies.They seem to have the best links. For Sports I use Prosports and Sports Devil and have had good luck with them.
    For VPN I use vpnunlimited and it seems to do a good job and I got the lifetime membership for $30 from Stacksocial.
    Troy your site is a lifesaver for all your great tutorials and help when needed. Everyone should join it is a no-brainer.

  • Snaprfo Sr

    We like the ease of finding Search on Exodus and we like Phoenix as well for the presence of Diva’s Den. I like the Kodi No Limits build for the selection of “Networks” under TV Shows. I haven’t seen it under the Ares Wizard however.

  • Ryan Knox

    Thank you Troy for all you have done to provide this to people like me. Really only use Exodus so far.

    Would love to have you do a lesson on how to get apps from google store. For example, we live too far from network television to pick it up at our house on an HDTV antenna, but would be able to watch on their app. I am clueless how to install their app on my Fire.


  • Michael Dallaire

    Exodus and Phoenix there is little movie or tv show that I can’t find. realy like the way Phoenix groups there movies like best car movies best westerns ect.

  • Dee Bunch

    Exodus is my favorite Kodi addon, however for streaming live TV Mobdro is the way to go. I have not been able to install this in Kodi successfully, but you can add it to fire stick or fire tv as an app and it really works good.

  • Robyn Wright

    I am brand new to the Kodi experience. Just installed it yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to use the add-ons yet. But I had a huge smile on my face when I tested them. I’ve been wanting to cut the wire for a long time and this may be the way to do it. I installed using the 16.1 instructions but it appears I got the 17.0. I will try re-installing this afternoon. Thank you for the wonderful, easy to follow instructions!

  • Jeff Brandhagen

    Overall I still like Exodus the most. Easy to use.

  • Godsace Mavsfan

    Our favorite/go to add ons are Exodus (movies/tv shows) and Sports devil (live sports). We also love Castaway for the 24/7 channels (wish it had the Martin and Jamie Foxx shows)

  • Drew’s View

    I am new Kodi but so far the best add on is Exodus. It seems to be the most consistent and I have not experienced many issues while streaming.

  • Alex H.

    Loving Exodus and Phoenix. Your guide made it completely simple to load. Thanks so much!!

  • ltd777

    I use 3 add ons only, 1 Channel, Exodus and BOB. Played with phoenix and salts but have nothing but errors after installing them.

  • Schanna Lynch MacDonald

    My favorite by far is Exodus, have always been able to find a movie or tv show that I am looking for ! Thanks
    for all you do !

  • Jerry

    I can find more than 90% of what I want on Exodus. Next would be Phoenix.

  • Sean Lockhart

    I think exodus is nice and comprehensive. Although I see some listed that i was unaware of. Thank you for taking the time to put together this list and to poll is users. Your very thoughtful, helpful, and considerate, Troy. Thanks again. Sean.

  • James

    I like the Exodus for movies, but also like 123 Movies, you just have to change the default proxy it uses to another down the list and it works great usually the first time. Keep up the good work Troy.

  • Daniel

    I can usually rely on exodus and Phoenix for all my viewing needs. But I also love to be able to watch the Dodgers on sportsdevil!

  • Eric

    My favorite Kodi addon is Alluc hands down. For a little extra FREE effort, you cannot beat the content and quality of the movies and still in cinema picks available. It’s very easy to load. An so far i have had zero problems with 17 kypton integration. It’s a winner in my book.

    • James

      Eric do you have the http address to add alluc, I haven’t tried this one. Thanks.

      • Eric

        Real movies is awsome too 4k and 3d

  • divadoll1589

    What I like best about Kodi Addon’s is the fact that at 60 years of age it was explained in such detail, as to how to load everything, that even i was able to do it. Then, to have access to Exodus and Phoenix is phenomenal because, as an empty nester, i am able to be entertained and entertain my friends with great TV time, movies, knowledge of how they can do what I’ve done, and also enjoy my down time watching a great movie sometimes alone. Not to mention that, on a fixed income I am still able to be up to par on conversations because, I am in the know about new movies and entertainment. Thank you for all of your shared knowledge.

  • Frank Falcone

    When using Alluc I often get a notice to pair with Openload. I input the url into a browser on my laptop, prove I am not a robot & click ‘pair’. I receive a notice I am paired with Alluc movie yet it does not open. What am I doing wrong????

  • Tony Montalbano

    ALLUC is a great addon for TV and movies. The list of streams for each TV or movie selection shows the resolution and is usually correct.
    Plenty of 1080/5.1 surround streams! More than Exodus. And if you subscribe to Real-Debrid or other URL hosters, you can set them as a preferred host for your stream selection.

  • Lisa Bertin-Queena

    I’m an Exodus girl! All my movies and tv shows are on Exodus, so that’s what I used about 98% of the time. I also like Phoenix for some girlie movies and my husband uses Pro Sports for his live sports. Thank you Troy for your continued support!

  • Luis Vega

    I use Zen,123MOVIES for TV shows and Movies and Phoenix Sports – (one events and MamaHd) for streaming live TV Mobdro .

  • Andrew alvares

    Bob is pretty awesome, instead of just the giant repositories of movies and TV Bob separates it into something easy to browse and find something you wouldn’t have watched otherwise

  • MikeP

    I use Exodus fir TV shows and movies. Sports devil for sports. I have been very satisfied with both of these add-ons. I am interested is learning what else these othere add-ons can do.

  • Eric Bailey

    Although a pay service, I love SportsMania! It had the best coverage of the NFL, much better than Pro Sport or Sports Devil, in my opinion. I’ve also been able to discover new sports the world over, thanks to SportsMania.

  • ah0813

    I use BOB, Exodus and Phoenix for movies. For Indian movies I use Aftershock add on. Didn’t use Alluc before, I will install it tonight. Never had good experience with SportsDevil though . Learned about Mobdro last night. It works fine in Nexus 7, but couldn’t get it working in Kodi.

  • Angela Thelen

    I love Exodus, BOB, and Phoenix for movies and tv shows. What is the best for live tv in USA

  • Henry Feingersh

    Exodus seems to work the best for me for movies and TV shows. I really haven’t found a good source for live US TV though. Most of the channels I click on in most addons either never work or keep freezing up if they do come in. I have a very fast Internet connection and even use IPVANISH but it doesn’t help. Sports Devil seems to usually work fairly well. I just wish the addons were more stable so that I could cut the cord completely.

  • Mike Valez

    Best kodi add ons are
    #1 Sports Devil. #1 because I like sports the best and it delivers continues to deliver reliable coverage of my favorite events
    #1 Exodus #1 Because it’s awesome. The most recent movies and clearer pictures and reliable streams. ( although there is some weird glitch with the movie Split) you select the Split you want and it plays another) o well nothing in life is without some issue.

    #1 XBMC Adult XXX #1 because it has the most variety and best streams

    Miscellaneous add on
    #1 Mouse Toggle #1 because without there are programs and features that are a pain in the a$$ to access.

  • Ryan William Walker

    I’ve never been able to get Exodus to work. It may be due to my service provider (Spectrum) blocking it and as a 1st generation fire stick user I am still waiting for an update that will allow me to use IPVanish (IpVanish works fine on 2nd gen but until 1st gen gets the update it won’t work properly).
    As such I find that ZEN would make for the best Exodus replacement. No errors so far and there always seems to be multiple streams available. Finding an Exodus replacement will be crucial since the creator recently retired and it’s questionable what will happen to it or if it will even continue updating.

  • Mike Valez

    I’ve used mobdro in Kodi it worked fine for me.Mobdro is actually another pretty cool app. But it just adds another million viewing options when I feel I already have enough

  • Jane Santerre Denison

    First I would like to thank you for all that you do for our entertainment. Your video’s are great and are so easy to follow.

    Exodus and Phoenix are my favorite go to add-ons. The easy interface makes them easy to use and reliable. Both have great categories to choose from.

  • Mark Sevens

    Exodus for film and TV because of it’s ease to navigate
    Sports Devil for Sports because of the quality of streams constantly available

  • george

    I have tried many of these, some work great I like Spectro for movies. I am not keen on Sports Devil for sports I will try some others that are mentioned. Good post

  • Hollie

    I’ve had the Fire Stick for one week now and used Troy’s guide to install Kodi and Exodus. Thanks for the assist, Troy! Needless to say, I can’t add much to the discussion about which add-ons are best, but Exodus seems to have the majority of what we were hoping for when we cut the cord with Direct… except we don’t know where to find all the sports options yet. We loved the NFL Sunday Ticket and the MLB package so we could watch all of our games. My husband and I are both avid sports fans and live far away from our home teams – have to admit that was the last obstacle to letting go. We waited until in between seasons so we could find our way around in the Fire Stick/Kodi world prior to Opening Day! Can anyone suggest where we should start to find MLB games and, eventually, NFL? Thanks for all of your shared wisdom and Troy, THANK YOU for making this easier!!

    • Henry Feingersh

      If you poke around Sports Devil enough you can usually find what you are looking for.

  • Justin Denard

    I’ve got to say Exodus so far is my favorite. Unfortunately we’re going to need to wait to get a second generation fire stick, so that we can get a VPN as we got a letter from our ISP for something completely unrelated before, so we don’t want to risk anything. So we could REALLY use this!

  • Woody

    Exodus – good content and it works:-)

  • Ben

    Exodus is the best. We use it for 99% of our streaming

  • Mario Saucedo

    I personally like Exodus and Phoenix. They are easy to navigate and have a lot of selection. Thank you Troy for all your help!

  • Charlie

    Exodus is our “go to” addon for movies and tv programs. It’s what we use for virtually everything. It’s easy to use and we haven’t had a “no stream available” message for a loooooonnnnnng time. ?

  • Magicmanmbsc1

    Exodus is what I use 90% of the time Specto the other 10. Time Warner argued with me when we cut the cord. The “customer service representative” in the office actually said I was lying when I told him we were canceling due to our local co-op put higher speed for less money in writing. Our basic cable/internet without any HBO, phone etc… with maintenance fees, box & modem rental was going run us nearly $300 a month. As if that wasn’t bad enough that was copper line, co-op is using fiber optic. TWC/Spectrum has to be the biggest legal thieves I’ve heard of, outside the Government.

  • Michael Mims

    I personally prefer exodus and specto but still use 1channel occasionally also

  • atlcharm

    I used to think Exodus was my favorite add-on, I would explore Phoenix but it looked overwhelming to me. Well one day I took the time to play around with all individual sections in Phoenix and it’s phenomenal. There are so many different collections and categories, from film noir collections to 70s classics, etc. It’s all I need! I still like Exodus, but it comes in second to Phoenix!! Love it!

  • Art Duel

    Project D is the Sports Addon that that allows you to replay a myriad of Sports channels in HD; it doesn’t provide Live streaming, but specializes in sports replays which includes: NFL, NHL ,Baseball, Soccer, Basketball,INDYCAR, RFU etc. An excellent Addon for any Sports enthusiast.

  • Alan L

    A great program addon if running in LibreELEC mode is VPN Manager for OpenVPN which lets you to enter your login details for almost all vpn providers and boots you straight in to your chosen servers whenever you start kodi. The best live UK TV links are in the Pulse CCM build (AresWizard) and, although a paid for service, Sportsmania gives every sport/channel/game in reliable HD whereas the free channels I’ve tried are a bit hit and miss which can be really frustrating.

  • Kyle

    Exodus, pro sport, wrestle zone, watch wrestling, and iptv have been working greatly for me recently. Exodus has all of the tv shows and movies you are looking for. Pro sport has live sport streams. Wrestlezone and watch wrestling have WWE, UFC and other wrestling promotions. Iptv has live streams of channels like espn, news stations, Cable channels, HBO, Showtime, and more!

  • Gram Kelsey Noden

    For tv shows and series, I’ve found Specto to be the best because of content and streaming quality. As far as movies, Exodus is the one I use most, because it usually has the most working streams available.

  • Robert Bruce

    I use silent Hunter for movies . It has a great screener section

  • Kevin

    Has to be Exodus. Everything I am looking for is usually there and the links work great.

  • Jiggadee

    Exodus and Specto are the streams I am on almost 95% of the time to me they are the most reliable streams and i have always found the most recent movies and TV shows on both of those addons, And for all my sports entertainment I go too Prosport or Sportsdevil I have never have had a problem with any of those addons. I would also like to give my thanks to all the hard working developers and programmers that bring us these addons and articles like Troypoint and all the addons that have been mention in all of are comments my hats are off too all of you, Thank you very much.

  • Andy

    Exodus for me-find pretty much everything I want and easy to work around

  • Robert Owsley

    For Movies and Tv I use Exodus the most. I feel that the ease of navigation through it is very good and easy to use. Especially when you use the icons mode. This makes it easy for beginners to use. Also the build seems to be very stable. I like using sports devil for most sports. It can be a little difficult to navigate and has a small learning curve but once you get the hang of it you can get around. Also it seems to be a stable build.

  • Daniel Menard

    I say Exodus for sure..I mostly use spectro for the TV shows I watch, but always go to Exodus for searches..I also use a build, so Spectro is the default for shows and TV..and because I am a pervert I use Whitecream add-on for adult movies

  • mike1650

    Exodus for sure. I pick something, go grab a beer and when I come back it’s ready to play.

  • Gary Salisbury

    I am new to KODI bit I find that I use EXODUS more than any other add-on however I’m not happy with it for these reasons:

    1. I can’t download or save a movie from their menu. I’m sure that many of you probably know of some other ways to do this but I doesn’t.

    2. I don’t like that it doesn’t find more 1080p sites for the movies I want to watch. If I use ALUC, I seem to always be able to locate a 1080p version.

    Additionally, I haven’t yet found an easy to use add-on for watching TV shows. Please reply if you know of any. My goal is to cut my cable bill once and for all. I’m tired of paying $310/month.

  • Dan Turnbough

    Zen is my go to for movies and tv shows, it has never feld me once. Great quality and servers work 99% of the time. But I also really like cCloud for the 24/7 streams when I want to watch back to back episodes of certain shows they have there. On top of that I’m running IPVanish so I watch without the worry that I’m being watched myself. Thanks Troy

  • David Baker

    Exodus is very user friendly and cCloud for live works great for me.

  • Garry Colby

    I don’t use very many add-on’s because as you state its hard to know the good ones. The one I do use is Exodus and I use it all the time.

    I would like to know about more of the good add-on’s and a good description of what is their strengths.

    thanks for your excellent help and tutorials!

  • Rena Oldham

    I definitely love Exodus, it is very user friendly. I also use Pheonix.

  • Gary Salisbury

    I am new to KODI but I find that I use EXODUS more than any other add-on however I’m not 100% happy with it for these reasons:

    1. I can’t download or save a movie from their menu. I’m sure that many of you probably know of some other ways to do this but I doesn’t.

    2. I don’t like that it doesn’t find more 1080p sites for the movies I want to watch. If I use ALLUC, I seem to always be able to locate a 1080p version.

    Additionally, I haven’t yet found an easy to use add-on for watching TV shows. Please reply if you know of any. My goal is to cut my cable bill once and for all. I’m tired of paying $310/month.

    • Alicia M

      Hi Gary! I LOVE using Exodus for TV shows and movies. The game changer for me, is setting up a free account through trakt and then linking trakt to your Exodus addon. This will allow you to save any movie or TV show to your collection and then Exodus will track which episodes or movies you’ve watched and which you still need to watch. Then every episode and movie will stay in your Collection in Exodus for as long as you want it there. That is what finally made my decision easy to cut out cable for good! To set up a trakt account and learn how to use it and link it with Exodus, just do a google search and you will get a lot of great info!

      • Gary Salisbury

        Thanks! I tried to install Trakt but it didn’t work. I will go back and retry it.

  • Tom

    My go to addon are Spector Exodus 123 Movies. Let’s not forget Ares wizard for miscellaneous

  • michael pinn

    Exodus. Has the most working links

  • Joe Kline

    I like exudus and specto you can find anything you want on there and for the whole entire app that I use for my set up is spinztvreop nice app

  • John C. Fusi

    My favorite for TV series is without question Exodus. For movies I am turning more and more to Alluc, as the availability of 1080P and 5.1 audio is MUCH better than Exodus’, but on the flip side I find too many of the Alluc links do not work properly. For sports, I use a mix of Sports Devil and ProSports.

  • Stefni

    I guess I am on the same Exodus train as everyone else. It’s easy to use and works most of the time for me. The other add-ons for watching movies don’t seem to work very often. I have found Exodus has a few more HD movies, which is all we will watch. Specto is my second choice for now.

  • Kat

    Exodus is far and away my favorite. SALTS is second.

    • Crystal T

      Is SALTS for movies also?

      • Kat


  • Scott Bickel

    Bob is one of the best I have found. It auto connects you to the best stream in hd or sd. No searching for a link that works

  • Cissi Scott

    I am very new to Kodi and the Fire Stick – like less than 6 mo.So I am trying to get my head around what the add-ons can and cannot do. I use Exodus the most but have Phoenix and Specto. Thanks to your excellent tutorials, I am getting better at this. 🙂

  • Crystal T

    Exodus is my favorite for movies, I’m watching new movies that are still in theatres while laying in bed all comfy love it!!! Thx

  • Alicia M

    Hi Troy! Thanks so much for the info as always. I am eager to try some of the addons on your list.
    My favorite addon for TV and movies is Exodus!! Out of all of the addon’s for this content, Exodus has been the most reliable for me. My favorite addon for sports is SportsDevil for the same reasons. Though I am eager to test out Money Sports now.

  • Alicia Andrus

    SALTS and Exodis seem to be my go to add ones. I seem to get less buffering with those two. I liked 1channel too, but they get more buffering issues.
    Mostly watching TV stuff, some movies.

  • M&B Technology

    Bob is a favorite as well as Zen. Troy you do a fantastic job and provide great content.

  • Himesh Patel

    Exodus and Phoenix are my go to

  • michael

    Phoenix addon for me still the best. You get many option in one location from old school movie to new releases to kids movie

  • Nicki Stanley

    I too use exodus. I have also downloaded Classic for old movies and for the kids educational stuff I have downloaded itunes podcasts. There is a plethora of stuff which I am gradually working my way through to see what is best for us as a family. Next search will be for best kids download. Thanks for your tutorials, they are much appreciated. Nicki, England.

  • Dexter Murphy

    I like to watch movies and have found that Exodus is the way to go. It’s functionality is smooth and movies are up to date. I will say however, that so far a good selection for 2017 movies is limited. (Troy thank you for Fire Unleashed, it’s incredible.)

  • Dennis N Kluender

    My favorite is Bob. It takes a little longer to load a movie but I find it to be the most reliable. A close second would be Zen. For sports I like Pro Sport as it has all the live MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL games with good quality.

  • Jim Morgan

    Just started with Kodi and haven’t had a need to expand beyond Exodus. For movies and TV shows it simply hasn’t failed me yet! I use a 1st GEN Fire Stick in the bedroom and a MiBox on the main TV. Both work great!

  • justmy2pennies2012

    I like Exodus. It works 99% of the time and when I show off what the Fire Tv can do, I often use Exodus or SALTS! I like ProSports for Professional sports!

  • James McGaw

    I like SALTS because I can find what I’m looking for there most easily.

  • Keith L

    I really like 123 movies, as I have a very slow internet connection, and 123 movies let me connect at a much slower speed. I find that I have a lot of buffering trying to run Exodus and phoenix. I also use you tube channel which is another one of my favorites. I am also very new to kodi but am learning with the help of Troypoint.
    Thanks for all the information and step by step videos, that are easy to follow.
    Thank You
    Keith L.

  • Manuel Lozano

    I have been using Kodi for a year now. I started with 1channel and Phoenix, but ever since I discovered Exodus, it’s been the best movie streaming add-on. We watch a lot of family movies and tv shows. For sports, I use SportsDevil but I havent been really happy with the quality. I’m trying out Mobdro now, based on others recommendations for live sports and tv.

  • Blair230

    Exodus or sometimes 1 channel. Thanks for all your tutorials–easy to follow!

  • Djuna Perine

    My favorite is still Exodus. I have been able to eliminate my premium channels because I can find all the shows I watch on Exodus. The runner up for me is Maverick. I love it because most of the movies have the quality of the movie in the title (cam, 720, etc) so I can decide before clicking whether I want to bother with it. I have had no problems with either of these and they are my go to add ons.

  • Lawrence Masciopinto

    I love Kodi Exodus is the best and all your online coarses are the best easy to understand and a snap to install keep up the good work.

  • Lisa Dipasalegne-Patterson

    So far Exodus has met all of my needs. It would be nice if you added a short description of all of the channels above as well. Ive recommended many people to your tutorials, they are so easy to use. Looking forward to the drawing and hoping I win 🙂 Thanks for everything!

  • Donny Caudill

    I started Kodi with Genesis and then upgraded to Exodus which is still my favorite because of its simple interface. I like that my kids can click on the movie and find a stream just as easily as I can. I’ve tried other add-ons but don’t find them as user friendly 🙂

  • Samuel Buckner Jr.

    Phoenix and Exodus best ever.

  • Michael Land

    My favorite kodi addon is paradox simply because it opens everything up without me having to do repos for each individual repo

  • Nancy Brice

    I am very new to Kodi but I just love Exodus and learning all I can about Kodi here on Troypoint. Thanks for all that you do to explain it all to us.

  • Steve Standley

    My favorites are Exodus for the movies & the Real Debrid addon to Exodus. Mobdro to find the fights. Your lessons to learn it all. Keep up the great work.

  • Brian K Sullivan

    I’m in massachusetts….what add-on is good for live tv…local channels

  • Kerie reckards

    Exodus is my favorite! Love that I can watch all the current movies that I would normally have to pay a premium cable bill for.

  • Adrian Stanton

    Hi all I find Exodus is the best add on ever.

  • Eric Onestepatatime

    I have tried many different addons and I to must admit that Exodus seems to be the best. No matter what I choose the link almost always works.

    Others have broken links or times out with no explanation

  • Mark Ramirez

    I use Exodus and have tried using Alluc (didn’t allow me to enter my info to log in) and SALTS I found nothing that I wanted to use. I am NEW to using Kodi and find it cumbersome to navigate between the menus with the fire remote (1st gen). Your videos have helped me greatly and I appreciate all the work you put into your hobby, Also, I read that the person doing exodus was going to stop updating his repository in the near future.. Any thought?? Again, thank you for all of your time invested with submitting videos.

  • andrew schuman

    I love using exodus best Kodi add-on

  • Goodwitch777

    I am new to all of this, but so far I love Exodus the best.

  • Bernie McNulty

    started using stream hub and redemption. I like bob and maverick as well

  • Justin Lee Shields

    I have to say, Exodus is above and beyond anything else I’ve tried. From quality to ease of use, they’ve got everyone else beat by a mile.

  • Mohammad S Ahmed

    can somebody share about the best add on for indian/paki channels.I am using zem tv not very good though

    • Stephen Smith

      Hi try the Teevie add on
      Source 2 gives lists that are updated regularly some lists have Indian tv

  • Gary Hackle

    I think Exodus is the best from all the add-on’s we have tried, only have a 1st gen Fire Stick and Exodus seems to work the best for movies and TV at this time.

  • Scott Williams

    Exodus is the addon I use the most, whether it is a movie or a TV show. I was able to find a miniseries on Exodus that I couldn’t find on any of the other ones.

  • Greg Kuebel

    I like Exodus for Movies but have had better luck with Phoenix for TV shows. Thanks for all the info! Both are easy to navigate and search and believe me if my wife can do it anyone can!

  • SG

    Exodus for movies and tv shows but I like Turk for just roaming around wasting time.

  • Fiona Beeston

    Downloaded exodus but when try to pick a film no films will show to choose from
    What can I do to sort out

  • Bret Kreidman

    UFC Finest. Best add on for everything MMA

  • phil riddell

    Started using Zen good list of links most 1080 or above also using silent Hunter for its 4k content

  • stephieroxx

    I too use Exodus for pretty much everything tho I usually only watch newer movies. A friend of mine was telling me there is a way to get the movie to play without having to choose the best stream it picks for you (sometimes Ill get Japanese subtitles but not a dealbreaker for sure), if so is this another addon or what? Really love my Kodi so glad I found it! Im using firestick btw and thanks for all your hard work!

    • Joseph Krezdorn

      Search how to run Exodus like Netflix. Works great

    • Henri Solanki

      you can go into tools and select auto start for that

  • roy pearce

    Sanctuary. Bob. Really good all-rounders .Sport,live TV,kids, movies that have it all

  • Nick Duran

    I like Phoenix the best, they only upload quality streams and no shaky camera in the movie theater streams.

  • Chad

    I use Exodus and Sports Devil the most, I’ve tried a lot of other ones, but those two still work the best for me. There’s a lot of talk about Exodus going away, but I’ll ride that ship until it does.
    And thank you, Troy for the videos, they are quite helpful.

  • Nahid L

    Exodus and Phoenix are my goto for TV shows and movies!

  • Mary Hayden Queen

    I love Pulse! It automatically adds on all of the best add-ons and it’s a one step process. Makes things much easier!

  • Droptoppt2 _

    Hands down 123Movie, super relible and always has the best quality.

  • DJ

    I find Exodus and SALTS meet my needs at this time. Also because I am one of those that have the LOW end of High speed internet I have no need for greater than 720. Also VPN (IPVanish, thank you)is very helpful on the low end of high speed internet.

  • Cleosis

    My favorite Kodi Addon is Release Hub “ReleaseBB” for Movies and TV shows with Real-Debrid. Why, in my opinion with this set-up you get access to releases of Movies and TV shows (1080p in most cases) before most of Best Kodi Addon(s) for Movies and TV shows.

  • Paul Robinson

    I am new to this, but so far Phoenix and Exodus have worked well for TV shows and movies respectively.

  • byd405

    First, thank you so much for your videos! I am not “techy” so for me to follow successfully, they have to be easy to follow. Like a previous poster I have slow internet speeds. I have only tried Exodus which seems to be very good…..some movies play smoothy others buffer constantly. I am planning on following you video to minimize that. I know this is not really helpful for you; but I would really love to win the new firestick! ha

    If anyone has suggestions for low speed internet addons, I would be interested in learning about them. Will try Phoenix soon

  • Matt Lyles

    Hello, Gobble Gobble is great for live TV and sports and USTV Now for live US broadcast stations. Both are excellent for live TV.

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    My favorite Kodi addon is clearly exodus because I am able to find any movie that I want I’m not much of a tv person I prefer movies and so far that is the best!! Thank you so much for helping me learn how to use the Kodi app without you I was lost.

  • Zeuz Estrada

    Favorite addon: ultimate white cream
    Reason: I think you know

    • Henri Solanki


  • millertyme

    I use exodus and specto for most movies and TV shows . I also am using now the 2nd Gen fire stick . thank you for all the hard work . This is a new hobby for me I really like trying new builds but hands down favorite iron spinz tv hard nox even on kodi 17 it is working great so far. Again thanks for all the great info

  • Michael Mancini

    My favorite Kodi add-on is Phoenix because it always seems to play a movie on the first try. It seems faster than exodus also.

  • Ralf Söhnel

    Best german addon is “xstreams” you will find some very good addons like Filmpalast and Szene Streams…

  • Geoff Kaplan

    My favorite movie add on is silent Hunter. It has great streams and is fast!

  • Elizabeth Rock

    Exodus Add- on!

  • Stephen Smith

    Hi i suppose its also relivant to where you are living if not using a VPN.
    Here in the UK if looking for European tv i find the addon Teevie good.

  • Joseph Krezdorn

    Exodus is our go to.

  • Sunnie

    I agree with byd405. Right now Exodus has the most stuff for me but I wish it wouldn’t do so much buffering. Your videos are excellent- clear and concise. Thanks!

  • I like Phoenix , it seems to work well and doesn’t crash on me.

  • Keith

    I like Exodus. It has everything that I need and the updates are very fast.

  • Craig Q

    Salts used to be a great one for movies/shows etc however Exodus is now the bee’s knee’s……Stable and not a lot of broken links.


    Enjoy Exodus! And More Power

  • Jamie Brooks

    Exodus – easy to setup and easy to use. Buffering is an annoyance but does not happen that often.

  • Ken Grove

    Exodus still works best for me.It’s reliable for movies.Also I like Bob for its huge box sets.Phoenix for tons of viewing options.Uk Turks for classic tv shows.And UFC Finest for it’s recent and live fights.

  • Brian

    Exodus for me as well, rarely any problems, always has what I am looking for…

  • I love Exodus! It’s the only one I use so far! 🙂

  • Joey Gunns

    Absolutely Love Exodus, it has every thing you want in a addon, and Sports Devil for sports is the junk!!!!

  • Celeste

    Exodus is def the best add on for us. It has the best options right now and we don’t have many problems running it. Thanks for also turning us on to IPvanish! Love your page!

  • John Fernau

    I was a big fan of Exodus and Phoenix, but after some of the stuff that has gone on lately, I’m trying to stay away from TVA, so now I’m mainly using Specto…Fork, Bob, and Zen for my viewing pleasure.

  • Ashley Jensen

    exodus is definitely our favorite!

  • Ken McConnell

    I would say Exodus is the best. (But I’m a noob, So….).

  • Inger Mcbride-Cowan

    My go to is Exodus. I find this addon to be the most reliable and very simple to use for movie viewing.

  • Warren

    I believe PHOENIX is the best KODI add-on by far…………Docs., screensavers, movies galore, specialty channels, the creator of this site rules!

  • Warren Riner

    Exodus is the one I go to the most. It has most movies I want to watch plus TV shows under “networks” that I watch.

  • Emily Deem

    Exodus is by far our favorite. It has the best selection for my family and it’s easy for the kids to use. Thank you for all your time spent and the information you give us. It is much appreciated.

  • Dee Dee Sands

    How about tvplay, Freeview, ITV, Sanctuary, BBC Iplayer, iplayer www, Maverick, Nighthawk TV, Specto, Phoenix, Excalibur, and Made in Canada IPTV for live stream For movies and tv; Zen, Silent Hunter, Project M.

  • John Wilson

    I like Specto. I haven’t had issues with streaming like I sometimes do with Exodus. In fact, my Exodus addon has been auto-playing movies rather than giving me a choice of servers. Anyone know how to change that behavior?

    • Stephen Muir

      Exodus add on settings has an option , ” default action ” I believe the default is dialogue, personally I like the auto play method better but that’s where you should be able to change it

      It’s under the playback categiry

      • John Wilson

        Thanks for the tip. Got it working like I want.

    • Henri Solanki

      just go under the tools section and you can change the auto start feature so you can select the desired link

      • John Wilson

        Thanks. Found it.

  • Gerald Price

    Exodus, ProSport and USTVNOW are my goto addons.

    • NOHoldsBar

      Ustvnow wants your email address. You’re putting yourself at risk unless unless have an overseas VPN

  • Gerald Price

    Disappointed that Bulldog Streams and VidTime no longer work.

  • corgi1

    I like to try new addons but Exodus is the one I end up using the most.

  • JB

    Exodus, Specto & Phoenix in that order. Been hearing that Exodus lost it’s primary developer so considering Zen which has some good reviews (anyone on Zen)?
    Lastly, Troy….keep up the great work!

  • Garner William

    I like exodus

  • Robert Gilbert

    Hey, what happened to Exodus, it was removed from my stick? Navi-X seem like a subscription service that you have to pay and subscribe for first. Salts and FilmOnTv, a lot of there links don’t work. I love Prime and Phoenix…

  • Bruce Symons

    There are to many to list but the ones i like the best are Gobble, Zem , and specto I am checking a lot of new ones but cannot report on them yet. And by the way this new KODI 17 is fantastic I like it a lot more than 16.1 but that is just me. Wish all good luck with your system and choices

    • NOHoldsBar

      You’re one of the few that like kodi 17. Who has heard of gobble and Zen? Sorry. Your post seems to be bizarre to be taken seriously

      • Bruce Symons

        I don’t see why my post would be bizarre. It seems that if something is not understood how to use you shouldn’t criticise it. KODY 17 works great is must faster than 16.1 So please don’t state that my posts are not relevant

  • JQ64

    I like Exodus and Phoenix. Between the two I can find all my TV shows and popular movies. I also like USTVnow for accessing the over-the-air, national networks when I have poor reception due to weather. I cut the cord four years ago with no regrets.

  • Nannerdoodle

    Exodus – Excellent selection, and straight out of the box (no alterations to settings) it is extremely user friendly. I almost use this add-on exclusively.

  • brian6173

    Exodus is my favorite. But I only watch shows and movies, so I don’t know about live TV. It is very user friendly and has had everything I have searched for so far.

  • Tom

    I use Exodus and Phoenix as I have both generation Fire Sticks. First Generation Fire TV Stick you do not want to load too many addons so it runs faster, so I have just Exodus on it, and I load both addons on the 2nd gen Fire TV stick.

  • Ronald McLaughlin

    I like Zen and Phoenix for movies, a lot of 1080p and HD offerings too.

  • Darrin Thompson

    exodus has been my goto for most watching.

  • For movies I like Exodus, Salts, Phoenix, and Specto. They seem to be more responsive and quicker than some. They also seem to be the best for TV shows and seem to be up to date on TV series. Now sports on the other hand, none of them really. I love Nascar! And none of them have Revved Up. I have to install the noobs and nerds repository to get it. But hey nothing in life is perfect, right? LOL And I’d like to thank you for your video on IPVanish Troy, I got it and love it! I also found out that it keeps the hackers at bay, they can’t track you! Thank you so much for all that you do, and for what you give to the community Troy!!!

  • Tianna Vawracz

    I’m new at this so I like Exodus best to date. I like that I am able to watch tv shows that are not available on Netflix or Hulu.

  • ThaiWebb

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned BOB. Humorous, well-organized (just look at their Oscar 2017 screeners section) and high quality. It’s now my go-to add-on!

    • NOHoldsBar

      Why would one want a funny (humorous) add on?

    • Brian Reis

      Bob is my go-to when my 1 click add-ons are not working.

  • Thomas Godfrey

    I live in a rural area, and many times my PVR gets a pixelated unwatchable TV series show. Exodus has been a great solution to pick up and watch the missed episodes. I love it.

  • Mark Ciotti

    My favorites are Exodus and Phoenix. I especially like Exodus because of the listed movie icons and reliability. Thanks for all your help Troy!

  • Marc Wartenberg

    I prefer Exodus and 1channel, and pheonix.

  • Michael Smith

    My favorite is Exodus as it gives me the most reliable viewing experience thus far.

  • Matt DeeJay Sheriff

    I would have to say sports devil due to the nature of the the app and vast array of live sport, ppv and on demand service it provides. Excellent add on

  • Matt DeeJay Sheriff

    Alluc is a very good add on
    Unlike exodus or specto fork where it says a stream is 1080p whereas in fact in most cases its 720p (a little known fact) alluc provides real 1080p quality streams of a majority of its content…that being said. Exodusis brilliant and very easy to use

    • NOHoldsBar

      Just to clarify. 720p is the equivalent to 1080i

  • Diana Norrick Johnson

    I use Exodus for movies and 1channel for TV shows….It seems Exodus doesn’t have the current seasons. But with both I have a problem with buffering during TV shows but not with movies.

  • Frank Castle

    I am a new user. Thanks for all of the help Troypoint. I will be trying Exodus and Phoenix due to everyone’s suggestions. Thanks all.

  • Juan Mendez

    I just recently got the 4k fire tv Box.
    Exodus and Phoenix are my favorites for movies. But always ready to try anything new.
    Now that I’m out because of surgery I’ll be streaming away and catching up.

  • Mark Knowles

    I am new to KODI and am just learning. I have a paid Add-On called GEARS TV at $!5/mo. I have found this to be good. However, I would like to try others as well. Has anyone had experience with GEARS TV?

  • Mark Dogface

    I really enjoy Goodfellas……… I’m new to the Kodi world, and I look for live, cable TV in the Tri-State area. Goodfellas at least, gives me local news in all states.

  • Hector Sandoval

    Exodus, Sports Devil, Pheonix and Pro Sports

  • Michael Peacock

    Velocity and SALTS would be my top two … They reliably stream my favorite old TV series and older movies

  • Shannon Patterson-Chin

    I really like Phoenix, and SALTS as well!!! I wish I had more Knowledge on how to set up each Add on to make them more effective and work as well as possible!!! Thanks to Troypoint for teaching me everything I know about my Firestick and Kodi!!!

    • Riddlemethis

      I think kodi add ons are unnecessarily cumbersome. There really is no reason to have to go through all these steps simply to install the add on from the repository. And of course. This repository thing is just mind boggling.That’s why many people prefer using torrents or buy kodi boxes with their own built I property software to make watching media as simple as point and click.

  • Hugh Perry

    BOB, Exodus, Phoneix

  • Debi Fontenot

    My favorites so far is exodus and sports devil.. I have been able to consistently find what I have been looking for on these two, feeds are pretty reliable..

  • Aaron Ols


  • David Williams

    Exodus – Reliable with good amount of links for each vid.
    Phoenix – fast and nice design. Reliably get what I want.

  • Michael Burke

    Phoenix and Exodus… I like Salts too

  • Leon C. Stevens

    Aluc and Specto are good along with sports devil for sports.

    I just wish that once a program plays to the end that kodi dosent sleep it will just go to the next movie/ favorite that is next on the list.

  • Jay Cee

    My favourite addons are exodus nd phoenix as it is very reliable and u can find tv/ movies i want to watch

  • Ada S

    My favorite add-ons are Pheonix and Genesis. I have used Exodus from my sister’s fire stick but I haven’t added it to mine yet. I have plans to do that this weekend. I also see I need to check out some of the other popular add-ons mentioned here.

  • Angie Guinn

    My favorite is exodus. I love love warching movies. Pheonix is another one I like. But after this post, I plan to check out a few other addons. Mainly the live streaming ones. Anywho have suggestions on which is the best from this list? TIA

  • Tsi A.

    The list is pretty thorough. I also love mp3 streams for music. Such an expansive list you’ll be hard pressed to not find who or what music genre you’re looking for. If only mine would stop buffering after a couple of songs. Maybe someone could help me with how to fix that…? Anyone…? Please. LoL

  • Robert Taylor

    My favorite addon is Phoenix because of its reliability and not to mention cool things like its 70’s black exploitation movie section! Over all I’m very happy with my kodi setup thanks to TROYPOINT! He’s the best!

  • Kat Ebbott

    My favorite is Exodus. I’m always able to find what I’m looking for with flawless playback.

  • Mary Murray

    My favorite add on is specto fork, I especially like this addon over the others because I use it as my dvr the following day. I go to latest episodes and everything that was aired the previous day no matter what channel is there. I love it.

  • Brian Reis

    My favorite add-on WAS 123Movies. I loved this add-on because it was a super fast 1 click movie add-on. It hasn’t been loading recently, so I’ve been using two other 1 click add-ons from the same muckyduck repository, Yes Movies and Watch32HD. I love the speed and 1 click of all three, but wish they had a “people watching” section since that is usually how I can tell when new movies have been added. But the search feature works.

  • Robert Price

    I really enjoy Bob and Sceen Peeper. Sceen Peeper has a lot of the older films and we enjoy going back to look at some of the those. Bob has a sense of humor and a lot of good movies.

  • Jeffry Grundy

    Exodus, Sports Devil, and I occasionally use US TV Now

  • Alex Patty

    Without a doubt EXODUS…
    But all are a work in progress…
    With Exodus leading the way down here in South Eastern Virginia

  • David Rollins

    I’m a newbie to Kodi but thanks to Troy the experience has been painless. I currently am watching shows and find SALTS to my liking. I will be venturing into movies and would like to suggest that the Best of Movies section is broken down into a 1080p section. This would help tremendously!

    Happy Kodiing!

  • Christopher Guzman

    I’m a big fan of exodus. I’ve tried other add ons but keep coming back to exodus. I just like the feel of it and never had an issue finding anything I’ve searched.

    • Raymond Naquin

      just wondering if your the same Christopher Guzman who works for MTI?

      • Christopher Guzman

        No but I have tons of “evil twins” that share the same name.

  • Greg Hetrick

    Alluc is what I’m using now for HD movies. You do have to pair your device with the stream provider though. This was a hassle until I took Troy up on his advice and ordered the RII 8+ mini keyboard. Now it’s a snap. I just started this hobby at Christmas knowing nothing. I searched for help and selected Troy as my teacher, virtual mentor. Thank You Troy for everything. Your contributions to this hobby are really appreciated by me and so many others.

  • Renee Mrowczynski

    Exodus is our main go to in our household. I’m a fairly new user (2weeks) and found that this was the first I learned and taught the kiddos how to use. They love it as well. We always use Phoenix some but now as much. A huge thank you to Troy for all of his knowledge and time and effort.

  • Tim Marshall

    All Wresting should be in the sports list. It is a must for pro wrestling fans and this fan base is gigantic.

  • Jose Martinez

    Phoenix, Exodus are all great. Football season ended when I got onto this so I can’t wait until next year to watch Dolphin Games from NYC.

  • michelle

    My favorite is exodus and zen. They both have great content. I am new to kodi and troypoint is my go to place for help.

  • Amber

    We use Exodus the most in our house, we’ve only been using it since Christmas. The kids love all the options it offers.

  • Terry L Brown

    I use exodus first, I also like Phoenix, Bob unrestricted, and eye candy. I never have any trouble with exodus.

  • Fred Hirsch

    My favorite is Exodus and Specto. Have used others, Paragon – what happened to them???.

  • Billy Quick

    I like Phoenix because of all the older content available! Old movies and westerns galore!

  • Todd Burris

    I like specto it’s reliable for streaming and has very few problems . And I. Want to say thanks for the oopportunity to win

  • Aaron Ames

    I use Phoenix , Exodus , and Specto the most and for different reasons. Exodus has a very wide range of things searchable, but not all the links will work. Phoenix has a great streaming setup and has very few issues on playback. Specto has a wide listing of links and most of them play back in HD quality or better. Very few bad links in Specto. For the most part if you can see the link, it will play

  • Silvia Gonzalez

    We love using Exodus. My kids have no problems using it we find movies fast. Phoenix is great for live tv.

  • Dave Robbins

    Has anyone tried The Beast? I never see it mentioned but have heard it works well.

  • Kelli Shan

    We mainly use Phoenix and Exodus to watch movies. We have found them easy to use to find movies to watch. We are still very new to this so haven’t explored others quite yet. Have been happy with these to options.

  • JMP_70

    I’m new to Kodi and use Exodus, but am going to try more from your list! Your instruction videos are awesome!

  • Brandon Mygrant

    My go to Addons are Exodus and Phoenix for movies and TV and Sports Devil and Pro Sports for live sports. All are easy to use and have very consistent streams. Awesome list here!

  • Steve Coffield

    My wife can’t live without Exodus. I like SportsDevil for all my sports.

  • Barbara Collins

    I’m new to Kodi but so far Phoenix rocks. I’m going to try the others on your list. Thank you!

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  • Leeloo Dallas

    My favorite Kodi addons have to be Exodus, cartoon8, opensubtitles, Phoenix, Sportsdevil, and Adryanlist to see Dominican Republican tv channels.

  • Karen Ward Jordan

    we love BOB……dirty old man….lol

  • Chrazyman

    I haven’t had any issues with Exodus thanks to getting set up by Troy. I’ve recommended you to many people.

  • Carol & AJ Boyer

    Just like many others, my fav go to is always Exodus. It is the one addon that I have the least amount of problems with.

  • Liz Jasper

    Very happy with Kodi and your updates. I use EXODUS more than anything. Thank you!

  • Mel Hernandez

    I installed Exodus, Phoenix, SportsDevil and Pro Sports based on word of mouth. We have issues accessing live streams from both SportsDevil and Pro Sports. 🙁 We usually just use Exodus, and check out Phoenix if for some odd reason what we are looking for isn’t on Exodus. So pretty complete list you have going. Though Troy – it would be great to see some suggestions for music streams. 🙂

    • Randal Butcher

      Jango can’t be beat – GREAT music addon

  • Bryan Shaw

    Exodus is the most used addon in my home. The kids enjoy the easy to use feature on finding TV shows and movies.

  • Tina Pastran

    I most often use Exodus! And I am super grateful for all of your updates, thank you for your hard work!

  • Kevin Burdorf

    I use BOB for movies, tv and kids television. Kissanime for all anime, sportsdevil, phoenix, exodus,

  • Raymond Naquin

    I really love Exodus and Specto and for Live IPTV, I like Made In Canada.

  • David Kerns

    Like many others we use Exodus the most for TV shows and Movies. I use Castaway, Sportsdevil and Phoenix for sports.

  • Richard Pack

    I use Exodus the most for movies.

  • kimiata90

    I used to use Exodus, but after I started having problems with it (something about failing to install a dependency) I added Specto and have never looked back. It is fast and it never fails me.

  • Ferny Caravantes

    I mostly use Exodus and Sportsdevil. I love finding new TV shows to binge watch in the Most Popular section!

  • mtpolarbear

    A newKodi but I use Exodus more than anything. I’m about to try Sports Devil and see what that’s like. Looking very forward to all the new and exciting add-ons there are out there.

  • Suzie LaRoche

    Due to hubby being laid off and needing to find a way to watch tv cheap I recently discovered Kodi. Went out and bought the fire stick and have been so mad at myself for paying for cable all these years. Our favorite go to add-ons are Exodus and Mobdr. Thanks for your many video tutorials for helping me learn how to install and use the add-ons and understanding of how to make my fire stick so much better.

  • RoLaNdRoCk

    I use Exodus for movies and shows, ProSport for my sporting events. For live TV, I use GoodFellas because their links work better than most.

  • Todd Allen

    I use Exodus for everything movie or older TV show. Phoenix for live TV and Castaway for sports.

  • Mfnepo

    Exodus user here, but with a new 4k TV, I’m starting to look for sites that do 4K or even 3D. So far I’m still looking.

  • Lacey Davis

    Exodus is the one I use the most. It has basically everything I’m looking for. I never have to look on others unless we are looking for sports or a main event.

  • mja0110

    TROY!!! here is a quick thought: put the address next to each of the “best add on’s” list. that way we can actually get them, and not just read about them. i mean no offense, but i joined your club at actual cash expense. i did so because i am a nocvie at this, and was willing to pay you for some guidance. it would be nice if this list was useful and able to be loaded so i can try it out rather than just a list i can read about, and wonder if they are any good, with no idea where to find them . . .

  • Mick Bowie

    Exodus is the one I use the most, it has everything i need, plus it works the best at my house anyway

  • Jeanne

    I’m not new to Kodi, but am new to this site for information. We recently upgraded to Fire TV from the stick and increased our internet speed. Big difference. But, we’ve been using 1Channel with a lot of trouble. Thinking we’ll try Exodus after reading everyone else’s posts. Thanks TROYPOINT.! You really helped me set up Kodi so easily. Happy we cut the cable cord and don’t have to remember to record anything we want to watch.

  • Steve Berghorn

    Exodus is my “go to”.

  • Shevan Nembhard

    Definately exodus everything is right there everything that I need all in one app????

  • Blitzball

    My favorite add-on is Goodfellas. It has a good mix of live and on-demand streaming. The Goodfellas VIP packages are good products as well.

  • Rudy Gomez

    My favorite addon is Phoenix, because I can watch New Releases, Sports especially Kodiak which is really good for all sports. Phoenix addon one24215 is great with tons of movies, documentaries, classics, westerns, mafia. It also has – New Releases < In Theaters Now ( Exodus ) or New Releases< New Featured Movies ( Exodus ) right inside of Phoenix addon. It has "Imax"you can travel around the world with different aerial videos of exotic places, countries, 3d movies, specials on different wildlife animals up and close. You have to check this out!

  • George Watson

    I like Exodus for movies. I don’t get on Kodi much and watch a few movies when I do.

  • Brad Hutch

    I like using Exodus and have Trakt as well. I love the fact with the 30+ tv shows that I’m watching that it will automatically populate the next tv show in the series. Bye Bye to using an excel spreadsheet to track my shows.

  • Teresa C

    Exodus has been choice!

  • Steve Ramos

    Exodus is my go to app for shows and movies because that’s what works for me most of the time. It’s pretty well sorted out and has a great variety of both shows and movies. For sports I have to say Sportsdevil and UFC Finest pretty much do it for me. I like these two because they have what I want to watch. I wish I had more time to watch more stuff but I can definitely use a higher quality and faster box than my firestick. Works well but would like something a lot faster! Thanks again Troy for all your support and helpful information!!

  • Marva Hebert

    Exodus and 1channel. Very reliable. Sports, no luck. Pretty much hit or miss. Either won’t stream or will stream and then stop.

  • D. Beach

    I’m pretty new and haven’t used it too much yet. Currently I have only used Exodus. There are some days I’m able to watch and other times there are no streams. Actually quite often there are no streams.

  • Tambra Woods

    Exodus is my go to add on because I’m able to find everything I’m looking for to watch. I do enjoy Salts and Phoenix because I’m able to find movies/shows also.

  • Nick Steshik

    I love Exodus and will be trying some of the listed Addons! Thanks Troypoint!! 🙂

  • Gregory Frazier

    I love Exodus and Phoenix. Exodus is my go to because it has everything and it updates regularly. Phoenix is awesome because it has variety and only features content that has been tested by its developers.

  • Ivan Bramlett

    Goodfellas, best iptv

  • Jeffrey Corcoran

    Hi Troy 1 addon on i like is OblivionTv. Both Oblivion, and also inside of Oblivion is BAMF TV both have U.S and Europeon channels both work great on Kodi 17. have a great day

  • Lynnette Drew

    I need to learn how to add Exodus. I’m new to this life. I have Phoenix and Genesis, which hardly works.

  • Scott

    FreeTeeVee is hands down the best free live TV add-on….

  • johny

    Hi Troy, my favorite addon so far is Phoenix because so far it’s the only addon that I have found to watch movies in good quality even if they take a while to be released. I would love to own one of your products.

    Thank You.

  • Terry Mitchell

    Hands down … Phoenix

  • Al Hahm

    I have every one of the recommended ones listed here, but I like the maintenance adds ons like Ares Wizard, Xunity, KodiMaster Maintenance, and a few others. If the car won’t start, it may not get you where you want to go. I really like “Bob” in the “EchoCoder” repository, because it lists the current Oscar nominations for 2017 and they’re pretty robust. Another tact is to have multiple boxes so you can be lean and mean.

  • Cathy Whitehead Rivera

    Love Specto Fork and Alluc

  • Andre Curry

    Exodus is the Bestforus…. I have tried to explain to my wife how to use the fire stick and watch movies on NAV-X. After a year of not being able to understand it, Exodus has come through as the champion for us.

  • Tatitude9

    I enjoy your blogs on the Troypoint site, and I recently joined the Fire Unleashed.
    Ive enjoy using the Ares skin, Im still trying to figure out a few of the different features. My favorite add on in the few months I have been using the Fire TV/Stick and Kodi is Exodus hands down. Im still working on Live TV streams

  • Joel Campbell

    Exodus is my favorite. It has pretty much all you need in one place!

  • Nicholas Allen Adams

    Exodus or Pro sports are the best two apps! I am a 49ers fan and in Iowa so I don’t ever get to watch the games unless I find them online. This makes it so easy to watch all the games easily without a ton of searching! Also, exodus is just great for movies.

  • CynthiaAbundantlyBlessedFarlow

    Exodus and Phoenix are also my first choices. Will definitely try the other suggested addons for movies

  • Paul Kent

    Exodus it gives me so much of what i require in one add on.

  • Aaron Woodruff

    Exodus usually has the content we are looking for and has a friendly user interface

  • Bernie

    I mainly use Exodus and Phoenix for Movies and SportDevil for ER… Sports.
    I have a first and a second edition firestick and they both work great after your suggestions, both been retrograded to Jarvis as per your recommendation.

  • Tony Ferrari

    I find myself using exodus and Bob alot since I can normally find the shows I’m looking for fairly easily.

  • Mike Miller

    Hello everyone. I have several addons that i think work very well. Bob, Phoenix, 123 movies, Specto…fork all work great, very dependable and up to date. I would say Exodus is my go to addon. The are so many ways to search for titles, plus if i can’t decide there are channels streaming a variety of movies. A very close second is Phoenix because it offers tons of choices and tons of categories. If you need to both offer ways to download your selection.

    • Brian Reis

      Does your 123movies still work? I keep getting error for a couple weeks now

      • Mike Miller

        Yes i am currently streaming a movie perfectly with 123movies.

        • Brian Reis

          Which repository is your 123 from? Mine is from muckyduck. Tried at my friend’s and got the same error. Might be AT&T internet as I’m not on ipvanish

          • Mike Miller

            I do not have my vpn on but i am on xfinity internet. The repository is Mucky Ducks also.

          • Brian Reis

            OK. It stopped working after an update a couple weeks back. I know because I pulled it up right when Kodi opened and it played and then stopped after the update. Tried to turn off auto update on other stick but didn’t get there in time.

  • Lycia A Davis

    So far Exodus is the best kodi app and has everything I’m looking for

  • Bev Mcphail Eldred

    Zen is a great add-on similar to exodus but faster

  • Schlitz Valencia

    Exodus is by far the best one-stop addon with the friendliest user layout…BOB is a close second

  • Erik

    I am a huge professional wrestling fan and I find that wrestle nation works great because you get professional wrestling from more than just the US. It’s a simple interface and easy to navigate.

  • Olympus Plair

    I need a good streaming app for live tv. I love exodus for movies and shows, but live tv is still a problem, especially sports

  • Mike ONeill

    I like Exodus and Phoenix. There are plenty of movies and live tv shows. Must. Cut. Cable…

  • Bryan

    Love the exodus addon. Can’t think of a single thing I HAVEN’T found on it. Content is great.

  • oSoBad1

    I like super favorites I can have all my favs from all add-ons in one place n seperate folders for everyone in the family

  • Kristopher Plank

    Exodus is easily my favorite, it solves the problem I used to have with my chromecast of scrolling and searching through 1-3 websites for a good link, then copying and pasting that link into a separate app for casting!

  • Shelia Harper

    You will love the subtitles. I too have trouble hearing and it is great.

  • Gerry Canning

    I like the Bob addon because it usually comes up with the best stream and all you have to do is select the quality you want..

  • Shelia Harper

    Hey Troy I just downloaded the IPVanish and its great Thanks for that. I use Exodus mostly and the subtitles I love. Looking forwarding to trying some of the others you have listed.

  • carroll

    Exodus meets my limited needs.

  • Sarah Barker

    Exodus is my #1, I love having trailers in an addon, I love new episodes, new shows, airing today feature, it’s top notch! UK Turk is right up there, Has everything pretty much as soon as it’s available & he’s constantly updating with higher quality links. Live tv, only thing missing is info, fan art & trailers. I also love Bob, lots of great content. Pyramid is really great with trailers too. & Mucky Ducks addons are all great, I use fubar (mainly ultravid 1st 1 inside) 123 movies & M4U, always has new horror movies I ? plusnew duck hunt feature is cool. All his addons are great I just don’t need them all with all I have. My son loves cartoon8 has all his shows & anime. Thanks for the contest! I’ll add more after I check more out

  • Rick Snuffer

    Exodus and Phoenix are also my first choices. I don’t have much time for watching. but always find these easier,

  • Jay McDonald

    I really need to crack down and start building my box. All these add-ons really sound exciting!
    I have an OTT TV box and it came with terrible instructions so,we’ll see what happens.

  • Isrrael Aguirre

    Exodus is pretty good and why isn’t prosports working to watch the nfl replays

  • Steve Martin

    I enjoy all of your info. I have a MXQ-4K and Beelink GT1. .How much per month is the cost of a good VPN? Why would my internet provider stop me from streaming what I want? I pay them $130 a month for internet and TV.-Have you had a chance to use the up grade in the new Beelink GT1? Gear Best has them for sale. Regards Sreve

  • Mike Miller

    Bob is great when you turn on the enhanced messages

  • Angel Ashton

    I have all of the first list and I haven’t found anything disappointing there… I know with Kodi 17 builds are limited currently but once I got the hang of adding the add on (thanks for the info) I like it more than I did the builds. I love pro sports… it’s more fun than watch it on cable (which I still have and use)…

    There are so more on the list above that I need to review, but it’s easier to use add ons than channel surf… I used to never watch tv (despite the money I spend on cable) now I can see and catch up with the rest of the world.. anytime.

  • Tom

    Exodus is easy straight forward and just works

  • Ralph

    Thanks for this wonderful site Troy! I recently just became a subscriber and have followed your recommendations and suggestions. Exodus has been great, with straight forward interface but willing to try bob and Phoenix in the future!

  • Shane Bentley

    SALTS is my go to. However, the creator does update it too often, so you’ve gotta disable auto update. He also just recently updated it to now it doesn’t show TV or movie art when you’re searching.

    EXODUS is my backup. However, llmbada is going to stop servicing it soon.

  • Bill Pete

    Thanks Troy, always valuable info from you. My go to add-on these days is BOB. Hard to beat it.

    No luck trying to install Money Sports add-on.

  • Dan Barth

    Pyramid is a good movie add on

  • Rfat3000

    Exodus is by far the best for movies.

  • Robin Persaud

    CCloud TV (live TV streaming) and 1Channel (TV shows on-demand) give most of what I want — excellent add-ons and recommended for those who don’t already them.

  • Brad Bowman

    Troy I want to thank you for the tutorial you provided. I’m a newbie when it comes to this and you helped me tremendously. As of now I’ve been enjoying Exodus but I plan on expanding my experience. Thanks again and I Love the updates.

  • Allmon Douglas

    I seem to click on specto a lot and UFC Finest

  • DatboyShon Smith

    Hi Troy, you gathered a list of pretty awesome addons, my favorite is Alluc and the reason for that it has the options to show you what quality the movies are in before you try to watch them. That has been a huge life saver. Like others have said I also like Exodus.
    Thanks for the tips that you share.

  • Dave Evans

    Exodus is the go-to add-on for me. Great content and regular updates…..

  • Karen

    My favorites are Zen and Exodus! They run well and have lots of movies and TV shows to choose from!!

  • Laith Namiq

    Laith Namiq
    Exodus, Phoenix & UK Turks are my favorites. Each provides what I like in movies and shows.

  • eu118

    Hi Troy, Exodus and Genesis are my two favorites.

  • Harlond Felker

    I almost exclusively use Exodus. It has never failed me…… Love it!!!!

    • Jennifer Kucera

      Exodus is my fave. Where can u get streaming capable channels like HBO, Cinemax,USA, etc???

      • Sherita Majic Jones

        I use exodus plus i go thru all the add ons since i know what networks i love i just add them install all the ones i want i even watch OWN NETWORK FOR MY TYLER PERRY SHOWS. I HAVE STARZ FOR POWER.

  • Steve Chuck Gilbert

    Phoenix is my favorite at the moment because it appears to be the most dependable offering.

  • xocnayr

    I have recently fell in love with BOB not only because of the quality of content but I have a 2 year old and the kids show selection is easy and fast i do however dislike the choosing HD or SD who picks SD???? queuing is ok but this is a system wide kodi issue i wish it would go automatically peppa pig is a pain in the ass when you have to hre your kid yell at you every 15 min when cooking dinner

    I also want to add that GEARS TV and the M-TV guide Pro are totally worth the 16 ish bucks a month all i want is an ESPN stream to fall asleep too… ccloud ukturks & suicide work but only for about 5 to 10 min at a time. As is Real Debrid account do yourself the favor and cut your cable off 20 a month is better than 200
    I copied this entire list under the “streaming catagory to say none of them should be listed as best when compared to GEARS (no i dont work for them just a jailbreaker of sorts)
    UKTV Now
    UK Turks Playlists
    CCloud TV
    Made In Canada
    Freedom IPTV
    Gobble Gobble
    Silent Hunter

    • Esther Preston

      Exodus for sure but there a lot of them I don’t know yet and sure there good

  • Brian Hopp

    Exodus and Bob for movies/TV.

  • Jay Ltgen

    mine addons is Now Music addon and for my kids is Caroons8. Both has has very good video quality and reliable links. Thx Troy!

  • charles marshall

    Zen , Supremecy and Fubar the
    y play pretty good ,1080 , HD ,TV , rated 5*****

  • Tim Adair

    Exodus, Phoenix and Alluc are my favorites. They seem to have the most reliable streams. After reading some of these I am going to give Bob a try as well.

  • Mike Giannantonio

    Exodus and Phoenix for the fact that they are always reliable and that I rarely have a problem with either of them

  • Ron Hobbs

    I just love the Phoenix add-on as it caters to just about any taste.

  • Michael Araiza

    iStream and Specto are going to be the way to go after Exodus stops working.

  • Michael Dragonefire

    I like Exodus because I’m really a movie watcher and I can look up anything almost and watch it

  • Gary Murray

    Phoenix and Exodus are two of my favorite Kodi addons.

  • Sharon Sims

    Exodus is my favorite. I like to go to the “Year” tab and browse the movies of a particular year. I never seem to have a problem accessing a movie I want to watch.

  • Nawee Sribhadung ?????????

    Exodus is the most realiable. Is it true that Exodus will stop working?

    • Sherita Majic Jones

      If it does just up date it ok and you can uninstall it and install it over again. I love exodus

  • Daven Cory Sanders

    My favorite is exodus is because I have not had any issues getting into it like some other ones over time.

  • Lenia Hahn

    Exodus & Goodfellas are my favorite addons so far. I am new to loading addons to Kodi on my Amazon Fire Stick but Exodus is great for in theater movies and Goodfellas for live cable TV channel streaming.

  • Sherri Harber Woods

    I love Exodus. Working on trying out new ones though.

  • Chuck Gardner

    Exodus! But I’m new to all this so I’m sure my list will grow.

  • Sherita Majic Jones

    Hi everyone my name is sherita jones i refer every one in my family and my freinds list to troy point to learn how to jail break they own firesticks its hard out here and what people charge for they time is understandable yet some people are on a fixed income..I SEE theres still some add ons i dont have yet. As well as some are not working for me like 123 movies. Thats the one i cant get to work for me. My favorite is exodus. I think phoenix needs to be updated its alot of stuff not on it. Also I have watched alot of movies especially hood underground movies and they not on firestick yet also i have a question do anyone know if we have any GAY MOVIES LIKE LIES WE TELL BUT THE SECRETS WE KEEP SHOWS. OR WHAT ABOUT THE TV PROGRAM CALLED STUDVILLETV. I WATCH ALOT OF THE WEB SERIES ON YOUTUBE AS WELL AS THE HOOD MOVIES DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE WHERE I CAN FIND THIS AT. ALSO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE NINTENDO ADD ONS ALSO. I WILL LOVE TO PUT THESE ON MY FIRESTICK. I LOOK ON TROY POINT FOR ADD ONS. I TRUST HIM AND WHAT HE SAYS PLUS HE DOES IT STEP BY STEP. MAKING IT EASY THAT MY 12YR OLD NOW KNOWS HOW TO JAIL BREAK HER OWN FIRESTICK.

  • William Ferretto

    I have downloaded Exodus, 1Channel and Phoenix. However, I find myself using Exodus and 1Channel the most. I see I’m going to have to try out some different addons though. Thanks to troypoint for his easy how to videos, they are by far the best!!!

  • Pamela Brown Jones

    I love using Exodus because it is easy to use and reliable. I plan to check out the other recommendations soon.

  • Steph L’Eagle Davis

    I would have to say Exodus. I have used 1Channel frequently, but I still seem to always go directly to Exodus to see if I can find what I want to watch there. I haven’t used Phoenix lately.

  • Larry Shaw

    I had been using Exodus for quite a while, and was very satisfied with it, until all my exodus links in my Super Favorites stopped working. I raised the issue on the Kodi support forum, and was told about the “Zen” addon. It is fashioned after the Exodus addon, and has worked great for me in Super Favorites, so Zen is now my addon of choice for movies and TV Shows.

  • Demetria WonderTwiin Hambrick

    My fave and go to is Exodus. I have found it useful for movies and tv shows. I have used Phoenix but Exodus has been awesome!!

  • Neal Gray

    1 Channel

  • Doyle Travis

    I have both fire tv and fire tv stick. I use exodus most for latest movies Specto, Phoenix, Salts and Velocity.

  • max jones

    If you haven’t tried ” ZEN ” yet you are missing out.

    • Teri

      Which repo is this in?

  • William Joseph Harris

    I’m new to using KODI for home entertainment. So far I’ve only used Exodus and it’s been a great source for watching movies and TV shows. Lucky for me, I’m a Troypoint member and have the tools to expand my entertainment sources.

  • scott t

    ZEN has been a good “stand in” for Exodus, when the rumors of Exodus’ demise started flying …. Exodus is still the best add-on out there though, still working just fine (for me anyway). If Exodus loses its support team and finally does die though, ZEN is a good replacement. I can find pretty much anything between the two of them currently. I will say iSTREAM however, only worked for me for about a week(after its “reboot” with commercials), then didn’t really do much. I stopped using it a few months ago. Another one i tried but haven’t had much success with it working is WOLF PAC ….looked good on the surface, but very little content seems to function. Oh, for STREAMING, i have been having some decent success with VENDETTA.

  • marty shealy

    i use Exodus its all i need

  • Jeremy Ellsworth

    I would say Exodus right now as well due to the excellent repository of tv shows and movies kept up to date where many other addons have failed. I will give zen a try but right now Exodus wins it for me.

  • Westley Lanceslin

    Exodus and sports devil is the one I used often. I will check out money sport bc I was looking for an alternative

  • Jay Wiegand

    I’m new to all this.
    Trying to learn.
    So far, I’d say Exedus and Opensubtitles.

  • Leslie Smith

    I’m new to Kodi but I am loving Exodus so far. ??

  • Nelson Ortiz

    These are the best add-one hands down. Great selection!

  • Alison Seigrist

    I love istream cuz you can Search for what movie or tv show and it pulls it up and delete’s the multiple. And Exodus too but istream is the shit.

  • MiggyCabby24

    For over 2 weeks now, on Exodus, I tried to watch the movie “Splits” and each time I d/ld it, the wrong movie was under the title. This was done on 3 different Kodi add-on sites, and they all had the wrong movie listed under it. What causes this and is there a fix ?

    • Busybeee

      I agree, even watching shows the order is messed up

  • TomP

    I have to say that I spend most of my time on Exodus. New stuff seems to pop up here faster than other add-ons. In reading some of the comments here I see that there are more to try! I’m glad that I joined in!

  • bigdaddysgirl65

    Exodus has been the best addon for us! Used to use 1channel, then we found Exodus. We love the fact that you can get so many different shows & they’re current. SportsDevil is the addon we use to watch sports. Thanks for all the great tips and tricks you post! Very helpful!

  • Jöel Kreuz

    Right now one of my favorites to watch movies and tv shows is Phoenix, they have a great selection, not to mention The Alpha Reborn, where you can stream 4K movies.
    I use ProSports for sports, I haven’t really tried the rest, I have tried Exodus but for some reason I can’t get it to play some of the content, keeps giving me an error to view on the error log.
    I like Sanctuary as well.

  • Audie Flohr

    Right now my favorite is Phoenix to watch the movies because the excellent quality and rarely you see the buffer. Exodus is my favorite for TV Shows, the quality is very good and if you’re behind in your favorite series, you could catch up at any time because Exodus keeps all the seasons or episodes for your favorite tv shows. For Live Streaming I prefer CCloud TV or Phoenix and Sports my favorite is SportsDevil. Troy, thanks for the great tips and tricks you post!! I also learned a lot with the Fire Unleashed E-Course. Great videos!! Thank you!! Also great selection for the Best Kodi Addons!!

  • M Gadd

    It’s not an app as such but it makes all the apps work so much better this is my current platform which is CELLAR DOOR takes a load of hassle out of searching and it loads up really quick unlike some other platforms and it combines all the best apps under one search which is really impressive

  • Marlene Schmitz

    I use exodus and love it. But I’m trying new apps when I have time to mess with them. Thank you for this list–making time soon to try out the sports apps!

  • Sheila R Toomey

    Exodus is my number one add-on. I can get DVD quality movies that haven’t even been released on DVD yet. Love saving money!!!! <3

  • Patti DeBlasio

    Exodus is my favorite and go to, but I do use USTVnow for my locals and mobdro to watch streaming shows. Just want to you to know that you helped me out a lot. Bought a stick off of eBay and had a problem with it and your site helped me fix it. Thank you!

  • Dale Christensen, Sr.

    Exodus is my favorite for reliable streams. I rarely use any other add-one. I found 1Channel to be full of buffering issues and tv series listed with no links of media files. Second choice would have to be Phoenix because each user in Phoenix has something special to offer. Each one is different and the setup makes it easy to find something to watch. An example of what I mean is, my wife uses Kodi but doesn’t maneuver through the menus well so she goes to the user for “Divas” first and she usually finds something she likes there. I use one of the other users that has a breakdown of genres and actors in a list for easy choosing. The drawback with Phoenix is the no media error is very common.
    Third would be USATVNOW for it’s live tv. The only drawback with that add-on is the selection.

    Thank you Troy for your hard work! I love the tips! Keep up the great work.

  • Phil

    I use Exodus most of the time for movies. I like to use SALTS for TV shows. See a lot of people like istream, i will have to give that on e a try. Thanks Troy for all the help and tips.

  • Toni Starnes Cook

    I use exodus most of all, still kind of new to all of it so always looking for new things to discover. I have gotten to the point that I’m comfortable enough with the fire stick that I will soon be canceling my cable! Thanks Troy I have used your tutorials ever since I first purchased the stick!

  • Newarkian

    I found out about M4U and liked how it tells you the quality with out clicking on it.

  • sagr

    Exodus easily beats everything for movies and TV.

  • Timo

    Specto is very good. Also exodus.

  • Patty Williams

    I use Exodus and Specto most of the time, they seem to work the best. Exodus better than Specto. With Specto they have alot of movies listed but say no stream available alot of the time and sometimes with Exodus it will stream the movies but the newer ones are usually streaming at 480 and poor quality, but the variety of play is more.

  • Leon Cannon

    I tend to favor Exodus and Salts because everything I need can generally be found here. For Live Streaming I prefer CCloud TV or Phoenix and Sports my favorite is Pro Sport. Thanks for all the great tips and tricks you post! it’s helped me a lot.

  • Rachel Hanlon

    I’m new to this, but so far Exodus is definitely my favourite! It seems to have an infinite amount of content and all but one have loaded up absolutely fine, and with great quality too!

  • David Anthony

    Exodus is hands down the best add-on. I can find anything and everything that I want to watch there. Great picture quality too.

  • Shelly o

    Exodus is what I seem to go to most of the time. I can always find what I’m looking for there as far as movies and showe. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  • Robert Sheppard

    Specto runs better than Exodus loads quicker

  • johnny morales

    So I’m entirely new to the FireTv stick but TroyPoint and his tutorials have helped me out more than I would like to admit. With any hobby or venture you embark on there’s going to be a learning curve and TroyPoint really helps to straighten it out. Now as far as apps I really enjoy the variety that the Ipodcast offers because I enjoy a good podcast every now and then and this one offers more than you’ll ever be able to listen to. For movies I find Exodus and Cccloudtv are your best options as I have yet to check out Phoenix but I hear good things and will soon check it out…Thank you TroyPoint for all of your hard work

  • Linda Smith

    I use Exodus most of the time, except for when I want to watch live streaming, in which I use Israel Live or actually Mobdro! However I have tried to download UKTVnow without success, i follow all the instructions and directions, but it is not there to download?? Is UKTVnow still available?
    Troy I think you are amazing fella, and so easy to follow on all your tutorials, you don’t go a million miles an hour in order to follow.
    I do have a question though, I really want to download a VPN for my Amazon FireTVStick; but not sure of the version i have? I followed your tutorial for Generation 2 stick and it would not work, all my channels were blocked! 🙁

  • Ralph Tettey

    I would say Exodus is one of my favourites, and its my go to when i start my Kodi but i noticed also that 1Channel is a good alternative for movies and TV shows alike, I haven’t had any issues with either one, I followed your video at one point where it asked that we allow it to update when we start Kodi and that’s what i often do and i don’t experience any issues. Thanks Troy for your continued tutorials.

  • Jessica Thurston

    Exodus has the most user-friendly interface with the movie poster images. Whenever I’m looking to watch a movie, I turn to Exodus. Also, the amount of content is expansive and usually includes everything I want to watch.

  • WhamBam09

    I like iStream but Exodus is also good. But to be honest it’s very hard to just pick one or two addons because they are all good. So it’s boils down to what you are looking for.

  • Clarence Thompson

    I use ccloud because of the live news feeds. Love it. It made cable obsolete for me.

  • M. Turney

    Love all the apps mentioned. Wish there was a user guide to what kodi can do other than stream.

    • Andrea Davis

      Yes and a user guide for dummies. I set some sticks up for family & they are not the smartest bulbs. I’m having trouble teaching them so I guess I need to make a cheat sheet for them.

  • phil allard

    ZEN tv for movies. Just as good as Exodus. ZEM tv great for live Sports and PPV’s.

  • techdavis

    I would have to put in my two cents for Exodus. It is my go-to – I find when I have used others, there just isn’t as reliable a selection or feed, so I keep going back to Exodus.

  • Chris

    I have had the firestick for well over a year now and after joining Troypoint i have no complaints all the hard work you do is great so thank you…. the kids and i stick with Exodus for all the Movies and Tv shows…… im just working on finding a great stream or 2 for wwe ppv.

  • Evelyn Reed

    I’d say Exodus is by far our favorite Addon. Both my kids, husband and I go there for smooth access to movies and TV shows. Although, I’m looking to include some builds that are family friendly. I’m also looking to improve how are FireTV Stick works because we tend to get kicked off of watching a great movie, and get a message that our memory is critically low. Not sure if this could be due to having a first generation FireTV Stick?

    Troy, thanks so much for your guidance and easy instructions for using a FireTV Stick. You’ve been SO helpful and we appreciate that. 🙂

  • Doug Tonning

    I think exodus is our most favorite in our household. I also use phoenix a lot too. I want to thank you for all your information you provide, it’s helped me so much in learning how kodi works and how to find the best add-ons. Your tutorials are just the best!

  • Quiana Smith

    Ccloud tv is my favorite because of the live stream and Christmas channel that plays 24/7 movies. Love it

  • peaked

    After using and loading Exodus & CCloud on several Android boxes, I must say they are the two best Add-ons. I can find just about anything I want & I recommend them whenever I’m asked which are the best Add-ons.

  • Teresa

    Mine are exodus and he pro
    Sport one!! I love that I can watch all my favorite teams. There are sometimes some hiccups in the add-on, but I can’t complain when it’s free!!!

  • Sean

    Exodus is my favorite add on for Movies and TV shows, its very user friendly and easy to access all movies and TV shows i am looking for. I’ve recently started using CCLoud for live TV and really like that one as well.

  • Lydia Wright

    I see my favorite is shared by many here….. Exodus; can find just about any thing from there. I also wish that there was guide for all the cool things Kodi is capable of doing. Thanks for this post, I see some new things I’m good to try.

  • GeektimusPrime

    Well, I can’t try addons yet cause of that fusion error during install, but I’m here and trying to follow along all the same.

    • Willie Weatherly

      Did you get set up yet

      • Renae Hertel

        I cannot get fusion to install. Can you help me please? Thanks!

    • Renae Hertel

      I get an error installing fusion also.

  • Willie Weatherly

    Gotta tell ya Troy just going through all the comments seems like you have some following the top ten you listed just about nailed it what’s all this talk about exodus going away it’s gotta be # 1 with most users I’m still looking for a program for local news other then antenna well keep up the great work you are a real asset to the kodi world.

    • Andrea Davis

      There is one in the Fire Stick Plus Man build for 16.1. Not sure what it’s called but it’s there! If anyone finds out what it’s called & where to get the actual app I’d love to know.

    • Cody Strunk

      I asked that to bud lol n found that the developer for exodus basically said he’s going to stop updating so that would be horrible but the Zen addon will be it’s twin to take over for him. Who knows though dude could change his mind or he should find someone else to take it over, o and You don’t get local news on Ccloud?

  • David Tarter

    Exodus because of the layout. And Channel One because it allows me to create a list of favorites for the series that I follow

  • Clay D’onna

    Exodus i love it as really good choice of movies that my family can injoy together yah cant bit the lay out i have tried many addons none ware to my likeing like exodus i like the facet i can find kids programs for my grandkids

  • Thomas Young

    We prefer Exodus and Phoenix for streaming films and programs as they’re very reliable and easy to navigate. Thanks for some other options to try as indicated in your article.

  • Saskia

    How do I get the exodus and Phoenix addons?

  • Andrea Davis

    Zen, because it covers pretty much everything & gives the dates the shows aired and even checks them off after you have watched them.

  • Angie

    So far our favourite addon is Exodus and we are still really new with the Firestick.

  • Blaine Yuen

    My favorite add-on has to be Exodus. Because is so user friendly that my wife & kid don’t constantly have to ask me how to use it.

  • Jeff Magnuson

    My favorite add-on is also Exodus. The best program add-on I have found is Echo Wizard. I have used others but Echo has some great builds, seems to be updated frequently and has awesome maintenance tools to keep you running smoothly. There official builds are memory friendly if you are using a Firestick, run fast and they have access to many community builds.

  • John Martin

    Phoenix , Exodus & Sports Devil….are what I use , and imho are all you would really need to cover all of your viewing needs for the whole family.

  • Adam Cloud

    Still new but exodus seems to be the best

  • Cody Strunk

    I think the ones you listed just about cover it honestly. There are so many that are out and YouTube videos stating each one is ‘the best” lol so im sure ppl new to Kodi are very confused. Most of us are looking for addons with the newest movies and the addons offering the most reliable live tv channels, and reliable is a huge part for the live tv addons. Many have tons of channels but barely work and you spend more time hunting down one that does work than watching the few you actually watch. So Troy i believe you covered it until there’s one that offers more reliable live tv w just the basic channels we all know and watch or something with new movies in a higher quality. Till than Id suggest stick with those listed above. Thanks Troy!

  • Cody Strunk

    Oooo my best addon id say is Specto and of course Bob, ‘I am BoB” LoL

  • StacyRenea Kelsey

    I am pretty new to this firestick… Right now my favorite is Exodus. Only because I do not know how the others work. I have had my firestick for 5 months now. I am not sure with all the buffering I get it is a good one. I think maybe the box one will be better? IDK. Seems like I do not have enough memory or something… I have tried to factory reset a few times and then just download Exodus… But I have a 11 yr old who likes to watch tv also so I am still learning all the kinks… But I do like that I can watch my shows without commercials and in less time. AND not miss a episode that is a biggie… Thank you for showing me how to use Downloader! Your directions were simple to follow and I appreciated that!

  • Tony

    Would love to write a big article but Exodus has captured most of my free day… maybe in the next lifetime

  • Wendy

    Scott Williams
    For me Exodus is one of the best especially once you fine tune it to play automatically. No more wasting time picking which provider will work that was just frustrating.I like Bob for the same reason, he does it all for you just click relax and watch, beautiful.Phoenix,Sports Devil and Navi -x are good too. Navi-x can be can be hard to navigate Ha Ha until you get used to it but there’s alot of hidden gems in there.Just my 2 cents worth.

    Thanks Troy

    • van

      How do you set it up to play automatically?

  • Cat

    I like exodus. I don’t have Wi-Fi so I can’t watch some things. I just use a hotspot.

  • Geoff Rodley

    Geoff Rodley ……I can recommend PYRAMID for movie streaming …. it has a mega list of 3D films for those who love them and have a 3D tv . Recommend that you have generation 6 or 7 Cables ( bought mine from Amazon ) from your router to your TV and all your other devices , and of course , as Troy recommends a Vpn installed on your kodi ……. Troy has a really easy and excellent video for installing a really good Vpn on your Kodi . Using the latest Generation 7 cables from my router has my internet speed peeking at 186 mbps ….. Keep on streaming you lovely people . Geoff .

  • SThomason

    So far my favorites are Exodus and Phoenix. Just all around good for watching favorite series, new movies, old movies. And to me are easy to navigate.

  • Linda and Ken Kuhn

    So far our favorite is Exodus and Phoenix.

  • Brady Woods

    Exodus has everything I need and is extremely useful when you add a trakt account to easily find your previously watched shows

  • Kevin Kirberger

    Can’t go wrong with Exodus when it comes to movies and TV shows. Castaway is hit or miss with me. Really don’t use anything else.

  • Jay Jellison

    I’m a spector guy myself gives me the ability to check out documentaries which Exodus does not I’m also a fan of ccloud TV pretty seamless streaming on most live television!

  • Jay Jellison

    That’s spector sorry friends give it a try if you haven’t before you’ll be impressed!

  • Nate’ Peters

    My go to exodus. I can easily find and watch movies.

  • Rb Smith

    I can’t seem to find any of these add-ons I am in kodi add-ons / video add-on and I am connected ipvanish. If some could point in the right direction it would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Congratulations to Grover Stennis on winning the drawing for a new 2nd Generation Fire TV 4K streaming device! Grover, please email me your shipping address to

  • Jonathan Williams

    I recommended the pulse build through areswizard…it has all of the above add ones built in.

    • Cajunbelle70663

      Pulse isn’t on Ares anymore.

  • Le Marchand

    I installed Kodi 7.0 and then I installed Exodus. Exodus “works” but all the menu labels disappeared. All I see is the dots that should have the labels. You know, things like “My movies”, “new movies”, etc.

    Any one have any ideas on this?

    • Dan Lynch

      In the video it says to shut down Kodi and restart. Had the same issue and mine came back with labels after restart

      • Le Marchand

        Dan, what exactly does “shut down Kodi” mean? I exited out of Kodi and back into the home screen of the Firestick. I haven’t seen and actual “exit Kodi” button/option.

        • Dan Lynch

          I have Kodi 17.0, on the bottom left side under the menu I have icons of: a folder, a gear, a star and a circle with a line in it. That is the one you click to shut down kodi.

  • LRD

    I tried following the video to supercharge the Kodi but after following the directions to download the indigo zip file, I could not find it under the begin here tab. There were three choices but non were indigo. What went wrong?

  • I go through this in my free guide –

  • LRD

    How do I install exodus on my kodi?

  • Fernando Herrera

    I like Phoenix, Exodus, SALT. I had problemes with Bob, habve to click more than twice and then can’t get the videos I want.

  • cyberbav

    I’m 55 and just impressed the crap out of a few millennials. I’m loving this so much it isn’t even funny! I actually bought two Fire TV devices. When I went to set up the 2nd one it has a firestick as a network option. I wasn’t sure if that was me or a neighbor so I didn’t play with it. Anyone know if they interact and if any benefits? I’m definitely not a geek but I do feel I should get the “patience of a saint” award for working through a few glitches on the first device. second one was a breeze.

    • Riddlemethis

      Millennials expect “one touch” press/swipe or point and click installations. I know they would be impressed too if non millennials were able to function without electricity. lol

  • Ryan

    I have a fire stick and used your tutorials to install Kodi and a few add-ons, and am absolutely impressed. Now for my 50th birthday I just received a FireTv Gaming edition, so I’ve gone through the steps again. However, I can’t seem to find anything about addons for free games. Does anyone know where I might find such info, especially tutorials?

  • Riddlemethis

    I know this is off topic, but I understand that you can watch IPTV using Kodi. Is this correct? Other than sites talking about IPTV and select few IPTV channels within Kodi, is there a way to do so with Kodi? The reason I ask is I am thinking about cutting the chord entirely and I would like to watch as many local channels as possible, assuming they’re even available on IPTV.

  • Renae Hertel

    Can anyone help me with Fusion? I cannot get it to install. Thank you!

    • Joyce Polega

      Hey Renae did you figure it out? I am having the same issue.

  • Christine McAllister

    Troy when you say you are not happy with the new version but give us the list of the “best of” without telling us how to install is kinda lame. For instance, I want to install 123 movies on the updated Kodi that you did recommend but after a search I see you wont be showing me how to do that? Kinda lame. I know techo comes easy to you but it does not come easy to me.

  • Juan Mendez

    Troy, I get a lot of In order to view I have to sign in stuff or go to this website to authorize. Is this ok or is there a way around that?

    • Deb Knapp

      I wonder this myself.

  • Will

    Try the spinzTV addon “fury skin”. It has a kids section and the keyboard supports auto complete. My 3yr old can navigate it.

  • Bob Taylor

    Can you recommend a good scrolling TV Guide listing for my LOCAL CABLE provider’s listinigs?
    I know there are IP TV guides, but that’s not what I need.
    I need to have one that shows my local cable provider’s listings

  • Justin W Could not find Vader Streams or Money Streams…. any insight where to find these addons anyone?

  • Esther Sawyer

    Does anyone know of a good guide for setting up IPTV? I find it hard to follow cable cutters. It seems like it should be good but I’m not sure he’s demonstrating on Kodi 17.1. I would really like to get live tv so that I can get rid of this high cable bill. Thanks in advance.

  • Joe B

    Hi all
    Can Someone tell me where I can find my favorites that I saved on 17.1 I know confluence has the store on the bottom but I have ares setup
    Thank you

  • David Loper

    I’m looking for and app that I can use to download music to ny fire stick can you recommend one

  • Anne Marie Porco

    How do I fix CCloud TV Error on Kodi Krypton Fire Stick

  • tj

    i loaded browser with google and can’t find it

  • Chuck Lyons

    Hi Troy, I recently bought a Sony 75 inch xbrz9d and downloaded kodi xenon build. Works great but when I try to watch 3D the tv shows it in side by side or over under. I try to change the settings on the tv to 3D but then the tv reverts back to normal viewing and will not let me watch 3D. How do I fix this?

  • Scott Frease

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to save UFC Finest to a google drive, in order to share with other Fire Sticks? Thanks so much!

  • Barbara Reaver

    I have successfully downloaded and connected to ip vanish vpn. It is much slower and I get messages to pair for link or very slow opening links or getting kicked out. HELP

    • Teri

      Barbara—I get these same “pair to link” messages also after connecting to IPVanish. Hopefully Troy has some solution.

  • Serena Chavez

    I just connected the ipvanish and now none of the Amazon shows are on. It says service area restricted. I followed the video to add the ipvanish.

    • Chris legault

      I Serena,
      You can’t use ip vanish and watch shows on amazon. Amazon will only work if it recognize the ip address that was use to log in when you did the initial set up.

      Disconnect ip vanish and log in again on amazon and it will work.

  • Jody Morris

    How do I disable the “real-debrid” option for Spinz Lite?

  • Holly Watt

    How do I add things to “my movies’ or “my tv shows” .

  • Teri

    Troy would you recommend any specific “build” addons for the fire stick? I’ve read some good reviews on the “No-Limits” build for the firestick.

  • Barbara Reaver

    I have no lists coming up in tv shows. I do in movies just not tv shows. Help!!!! Is it problem with exodus

  • Teri

    Can anyone recommend a good “Build” for Firestick?

    • Al Lovett

      Join MISFITS MOD on Facebook

    • Pulse is great as well. Get my Supercharge guide above and I go through how to install it.

      • Teri

        Thanks! I did install Pulse…is there anyway to tell what the actual quality of the feed will be before opening?

  • Pingback: SIMAD UNIVERSITY()

  • Pete

    What are your thoughts about players klub as an addon to a fire tv/fire stick that already has a Krypton Fury build

  • Patrick

    Does anyone know what the problem is with the goodfellas addon?

  • Pingback: bad credit home loans()

  • Terri McNally

    I have been trying to install Bob on my fire tv to no avail. Help!

  • Troy Donaldson

    Cant find a new recommendation from you on a new Kodi build. The last one you recommened was Spinz, and I thought it best too,but as you know more than half of the menu items are no longer working. Any suggestions?

  • Susan Heider

    I was searching for a movie and coming up with nothing on Exodus… zero for Star Trek. I rebooted my Fire TV and bam…I could find the video for which I was looking. It makes me think that if my ISP (AT&T) was blocking my access to the Kodi Add-Ons that the blocking goes away when I reboot my Fire TV. I thought this tip might help someone else. Rebooting my FireTV is always the first thing that I try.

    • Neecee Malan

      Thanks, we were having the same problem. We will try the reboot.

    • DingDingUrWrong

      That would not be why it wasn’t working. Just saying…
      A reboot probably triggered an addon update that had been stuck or a multitude of other possibilities pretty much anything except for “AT&T blocking your streams.”
      Honestly, Kodi is just finicky like that and so are the devices most people use to run it.

  • Twila Richardson

    TRAKT stopped working correctly. It’s no longer syncing/tracking shows and movies watched. It doesn’t allow you remove tv shows or movies any longer. Any ideas?

  • Gregg Michael

    I’m just starting with Kodi on Fire Stick. I tried to download Spinz and there is no zip file on my tv where you show it in your video. What’s wrong?

    • Kathy O’Leary

      I had the same issue.

    • Snooopy

      They are still working on its server. I’ll let u know personally. Most likely if I can private message you..


    I havent updated kodi to 17 yet. I want to update but fear that addons will not work since some have been deactivated. Should i update or no?


      Now im seeing there is an 18

    • Barbara Reaver

      I’m 17.3 and love it.

    • Snooopy

      My neighbor’s had 16.1 Jarvis still installed for a long time now and hasn’t had no problem with it at all except exodus disappearing ever so often. Just because I said that I’ll hear from him today.. LOL

    • phs123

      I still have Jarvis, and it works fine, just do a google search and add repositories to replace fusion, if some of your addons don’t update

    • Snooopy

      My neighbor is still using 16.1 Jarvis & still going great so far. Is heard by now if it wasn’t.

  • Pat

    Hi, I have 2 tv both with fire stick, I followed Troy’s video for installing IPVANISH VP ON both TVs,
    both working great….but yesterday followed his video for installing Terrarium tv, love it…but now on only the LR tv the IPVANISH VPN cannot connect keeps trying & trying….but the BR TV IPVANISH VPN connects at once and stays connected. Does anyone have any suggestions for me, please.

    • Glenis Osceole Gibbs

      Log out of IPVanishVPN on LR tv and then log back in. This may help worked for me.

    • Pat

      Something happened to me,,.I uninstall ed both vpn and Terrarium tv, then install Terrarium tv then installed the ivpanish……worked great! Love terrarium! Just a little slower putting on TV today shows.
      Watching movies is far superior to Exodus!

  • Joe

    I tried downloading exodus and I did the fusion thing and went to my zip file and nothing came up to download it

  • Julthejewel

    Ever since I updated my Fire Stick to Kodi 17.3 nothing works like it did. I was getting that message on practically every stream I tried to open asking to authorization pair. Then I changed the settings in profile not to view captchas which worked but now the streams take forever to open and buffer like crazy and it’s very annoying. Am I the only one that is having this problem. I mostly use Exodus. I recently added on Genesis Reborn and Specto Fork and that’s not much better either. The whole Kodi experience is making me not want to watch. Then I downloaded TV Terrarium and that is awful. It gets stuck and never plays continuously. I’m not a Kodi expert by all means… I need help!!

  • Steve

    Hey dumbshits,

    Don’t you realise whenever you self promote other sites they then become flooded then don’t work anymore.
    The top 10 list you added above is now irrelevant as 7 are down. Do you see a pattern or are you that much of a dumbshit that it needs to be explained again. If so start reading again…

    • Matt

      Douche, no reason for negativity

      • Steve

        Haha at negativity!
        Maybe if all used common sense all wouldn’t be in this position… “douche”!
        Just a tough thought from a tough guy…

        • Steve Evans

          Oh dear. Didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners love?

          • Steve

            Love? Chocking on fairy floss eh…
            My mother taught me not to tolerate dipshitism hence all above!

          • Steve

            Love? Been choaking on the fairy floss eh!
            My mother taught me not to tolerate dipshitism hence all above.

    • SZ4L

      Calm down tough guy

    • Katigyrl88

      I just signed up for this so I can let you know that your comments and statements reflect almost EXACTLY what I would have said to someone!! I think you are honest and hilarious I would change anything I was doing if I were you.
      P.S. Has anyone told you that you are awesome today?

      • Steve

        Haha, thank you!

    • Hey dumbshit, their being promoted has nothing to do with their being down…..

      • Steve

        Do earth a favour and look in a mirror then slap your self straight in the face a few times!

  • Tina Armstrong

    since I updated to Kripton, my build has disappeared and I’m not getting the option to install one. All of my favorites are gone, I can’t access UFC fights. I know it’s probably user error, what am I doing wrong?

  • kewl1

    Since my last KODI install I am getting ads for slot machine and other games between the movies and I cannot cancel out od them but have to suffer through the entire thing and at very loud volume. Any way to get rid of these?

  • Matt

    CCloud is still working for streaming for me

  • phs123

    Is there a good maintenance addon now that Indigo is gone? For use with Jarvis

    • Quincy Miller

      Try using spinzt. It’s an alternative build instead of Fusions. In add source>> http://sptmc.nett/repo. Go through step of installing form zip, then repository, then use spin tv wizard. There are several builds to choose from. I’m using hard Knox

      • phs123


    • I’ve been using Merlin Tools and is working great for me……
      I have the Titanium build Kodi No Limits….

      • phs123

        Thank you

  • Ron Davis

    Hi Troy, how do you get the rest of your ‘Best Kodi Addons for TV Shows & Movies’ as below?. Could you do a tutorial outlining each one as you did for Exodos & Elysium. I can understand the step by step tutorials much easier. Thank you for all.
    • Wolfpack
    • Metalliq
    • Beau’s Place
    • StreamHub
    • Filmcube
    • Specto Fork
    • Brett’s Retro TV
    • 123Movies

    • Qtiprx11

      Try using spinzt. It’s an alternative build instead of Fusions. In add source>> http://sptmc.nett/repo. Go installing form zip, then repository, then use spin tv wizard. There are several builds to choose from. I’m using hard Knox

      • Allmon Douglas

        I can’t finds hard Nox in the new spends wizard

    • Hello Ron, yes, I will definitely be doing a tutorial on all various addons.

  • Drea Page

    Hey Troy,

    I was wondering is there a add-on where we can see the new movie releases directly from the theater?! I really appreciate all your help in helping me setup my fire stick your guides are very helpful and useful… I would appreciate if you can show a guide to access all the new releases from the theater itself! Thank You!!!

    • Hello Dre, unfortunately, the movie releases are usually horrible quality as the source is a cam which means someone recording video with phone or camera of some sort. I don’t even bother with those.

  • Junior JR Santiago

    Can’t install Elysium
    Failed to install dependency

    • Debbie Cervantes

      I received the same error message “Elysium Failed to Install Dependency”. How do we correct that?

  • Gary Nelson

    Hi Troy, I am so glad I joined your group, it has been very helpful. Your post on June 30 with the instructions on the new build, using Pulse, I could not get it to work. After I got the pin my firestick would reboot. Was never able to complete the build. Any ideas?

    • Gary, try going through it again. Did you clear your Kodi data before starting the process? Also, try restarting both your device and router. I just went through process and it worked. Also, make sure you are on Kodi 17.3.

  • Debbie

    sportsdevil will not work I tried different repos and can’t get it to work at all
    Your site is still the best

    • Thanks for note, Debbie. I need to get updated tutorial on SportsDevil up.

  • Tom

    Let’s not forget stream army/Genesis reborn/showbox arize arise and my go to for live tv is witch hunter

    • Thanks again, Tom!

  • Tom

    Subtitles subscene

  • Tom

    Keep up the great work Troy

  • Fostermomma56

    Troy what ones will give you live IPTV? Do you recommend Apollo IPTV and is that the same as Apollo Group

    • Live IPTV is always hit and miss. A really good one right now is Palyers Klub and also Limitless IPTV and I think they cost $5 per month.

  • Sara Darwish Murray

    Troy, just added the ne build(pulse) and there are no words on the screen, just icons?? What am i doing wrong?

  • john oquigley

    hi troy have just installed pulse build on a clean install and all addon’s working fine your tutorial is so user friendly..( and am 65y old.).. one thing missing though I need an addon that can give me the old black&white classic movies. eny ideas. thanks mate

    • Peggie Pelletier Chouinard

      MeTV has some.

  • Bruce Symons

    Hi All: Since all this mess started with the Dish stupid lawsuit against TV Addons and Zen everything is hit and miss. The U K is really after these pirated sites and people that use them. ARES is still the best route to doif you want prebuilt builds. But i like to just install the addons I use without all the stuff that is useless to me in builds. All the ones Troy lists are good but hit and miss daily. There are so many ways to install addons you should be able to find something

  • Helena Mercado

    Neither KissAnime nor Cypher work for me for anime. Kiss won’t start, cypher never has reliable sources. Even when kiss was working, it had a captcha. But both watchcartoononline from dandymedia and toonmania from metalkettle have been great.

    • Thanks for note, Helena!

      • Helena Mercado

        Of course Troy. You’re the best! I wasn’t NEARLY using kodi to its full potential until I found your website and videos. Keep up the great work!

        • Snooopy

          OF course he’s #1 who’s our top notch teacher without a doubt. Keep up all your very well appreciated knowledge who’s always the #1 dude of all dudes. He was the first who got me to understand all the kodi world. Can’t thank you enough Troy. Maybe 1 day I’ll know be able to be as smart at least 1% as much as you do. Happy 4th my friend.. :):)

      • Helena Mercado

        Also, SALTS stopped working for me completely. Not sure if I’m the only one but I had to uninstall. Which sucks cuz it was my go-to for everything I couldn’t find on exodus.

  • Warren Sundquist

    Hi Troy, newbie here. Over the last two days I installed KODI on my Fire Stick TV. To think this has been laying in a drawer since I purchased it last year. What an eye opener your installs have been. Needless to say I am very happy. I also installed Pulse and Aptoide, GREAT APPS. Thanks again Troy

    • Thanks Warren! Glad you like it and thanks for comment!!

  • Art Michaud

    hi troy when I had urban kings platform they had a link for Redbox digital do you know how I could add that too my new Ares kodi platform I just installed the Ares kodi update are awesome thanks

    • Art Michaud

      troy is the fireatick add-on guru…I am very happy with all the videos you make for everyone you are the best and the new kodi-ares project add-on is A#1 I love it

      • Art Michaud

        keep them coming troy

        • Thanks Art! Not sure about Redbox digital. I can’t remember but was that an item within the menu? He may have just been linking to a category within Elysium Kodi addon.

          • Art Michaud

            yes it was in the urban kings repository

  • Paul Schaecher

    Tried installing the Pulse and it downloaded ok and when I went to try and configure it and select Pulse for Krypton, it would only say something about address not found. Tried all of them but got the same. I use the Krypton version and I am assuming using the Jarvis version wouldn’t work right. Any insights? Thanks Troy, your site rocks.

    • Thanks Paul. Try again and use the last link in the list again. I know their servers are very busy but that 3rd link worked fine for me last night when I updated the guide. Yes, you want to make sure that you install the proper build for the right version of Kodi that you have. Also, keep in mind there are all kinds of other builds and the Ares builds are good as well.

      • Paul Schaecher

        Thanks Troy for responding so quickly! I will

  • Rock

    Troy Do I need ares wizard to download pulse. Or other addons?

  • me moi

    Troy first and foremost I want to thank you very much for your tutorial step by step on how to update Kodi and install on my 17.3 Krypton as I was having trouble accessing the new builds and putting it on so I followed your steps yesterday and installed the build pulse and have it up and running and so far seems to be great also I took your advice to put in the ipvanish VPN and I’m not sure if it’s working or not correctly cuz I’m still getting feedback when I go to watch something going through my mobile device and having to pair it with a video stream to access the content that I want to watch is that normal that’s what I wanted to find out from you is that still, cuz it doesn’t seem to be any different than hell was running before I install the pvn also I noticed when we are installing the pulse step by step yesterday I saw there’s another section for the at all plus plus plus section do I have to go back into the bill to reinstall that or is that accessible through the addons that are now currently have through the Ares wizard awaiting your answering your advice on what to do to access that content thanks for your help. Roy

  • me moi

    HI Troy sorry auto correct in my text to you in my previous mail. I was asking about in following your tutorial on installing the pulse build with the Ares wizzard towards the end of tutorial to complete the installation i noticed a box with adult +++ in the list. To get thst do I havecto back through the entire build set up to adf or am i able to install it and access it in a shorter way? Thanks in advance your a godsent btw. Made it much more easier to understand and follow steps to properly install and update my android box. Roy C.

  • Papaboulay Mangoya

    thank you first
    wonder about buffering what can we do
    thank you for everything

  • Mark Baldwin

    I just noticed that a build has disappeared “spinz AM smooth” what is the replacement?

  • Cheryl Gormley Lunsford

    How do I get a Fox News addon?

  • Jacob

    Troy I would love to use spectro fork again it’s been very reliable any info on how to use this again? Thanks

  • savanna biesen

    Is there a good audiobook add on

  • Felix Tyson

    Question… Does Krypton work as good as Jarvis? I’m using Jarvis because that’s just what I’m use too. And should I find ahead and update to Krypton?


    • joel G.

      Yes krypton is good or perhaps even better. I just cannot make any comparison to jarvis cause im not using jarvis anymore. the latest is leia 18 64bit but it still has issues.

  • joel G.

    There is also Genesis Reborn and Quasar addons for movies

  • Jesse Reyna

    is there an anime addon that still works?
    i tried installing kissanime and cypher 9anime but to no avail.
    I was using cartoons8 in the past but its so spotty now it hardly works.
    I’m currently using krypton 17.3 on fire tv.

  • amy gonzales

    hello, is there a way to avoid “pairing your device” through 3rd party websites such as openload/pair, this is the only way i can view any shows/movies. thank you

    • Jim Casy

      just hit cancel and it will move on to the next source.

  • kevie

    how do you remove old addons that are no longer working or that you don’t use

    • Sam Friedman

      Click options on the add-on, select uninstall. Easy!

  • j widmer

    I cant get any of the Sports links to work within Sports devil and Pro Sport. The only thing that works for sports is NBCsports. But they show limited games. Does anyone have a fix for the other 2 add-on s. I am using Caz for Sportsdevil. I believe it’s the most updated. But again no stream

  • John

    Is there any addons for sports?

  • Arlindo

    Hi Troy…I installed the IPVanish and most of the movies give me the message that they are bloked because of the region

    • Sam Friedman

      By any chance are you trying to watch a movie on your Amazon Prime account? Yeah that will happen. They are locking down on people using VPNs to unlock geo specific content. It should work fine with your Kodi stuff. You mostly need it for the Kodi stuff because of the legal grey area.

  • Kbp

    Anyone else get “could not connect to repository” when installing ares?

    • Try again, Ares servers been getting hit by a lot of traffic lately.

    • Sam Friedman

      YES! It’s not just you. It’s on their end. Keep trying or look for an alternative. Most popular add-ons have alternate repositories.

    • Tom Burke

      When I installed Aries, during the end of installing a pop up came on and asked if I wanted to install repository and I clicked “YES” and so doing, everything installed correctly. Maybe you looked away from the screen while it asked or maybe something else happened beyond what I know but when I first installed ARIES that pop up kinda took me off guard, not knowing much about installation and all. Hope things worked out for by now. I know how old this thread is and sure you figured it out by now. Peace.

  • Veronicka william

    I am using ivacy vpn service to unblock Geo restricted content. The problem is i an unable to install some new kodi add-on like the pyramid.
    Does this add-on require some kind of synchronization with a vpn service? because other add-ons are working fine on kodi.

  • Sr. Jammie Lewis

    There is a new add-on called the pyramid. Is it compatible with ivacy vpn or any other vpn service because i am unable to install it with vpn ON. The above mentioned kodi add-ons are working fine with the vpn.

  • Frank Ashline

    I downloaded the pulse Build on my Fire TV and i would like to get my original Kodi skin back because i can’t follow any of the instructions for adding new add ons. can someone help me get the koi original skin back.

    • Sam Friedman

      Watch Troy’s video on installing a new build. It’s at the end. There is a menu selection for changing skins. Easy.

  • Michael Gratz

    when I booted up my Fire TV today, one of the things that came up was the IPVanish logo that said, “download now, you own it”. I thought IPVanish was $60+ per year. ???????????

    • Sam Friedman

      Firestick and Fire TV now have an available IPVanish app so you no longer have to sideload your VPN. It still costs about $60/year but is SO worth it for the peace of mind. See Troy’s article on IPVanish. I’m using it on all my devices and it works easy and great!

  • jelenko

    I dont have XONFLUENCE SKIN, im using Estuary(i have a lot of them but no X), haw i can instal XONFLUENCE SKIN?

  • Rodny Kaz

    Does any one have audio/lip sync problem . I have problem with all streaming apps . Yes i was told to click on speaker and go to setting but when i do i get only option o sub titles and volume up and down . Please help . thanks

  • Eliot Cordel

    I had my son-in-law install the updated exodus but afterwards I could not view my favorite TV show Castle where did it go and how can I get it back?

    • Deonte

      Go to tv shows and then search. Type in Castle and it should pull up that way. I had to do this for a few of my tv shows

  • R Levy

    I just followed the instructions to load titanium after a full kodi cleanup. Now, I have the titanium build but cannot see anything. I have some picture icons but nothing appears. I only have a crawler at the bottom with kodi news. I can’t even get into the system settings. Now what? I followed the directions to the T for the new super build and have nothing to show for it.

    • Try restarting Kodi like I do in the video.

      • R Levy

        Followed the advice and reinstalled Kodi 17.3 and it works. The only issue now is the steaming thru exodus or covenant are not coming in HD or 1080. All the movies are 480-720. How do I get better streams??

  • Natacha Tapoulal Popat

    Hi, I installed pulse with Troy s instructions and the guide is advising titanium. Which one is better?
    Does convenent need to be added separately? And can I have Trakt in any of the above ?

  • Tami

    I have the titanium build but am wondering if the build slows down my firestick. Should I restore my firestick and just get the addons that are more reliable, would my firestick be faster that way?

  • Jason Gibson

    How about Ultimate Guitar? How do i install that?

  • Luis J.

    Hi. I followed all the steps to get the addons on my fire stick but after I select a server and try a standard install I get a message that said…. Build Install: Invalid Zip Url! is like there is something wrong with the zip file.

    • Griffin Eure

      I’m having the same issue. hope to see what the update is.

  • Bill Austin Kearns

    Great tutorial, and I’ve seen more than a few. Kudos!

  • Art Michaud

    hi troy
    ii just got a players klub account is there anyway that you know of to tweak the buffering issue I’m having I have my ipvanish on and my WiFi box is 4 ft from my firestick (2nd gen) what else do u think I can do , I know its a $5 program setup but freezing up ev 30 secs is crazy I know u have nothing to do with it but just thought ur genius mind may be able to assist me… thanks a lot troy and keep all the great video tips n tricks coming

    • Hi Art, first try disconnecting the VPN and see if that helps so you know whether or not that is the problem. If no buffering when VPN disconnected, try connecting to a different server which is closer to you in hopes of getting faster download speeds.

      • Art Michaud

        VPN off and still freezing up will try closer VPN see what happens

        • Art, what channel are you trying to watch and also try restarting both your Fire TV and router.

  • Ted Smitherman

    Hey Troy,
    is app starter still available? if so, how can I get it?

  • Lesley Brown

    Hi Troy I know you don’t offer support for the players Klub app but can I just ask is it only available to those in the USA? If so is there any equivalent I can use in the U.K.? Thanks

    • Hi Lesley, no it is also available in UK. Have fun.

      • Lesley Brown

        I can’t get the players klub app to work I’ve uninstalled it and installed it again just says error check log do I need to do something to get it to open. Been trying all day driving me nuts lol

  • Aaron Michael

    Troy. Can I get upcoming ppv events live on pulse build

  • Jim Stover

    Hi Troy, thanks so much for the great tutorials. I gave the Titanium build a go and found it to be very busy and difficult to maneuver in. To simplify my experience I removed Titatnium and added Area 51 ($80 / year IPTV streamer) and Covenant. Only a few days in but that seems to be working wonderfully. I will be adding IPVANISH tonight as well. Figured I’d share the plug for Area 51 for anyone interested in a seemingly solid live TV stream.

  • Tammy Eggert

    Hello Troy, I would be lost without your tutorials and am extremely thankful to have found your page! I, too, installed the Titanium Build on my Fire Stick, however, I encountered buffering problems and freezes, to name a couple. I think it’s simply too much for a Fire Stick (memory issues), so I plan to remove Titanium and download something simpler. I went ahead and created a Players Klub account, but I must admit their web pages are not, exactly, user friendly because I ran into quite a few problems getting my account set up. Just when I thought I was done, now I cannot get it to accept my payment. Oh well, it was well past time to hit the sack anyway. Thank you for your continued guidance and updates! I have learned much and am feeling better about that, rather than having a build on a Fire Stick and knowing NOTHING of what makes it tick. BTW, Bob is now Bob Unleashed.

  • Barbara Blankenship

    I have your titanium however none of the gf sports work. Is there a fix.

    • Anthony besciglia

      I downloaded the titanium build from your site, but I can’t get any of the live NFL games to play. There isn’t a tab for the nfl. So I tried to go to sports devil through the add on and it will not stream, wondering if you can help also

  • Geordie

    Hi I tried to download ares wizard but it seems the url has changed, any ideas.

  • Shane

    Hey, I was wondering, is there a simple way to go through the Titanium build and remove addons, other than manually clicking on each one, going to “information” and pressing uninstall? There are a bunch of addons that I don’t need that are just taking up space at this point. Thanks!

    • Hi Shane, the only way I would know of doing that is by going into ES File Explorer, finding the Kodi folder and then Kodi addon folder and deleting from there. Might be easier just doing what you are doing.

      • Anthony besciglia

        I downloaded the titanium build from your site, but I can’t get any of the live NFL games to play. There isn’t a tab for the nfl. So I tried to go to sports devil through the add on and it will not stream, wondering if you can help

  • Anthony besciglia

    I downloaded the titanium build from your site, but I can’t get any of the live NFL games to play. There isn’t a tab for the nfl. So I tried to go to sports devil through the add on and it will not stream, wondering if you can help

  • gene and linda bridges

    I am 72 years old and I installed fire stick and Kodi with your supreme build. I am overwhelmed. So often when I finally figure out where I need to be for a program it will not load. It happens quite often. I wanted to do this so my husband could watch all the live sports he wanted to. But I guess we need a tutorial on how to operate it. Our cable company raised our rates so much that we could not afford to use it anymore. I wanted this to be the answer but I am pretty frustrated right now. Is there. Simpler way to get live programming? Should I uninstall the supreme build and start over?

    • Linda, do not uninstall the build. Send me an email at with LINDA in the subject line and I will direct you to live tv. Thank you.

      • gene and linda bridges

        I will. Thanks